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Xsyon Mercenaries and Me

I have talked a little about joining the Xsyon Mercenaries guild in the MMO game of Xsyon. So I wanted to talk a little about this Guild, or Tribe as they are called in Xsyon. The Xsyon Mercenaries or XM for short. By the name Mercenaries, You get the feel of what type of Tribe this is, Or was when it was first came to be. Xsyon is a sandbox MMO and as so will have lot’s of PvP in it, So the founding fathers and mother of the tribe thought it would be cool to play Merc’s in the game. And the Tribe still feels that way, But more than that, We all know it’s going to take a lot more than just PvP to play this game. And so as the game comes closer to adding a patch that most of us hope will bring back a good chunk of the old members of the tribe and a lot more people playing the game. We, That is to say XM and I are starting to gear up for what we hope will be a boom to the pop of Xsyon. You may or may not know that I can’t seem to leave good enough along, And always find a spot in the leadership of most any guilds I join. just something about me that makes me want to be apart of the leadership. So here I am again, But it’s not a bad thing, I like being apart of creating something great. That’s where we are now, Working out what XM will be, How it will work, And the basic idea of XM. If you wanted to short cut it, this would be a few minute talk, But that’s not us. We want to make sure we understand what we will be and why that is. I feel and I’m sure other leaders feel the same way. It’s building off of solid rock foundation that will make the tribe last. The tree can sway, But the root’s must be planted deep so to speak. Now XM will be more than just Merc’s out looking for a fast gold piece, It will be a full on tribe with all the works. PvP, Crafting, Hunting, Farming, Taming, Trading, And all the rest. There will be something for every one to be apart of. This is when I find the tribe the most fun, When your hammering out how and what things will be. And then seeing it grow into what you all talked about so many months before.

Here is a few links for you to check out.

Xsyon the MMO game forums

Xsyon Mercenaries recruiting page on the Xsyon forums

Xsyon Mercenaries Website

Xsyon YouTube Vid’s

OK so as things go with Xsyon and the Xsyon Mercenaries tribe I will let you all know here, Like last night I think one of our members has started a small war with another tribe.  Good times.


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Hardcore PvP gamers should thank carebear gamers!

Solely PvP MMOs does not work, If you wish a MMO to have staying power. You most have what pvp gamers call carebear features in the MMO.
As hard as some MMOs have tried to make it work. It just does not work. IMO There is not enough of you to go around. If you all was to only play in one MMO, Then it may have enough to be able to happen. But you all are just like the rest of us. Not every one will like the same things. Yes you all like PvP but that’s where it ends.

So instead of making a fuss about us carebears, You need to thank us for making it possible for you to have your features that you want in our MMOs.

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Where is the gray area?

Fanboy/Fangirl vs Hater

That’s the way I see other bloggers. There is very few people out there that seem to play with-in the gray areas. I can’t seem to find my way into that gray area myself. Every time I talk about games it seems I am talking from the fanboy side or haters side of things. And I just don’t see how I can change the way I see things. It’s like I either love it or hate it, Very few times do I ever find myself in that gray area where I see both sides as equal.

There is also something I see out their that a great number of you do.  There is gaming company’s out their that you hate or love, And no matter how great or terrible there actions are. You still see them the same way. All though it is easier to fall from grace, Than it is to climb out of the pits of hell. See SOE and the NGE deal, or Bioware and their world wide event. I use them as I hear more hate towards SOE and so much love for Bioware. It seems to me for a lot of bloggers it’s hard to let go of old ideas. I was a fanboy for SOE for a very long time, But they have lost a lot of there shine. But not because of NGE or Vanguard, But more from the way they run EQ2. And I have a dislike towards Bioware and Blizzard just because so many people seem to talk about them as if they can do no wrong.

I would love to learn how to turn off my feelings towards games and game company’s. It would help to see the real truth.

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AAA MMO Rating System

I’m asking for MMO Bloggers and Blog Readers to Unite in creating AAA MMO Rating System.

 Why wait on the next online site to come up with what they think the rating should be, When we could make one for ourselves. We the MMO gamers should know more about what we like and what we dislike in a MMO. So I am asking for help. Help in coming up with what’s important to the way a MMO is Rated.

May goal in this post is to try and get a united MMO rating system that we can all use to rate our MMO’s.

I am going to put a few things down, and would love to have you fill in some of the blanks and add as needed.

 AAA MMO needs to be defined into mathematical rating.

First thing before the first step, is to say how many Rankings there are. Without this AAA does not mean anything. Also MMO comany’s can see how there game is rated by ther players.
AAA, AA, A, B or something like that. I am going to go with a rating of 4 as the top and 1 as the lowwest. This way as you add up the point system up, The higher the number the better the MMO is.

(I am keeping it with a low number rating to help me, As there are some really good bloggers out there that can really build this up big time. I am just trying to get the ball rolling.)

First step, rating comany money/size of the MMO. As size and money does count as to how much money and time can go into working on the game. I know size does not matter every time, but it does count.
(4) Large sized multimillion dollar company.
(3) Medium sized million dollar company.
(2) Small sized company with a few people.
(1) One man show working out of his garage.

Second step, How fun is the game.
(1) Hard to find your way around the world and/or hard to find what the game wants you to do and/or is not fun to play.
(2) It’s hard to see what they want me to do and/or find where to go, But I am having fun being lost.
(3) The game play is smooth and fun.
(4) The game play is perfect, don’t chang anything.

Third step, What does the MMO look like?
(4) OMG it looks like I am looking out of my bedroom window. This can not be a game!
(3) Very pretty world, Lot’s to look at.
(2) Needs lot’s of help.
(1) One word Blocky.

fourth step, How much room does this MMO need?
(1) Thats more  gigabytes than my whole hard drive has!
(2) I’ll have to delete a game to get this one.
(3) That’s doable.
(4) It’s like I didn’t even add a game.


There are a few more that I would add, but I really want to go play my game now, And I would also like to see what you will add. Maybe we are thinking of the same thing.


Alik Steel

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