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Out with the old, and In with the new!

Hold on, Your not really going to throw them away, Are you?

Sitting here at work and still being sick, makes for a long day. I have had this cold for a week now, and would very much like for it to be on it’s way now. I’m holding my box of Kleenex and reading some blogs has made me start thinking of the (not to far back) old days in EverQuest II.

Maybe it’s this time of year, where you look back at where you was, In hopes that you have moved forward some. That, or It’s just the fever getting to me.

What I have been remembering is the first month’s in eq2. The new experiences that I was having and all the new friends I was making. I never went to a summer camp as a kid, but I would have to think that the way I felt was a lot like a kid has the first time they go to a summer camp. All the new people, Mixed in with some old friends here and there. Every thing new and exciting with a fresh look to it. When I first started playing MMO’s it was with Everquest (1) and it had been out for all most two years. So there was no fanfair when I logged on the first time. Don’t get me wrong there was some magic there, But not the same type of magic as when the game goes live for the first time. With EQ2 I had Beta tested it, So I knew the low level quest, towns, and City’s very well. I was able to help a lot of people out. By being there from the start, With every one doing the start area’s together. A lot of us became friends. We had lot’s to talk about, and ton’s of planing to do. I must have help 20 or more guilds get started in that first few month of play.

I remember after a few weeks and we all knew a lot more about the game, We would test our self on harder mob’s. Back then, There was little solo and a lot of grouping content. When you saw a mob, You had to check things out first. It was not like in today’s MMO’s where you can solo Epic by yourself. Back then, If you was not watching what you was doing, Well you would be doing a lot of running back from the revive area’s to catch up with your mates. There was a lot of excitement soloing, As you had to see just how many mob’s there was that you would be fighting. The mob’s would not all way’s be right there with each other. Lot’s of times a 2nd or 3rd mob would be 50metters or more away. They could even be standing with other mob’s that was not in there chain gang. A many of times after you had killed what you thought was a solo mob and was going to head out to find your next mob. That’s whenthat one or two that that you didn’t  know about comes out of no where and takes you out.

Grouping was just as exciting when fighting in the wood’s. The dang mob’s would move around and as you was fighting one set of mob’s, A the new set of mob’s would come across you. Then would run in at you. You really never knew if you would win or not back then. And all this happening when at lest one person in your group was new to the game and still was trying to learn there role.

Money was rare, and chest was even more so. When you came across a chest sitting in the wood’s with no one around. We would send out OOC’s to see whose it belongs to. After ten minutes or so and no one comes for it, or sends a tell. I would see if I had luck on my side or not. Back in them day’s Unless you was a Scout with good skill’s a chest could be booby trapped and could kill you. They was all types of booby traps that you could die from. But you needed money to the point that you would take that chance. I remember the first time I had a my first gold’s worth of money. It seemed like it took month’s to make that first gold’s worth of money.

The great thing about EverQuest II was it had two of them first time played game for me. At some point they added PvP server’s to the game, and I was there on day one. I remember how the two severs filled up so fast they had to add another one with in an hour of it going live. Once again, even with me knowing the game so well at this point, When you made level 10 the PvP started. Even knowing that there was little chance that there would be any PvP this close to the start of the new PvP world. The excitement was there. Knowing that there was people that was all ready trying to make there way to our side of the world to kill us. So a lot of us became friends and fast. Thinking it was safer to be with many and not so safe standing off to the side to be picked off. We helped each other with forming guild’s. We made site’s so that the guilds could chat back and forth to make plan’s on how to stop the Freep’s and how to hunt them down. We had hunting parties and raiding parties, And you have never seen a raid till you see 48+ people level 20 and lower having a war, It was crazy cool.

Remembering the good times I had in three of the guilds I have played in EverQuest II. I was in a roleplaying guild for a year or so. I had never been into what most people call RP. But I was out soloing in the Thundering Stepps one day. When a man and woman came up to me and started talking a little funny. Well if you have read my blog for any real amount of time then you know my spelling sucks. And back then, Well let’s just say at one point I have had to ask some one how to spell “is”. My best guess was Ez. So, You may be thinking, How in the world did you RP. I don’t know. The people was great and no one ever talked down to me. But getting back to the man and woman. They had asked if I would be brave enough to face a monster for them. They was telling me how this beast had killed some of there friends and they wanted to destroy it before it could kill again. It was the coolest thing ever to be pulled into the game like that. I was Alik Steel the Barbarian Guardian (Tank). And this man and woman needed my help. So I typed back very fast for me(only took like two minutes, and hit enter as they was walking off) That I would be honored to help them. After that I was given a tell, letting me know that they was RPers. So I told them how cool that was, but I would not be able to play with them, because of my spelling, and the time it took me to spell that bad. I was told not to bug out about it. They was cool with it and would love for me to play with them. By that night I was in there guild and having a blast. I would get tells all the time, telling me how to spell this and that. The one thing you must know is that I was having more fun doing the RP, than I was being a shamed of my lack of spelling. Much in the same way that I do this blog. I have more fun doing it, than I have of the shame I feel some times when I read other blogs and it seems to come to them so naturally. but any way.

The next Guild I enjoyed a lot was on a pvp server. There was RP in this guild and as we had so many people from so many places around the world, We would set out guards for our home town of Willow Wood covering all most all 24 hours of each day. I know it does not sound that fun, But the hard core of the guild would take turn watching the town for one hour at a time. It was very cool to be a real guard for the town.  I don’t know about the other pvp servers, but on ours it was the one town that got hit by the freeps every day. The good and evil guilds would get together and set up war. So that every one would know when and where to be for it.  W e did one a month. On the day of the war, there would be no hunting parties. They were real fun, But the more exciting wars was the ones that just happened. The ones that some group or raid went to the other side and just stayed to damn long. Both sides calling for help would bring people running from all parts of the world. Be for you knew it, We had a war happening. So much fun planing things out and never knowing if this  guy or gal was a spie from the bad side or is this guy for real. Yes people would get another account just to see and hear what the other side was doing.

My 3rd guild that I will remember for a very long time. Was on a pvp server and I was listening to podcast for eq2 at this time. This one podcast was from some real life Brother’s called “The Pwnage Brothers” and they ended up killing off a many of guild’s that they would join. People started thinking of them as bad luck, till one day some one just handed them there very own guild. At that point they invite all there fan’s of the show to come out and play with them on Monday night’s. And that’s how it started. A few fan’s and me coming out on Monday night hunting Freep’s. Soon we started getting more and more people and the core of us started playing full time in the guild. We would go out every Monday night on hunting raid parties. We locked our toons off at level 18, I think it was 18. We would take on every thing from level 10 to level 30 somethings. This was the short of run for me in this guild. I loved being in it. But soon came a money thing and I lost the internet. By the time I got back on my feet it was close to being over with. But we did have a blast. Here is a video link of one of the nights we was out. This night we had Brent from Virginworlds with us. Here is the video here

I would think that most if not all MMO’s have some type of world/sever wide events, and EQ2 is the same. They have a lot of them, But one sticks out more than the rest. I think it was some time in between when the game went live and before the PvP severs came out. I logged into the game like I all ways do, and started talking with what ever friends that was on at the time. After some time of chatting and running my toon to what ever zone I was about to play in. I AFK and went to find me something to eat. Sitting back down and started eating in front of my PC. I see something that I had never seen before. My toon was sick, and not just a little, He was blowing chunks and by that I mean he was vomiting what ever you want to call it. This dude of mine was sick. I freaked out. I sent out tell’s asking if other’s have this glich or bug my guy does. That’s when I found out that all most every one was sick. A plague was running wild in Norrath. I remember think at the time that “You don’t see that every day” and the plague was around for a good long time. Or at lest it seemed like it did. I have never seen any thing like this again, Not even in EQ2. I wish I would see it again, But then, Maybe it’s best that things like this, Is left as memories.

Alik Steel


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EQ2 (Producer’s Letter – 12.4.09) Let’s talk about this!

So here is the letter I want to talk about. I’ll let you read it first. I made the parts I will point out BOLD

Producer’s Letter – 12.4.09

“Hello Norrathians!

Lots going on in the EQII world!  We are just about to release our next update, Will of a Tyrant.  With this update you are going to see a few hundred lingering bugs fixed in EQII.  Some of these bugs date back to launch and are being knocked out before we gear up for the expansion.  In fact, we have taken to calling this update our “bug bash” as we pulled out our hammers and smashed them into oblivion.  As for content in this update, well it is a little lighter than recent updates, and there is a reason for that, well actually a couple of reasons.  The first is that it was a shorter cycle for us, with only about two months of time between this update and last.  The second is that we are starting to shift many of our resources over to expansion work as that gets closer to launching.  In addition, we have some as yet to be announced surprises coming.  They’re some rather large features, which we hope will excite many of you.  More on those in the months ahead.

One feature we have been receiving a lot of questions over, is the Item Ratings system.  I know that since it was announced, there has been a great deal of confusion over the system and what it is intended to accomplish.  After many internal discussions, and listening to feedback from you, we have decided not to move forward with this system.  We are exploring alternatives that would allow us to continue to grow items and allow your gear to advance in meaningful ways, without giving the impression that you are going backward.

Another long announced and long awaited feature has been the rework on the “fighter revamp”. This is another project that is going to fall by the wayside as we now focus on small changes, rather than sweeping revamps.  Fighters are going to see some love here in the near future, thanks to Xelgad, who is taking on some of the class balance responsibilities.  First and foremost, we have identified a problem with a couple of abilities for Crusaders; Holy Ground and Grave Sacrament.  Those abilities, rather than generating an amount of hate toward the hate list, were in fact moving the crusader up by ranks; thereby practically guaranteeing that crusaders would dominate agro.  We are modifying those abilities to generate raw hate, as well as a much more modest rank increase., so that they are still very viable for tanking, but not an automatic pass to the top of the hate list.  Additionally both abilities will have other bonuses added to them.  We want to make sure these are abilities that the Crusader classes will want to keep on their hotbars.

Other classes will be seeing improvements and tweaks as we take a hard look at how each class performs in solo, group and raid play.  Our goal is to make sure every class has a role and will be wanted in groups and raids, as well as being able to successfully solo, for those of you who play these Massive Multiplayer games all alone, like me.  =P

Shader 3.0 work is pretty much complete at this point, with all of the shaders being converted to the new system.  However we will not be releasing it with Will of a Tyrant.  We are not seeing the performance increases that we had hoped so we will continue to optimize and tweak until they provide not only a visual boost, but a performance boost as well.  We do not want to take a step backwards in performance just to make things look shiny.  Currently it looks as though this feature will land with the next game update, on expansion launch day.

I know you are all excited about the upcoming expansion, or at least I hope you are.  We are very excited as a lot of hard work has gone into making Sentinel’s Fate.  We still have a lot to do but the time for release is getting close!  So close, in fact, that you can now sign up for beta which should begin admitting folks in under two weeks. You can sign up on the EQII players site, so if you are interested in joining in, make sure you sign up soon.

So again, lots going on,

See you soon in Norrath!

Alan Crosby
Sr. Producer – EQII”

First off I am not back in EQ2, I was thinking of playing a little of it, Just so that I can keep on top of what is going into the game. With Alan Crosby as the Sr. Producer I am holding out hope for this once great game. So with every thing I am about to say, I am going to start watching him and this game(EQ2) very close after this next expansion. I will give him some lead way till then. As from what I have read, and heard from a lot of people, That most of what is wrong with this game came from the last Sr. Producer (Bruce Ferguson). So after this next expansion, It will be all on Alan Crosby.

*note: I will say this, The first thing he needs to do is change the updates back to every month. Every 3 months is way to long.

Let’s start taking this thing apart.

The first thing I heard about this game update was that it was not going to get any new content to it. from what my Brother has told me, The forums have taken care of that, And there will be some content added to it. But let’s look at what Alan has to say about it.

“With this update you are going to see a few hundred lingering bugs fixed in EQII.  Some of these bugs date back to launch” andAs for content in this update, well it is a little lighter than recent updates”

Bug fix? I do think they need to fix few hundred bugs, But that’s why EQ2 have bug fix/hot fix or what ever they want to call it. Game Updates, From the way EQ2 has showed us from the past is all about the Content. Not about doing bug fixes. Yes fix the dang bugs, but do it 5 days a week like you use to. Leave the Game Updates to content.

This is/was going to be for the top end of the game, Raider. “Item Ratings system” But it’s a no go now, So lets leave it be.

“fighter revamp” . This is another project that is going to fall by the waysideThat’s great, As what little we ever saw, looked like it was going to be bad, But then they go on and say this.we have identified a problem with a couple of abilities for Crusaders” That would be Paladin and the Shadow Knight.thereby practically guaranteeing that crusaders would dominate agroWhat the hell, You are going to help the Uber class (Shadow Knight) in EQ2 be better? I had to read it a 2nd time, Just to make sure I read it right. This will be one more reason for me NOT to go back to EQ2. Who want’s to play a game that only helps one class over and over. EQ2 YOU need to get your head out of your ass and start looking at what you are doing. I’m not even playing the damn game, and they still can piss me off.

Alan goes on to say that they are looking at every thing from solo to raiding and going to fix all the classes. That get’s a big HA,HA from me.

So the “Shader 3.0want go in any time soon. I think this is one thing they are doing right. I like that they do not plan to add this to it is ready. “we will continue to optimize and tweak until they provide not only a visual boost, but a performance boost as well

And if you wish, You can now sign up for beta for EverQuest II expansion: Sentinel’s Fate.

OK that’s about it for now.

Alik Steel

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(NSFW F-bombs)(EQ2 Video) NPU Leet raid strats revealed

*This is a funny joke, and it’s got dropping F-bombs galore.

Have you ever wanted to know how the Leet raid groups do so well?

One of the best Raid Guilds in EQ2 will reveal it’s raid strats.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “(NSFW F-bombs) NPU Leet raid strats …“, posted with vodpod
Alik Steel

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EQ2 AB Server “upgrading the DB hardware”

OK I want to thank @SpyderBite on Twitter for showing me this.

As you all know EQ2 Dev’s do a little sit down once a month, or I think it’s once a month. Anyway, there was something very cool that came from it this time. As you all ready know I left EQ2 couse of the bugs/lag on the AB sever.

This is in the FFA Chat part of the chat.

TariussAB: I just wish AB didnt lag so much 😦

  • Rothgar: We have AB in our sights.
  • Rothgar: As soon as we get the Venkor merge behind us we will be looking at upgrading the DB hardware for AB.”

This is very good news, for every one on the AB sever.

If you wish to read it all, click HERE and the FFA part is close to the end of the page.

Alik Steel

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The end of the EQ2 era

Sad day in the life of Alik Steel the gamer. I am walking away from a game that I have played from Beta. EverQuest II has been my home for 5 years (counting beta) and I have enjoyed it for the most part. I have talked about how when you have the amount of content that EQ2 puts in the game, Your going to get bugs. When they started adding code into the game, for TSO things start getting bugged  up on the AB sever. I can not speak for any other sever, But for 11 months the players of the AB sever has had to deal with crash after crash. Then for a few months it did get better, but then they added the $25.00 character transfer. And ton’s of players came to AB sever. Thinking that with such large sever population that it was going to add to there gaming fun. I am sure it may have for some, But to most, I am sure it was the same as the way I was feeling about it. Frustrated for the most part, Frustrated that with a game as old as EQ2 is that they can not keep the biggest sever up and running, after doing this last Game Update. We have had 3 big crashes. Forget about all the othere times that the game, or just AB sever would go daown for no reason what so ever.. We have had three big Game Updates, And they can not keep the AB sever up  at the peck playing times. Sure the first part of the day is fine with lowwer population on the sever. Then at peck playing times, It crashes, not just once, but at lest 2 times that night. the the other two updates it came down 3 time on the update day.

Tonight is the next day after the game update and it’s still crashing, Oh what fun I am having, and I’m not even a raider, I would hate to think what is going through there minds about this. For me it’s done and over with, I am not saying I will never come back to eq2, But for now, I am done with EQ2. I have 21 days till my money runs out, and then no more.

To all my friends in EQ2 I thank you for making my time in the game as fun as you have made it, and I look foward to when we play again.

As for my Guild I have left it up and in my friend Gulmuth’s and in my brother’s hands.

Alik Steel

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(EQ2)How to copy your character to test sever

/copytest add thats it, just make sure you put a space between /copytest and add


Now wait, this can take as little as a few hours or up to a day.

There is also a hich in the copying, for what ever reason I have all ways had to make a new toon on test for my copy to show up. I all ways just do my /testcopy add and wait a day befor I even try to log into test.


Alik Steel

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EQ2 GU53 (Test Update notes) and a thought or two



Some time between midnight (cst) and 6am (cst) GU53 made it to the test sever. So I had very little time to check it out. I did run around Qeynos looking at the homes, and what they did to them. They call the housing thing a revamp, but it’s nothing more than a add-on to it. At lest as far as it goes with qeynos.  First off they added one room to all the homes inn qeynos. the three room out of south qeynos is now a 4 room, After they added a new basement to the home. Out of all of the homes in qeynos, the 3 room home seems to win out over the rest. All other homes in qeynos just had a new room added to them, but not one of them have doors for the new rooms. I was realy hoping for a court yard off the main floor of the 5 room homes. But we got another bed room, but without the door to it. Well maybe not a bed room, but that is what I see most people use it for.


 After my letdown on the homes was over I tryed to check out at lest one or two things befor I had to leave out for work. The new AA to XP slider bar is very nice and can be found on your AA window. Also, because I did not have the time I don’t know if all got it, but my kitty cat race had a new racial innate abilite added to him. I can track now, and I am a conji, so I thought that wa cool. The thing is, Did they put much thought into it, or will there be a few races that got the shaft and came up wanting, Will see. (edit: just got off the phone with my brother and he was telling me that most all got something cool, but yes there are a few that did not get anything as far as he could tell. And still no way to test a frog on test, unless maybe you /test copy one over. but don’t know if that would work or not.)


There is a bunch of stuff to be looked at and I will pick a few things to talk about after the weekend. Untill then here is the update notes from the test server.

Oh and if you want to see some of this first hand log onto what ever toon you would like on test, and type /testcopy add after you did that give it  any where from a few hours to a day and log on into the test sever with your new copy of your toon.





this is another big one, so take your time with it ~ Alik Steel


Test Update
Posted on: August 27, 2009

The new achievement system gives players a fun new way to track their accomplishments!  Most achievements will award players with achievement points that can be used to compare their progress against other players.  Some harder to complete achievements will offer non-stat item rewards.  The basic categories are General, Quest, Exploration, Combat, Slayer, Tradeskills and Triumphs.  Triumphs are large scale achievements that combine multiple achievements into one large one.  An example of this would be to do all of the combat, quest, and exploration achievements in a specific area.

A number of mysterious erudites have set up in Qeynos, Freeport, Neriak, Gorowyn, and Kelethin. Any player level 20 or higher can speak to them and for a small fee temporarily lower their adventuring level.

This works very similarly to mentoring except:
– You do not need a mentoring target.
– You can only choose levels in increments of 5 (10, 15, 20, etc).
– You do not receive the bonuses granted from mentoring other players (currently you receive a very large bonus to AA gain while mentoring another player, this is not granted by the Chronomagic system).

The chronomagic will last until cancelled (right-click on your nameplate or /unmentor). Once cancelled, you must return to any Timeless Chronomage to reactivate the effect

Additionally, 37 new missions have been added that work similar to The Shadow Odyssey’s daily doubles. They task players with slaying various bosses within zones of all levels throughout Norrath  And, of course, these missions reward players with an array of exciting new items!

Chronomagic works the same on PvP servers as it does on PvE servers. However, it also has all the same restrictions as mentoring—namely that you cannot engage in PvP combat while the chronomagic effect is on your character. This makes it quite a bit more dangerous on PvP servers, so good luck and be careful!

Bosses and Events
As part of the chronomagic initiative, a pass was made through old-world overland and contested dungeons to greatly increase the frequency with which bosses and events spawned or occurred. Many placeholders and placeholder ring events were either removed or weighted much more heavily toward actual bosses spawning. Some of the notable highlights include placeholders being removed from:
(Note: These are all from forum feedback)
– Crypt of Betrayal – Specter of Ire
– Enchanted Lands – Chomper
– Everfrost – Chieftain Iceburn
– Feerrott – Screaming Mace HQ targets Agony, Hukulan, Kaxor, Xilarga, and Tzugaax. Also Bouncers Prud, Hurd, Fug, and Flerb who were also changed to no longer despawn
– Greater Faydark – Crushbone Expedition Leader, Chef, Weaponsmith, and Planner
– Lavastorm – Fire Toad, Magolemus
– Nektulos – Dannian Blackleaf – removed respawn time and despawn time, should always be up now
– Obelisk of Lost Souls – Mediums of Dyrt, Cron, Iza, Odris, Norrath, and Lysys, Soul Harvesters Kul, Na, Gron, and Zej, Avulsor
– Old Telescopic Lens (quest starter for The Staff of Observers) drops much more frequently
– Orchishwastes – Sentry Goorlux
– Palace of the Awakened – Skylord Stormclaw, Advisor Soliddar
– Rivervale – Willowmaw the Rotting
– Ruins of Varsoon – Weavemaster Esh’rax, Tome of Life, Tome of Death, The Creator
– Solusek’s Eye – Enforcer Maj’Fahd, Soulslaver Djar’veh, The Speaker of Fates, The Castigator, Lord Crana, Onyxlam
– Steamfont – Bulka Bloodhorn, Digmaster Pechpooka, Slave Pechmooka, Scout Pechyooka
– Steppes – Stiletto, Bloodtalon
– Stormhold – a caveroot horror, Battlepriest Alexandria
– Stormhold – The Scions – Archiovianix, Hephinntari, Qelinatias, Tumarinan
– The Vestibule – The Medium of Hykor
– Tombs of Night – The Leucous Maw

There are a large number of ring events that work similarly in the zones: Antonica, Commonlands, Everfrost, Sinking Sands, Enchanted Lands, Feerrott, Nektulos, Orcishwastes, and Thundering Steppes. They had a very high chance to spawn a placeholder, a small chance to spawn a boss, a small chance to spawn a shrine that buffs the player, and a small chance to spawn a number of different merchants. The chance to spawn a placeholder was greatly reduced and there is now a very high chance for one of the ‘events’ to occur. The merchants were all combined into the ‘rare’ merchant, who will now always spawn for that event. They also have a much larger merchantlist, and will buy, sell, and repair your gear! Contested Epic spawns in lower level zones were lowered to spawn every three days (with a large variation) instead of once a week.

A number of x2 and x3 contested mobs were downtiered because they had a 0% chance to drop fabled gear. They were lowered to triple-ups and their spawn times were adjusted accordingly. The contested epic mobs who did have fabled loot were given a 100% chance to drop at least one fabled item each time they are slain. Some of the mobs changed include:
– Allidax the Ancient
– Alrendi Thoughtsong
– Broog the Banished
– Commander Nagrat
– Cragshell
– Cyenadros, Lord of the Sanctum
– Doomsquall
– Equestrielle
– Grimfeather
– Haraghur the Deathless
– Haywire Opticron (lowered to one-up and added loot)
– Lavin Dusk
– Mangler
– Meathooks
– Scytheclaw
– Spiregazer
– Ssilth Rageclaw
– The Unseelie JumJum Thief
– Vox

In general, most named mobs (with some exceptions) changed by this pass have a very high chance to drop treasured. Those with rare fabled items had their chances to drop raised significantly as well.
– Named mobs in New Tunaria should have a 100% chance to drop legendary gear, and a much higher chance to drop Cloak of Flames pages now!
– A new boss has found his way into Sebilis.
– Bosses in Sebilis and Chardok should match Karnor’s Castle and spawn every 45 minutes + variation.
– The despawn timers from all of Kylong Plains’ rare mobs have been removed.
– The Fiery Apparition in Lavastorm should spawn once again

Note to testers:
Because of the size of Norrath, a number of placeholders may have slipped through our net. Please /feedback these with two pieces of information:  the full name of the zone and the full name of the placeholder-challenged named mob.

Shard of Love
The Sisterhood of Erollisi has returned to Antonica with grave concerns! Adventurers interested in helping them should seek out a Disciple of Love in Antonica, Kelethin or Gorowyn. Those with more devious intentions should seek out Disciples of Hate within The Commonlands, Neriak or Gorowyn.

Illusions cast from petamorph wands will now last for two hours and persist through zoning.

Melee, defense and casting skills should now be easier and more straightforward to level up.

Swimming will now skill up faster.

You can now buy the Translocate and Druid Portal spells from the trainers.

Racial choices have changed.  As a result, your character development choices have been reset.

Adventure writs are now offered to a player’s effective level, so that mentored players can complete adventure writs at any level!

You can now put adventure experience into the achievement pool from level 10 and higher by adjusting the slider in the achievement window.

Examining a ranged combat art will now display the ranged critical bonus properly.

Fixed an issue where items might trigger when they are restricted to a certain damage type.

The /auction channel is now server wide!

You will now receive chat feedback for dispels and cures.

Scouts will automatically disarm chests now when attempting to open them.  As a result, the disarm verb will no longer display.

Pets will no longer be hit by aoe autoattack unless they are considered in front of the attacker.  This should in turn make it easier to position pets to avoid it since the avoidance range for them is now flanking or behind instead of just behind.

Beneficial Poolburn effects will now display to the chat log.

Target locking abilities will now terminate if the locker is no longer a valid target.

Triggered Spell based effect tooltips will now update appropriately if your intelligence or strength change.

Player-written books will now be editable when transferring to another server.

Fixed a bug where when sometimes editing a very large player written book some text would be lost when closing and reopening the book.

Zoning into a new raid instance will no longer clear your raid looters.

Turning the avatar autoface option ON and the camera autoface option OFF will keep your character facing the target regardless of what direction your character is moving while autoattack is turned off. Toggle autoattack off to toggle off autoface if you just need to turn and run and toggle it back on again to make a final stand.

Players who leave Charasis: Vault of Eternal Sleep and return later will no longer find their progression blocked.

Players will find that Gorowyn has become a good deal easier to navigate.

A quest has been added to assist with certain progression within Miragul’s Planar Shard!
Items that can assist in certain elements of the Planar Shard fights are now random drops in the Miragul’s Phylactery group TSO zones.

Umzok and Ozyk now drop the less specialized cloaks and charms more reliably.
Certain items in Munzok’s Material Bastion have become slightly more desirable.

The Nerius pirates camping along Nektulos beach are now armed (and still) dangerous.

Turgen Bremhurst now offers a more interesting way for you to earn the key to the gates of Bridge Keep.

(formerly Achievements)
Ooze Crawler will now benefit from Wrath of the Undead Servant

Spirit of the Ancients will apply properly to Ancestral Sentry when another player is targeted.

Pet Achievement Spells now have a higher priority when casting.

Fixed Shattered Infections to cure the correct person.

Cry of the Warrior will be resisted less often now.

The Heirloom flag has been added to a large number of items in the game with the exception of quest items, heritage items, PvP items, and items gained from patterns (but the patterns themselves were flagged as Heirloom). This will allow players to join groups with the character that can help the group the most without the worry of not being able to gear up the character of their choice! As a side effect, items affected by this change will unattune and be sent to overflow initially upon first login.
Fixed a case where some item based triggered effects would begin to critical.
The Brethren of Night quartermaster by Soul Eater Falls in Nektulos Forest has improved the appearance of the armor and robe he sells.  (Existing armor purchased from him previously will not be affected.)  The Hand of Marr quartermaster in the nearby camp has also begun stocking a robe.
The Cudgel of Obviation’s Spirit Tap Effect is now unresistable.
Old Telescopic Lens (quest starter for The Staff of Observers) drops much more frequently.
Volcanic Knight’s Tempered Helm now has spell and heal crit chance to match its melee crit.
The ‘Deception’ effect on the Bracelet of the Trickster no longer affects fighters.
Unbound Elemental Essences from Lavastorm are now heirloom and the items that are purchased with them are now easier to obtain.
Balanced Ayr Stones may now be applied to fist weapons of any damage type.
Saita’s Glowing Gem will automatically cast on the user when activated. Amazing Presence now shows up in the Maintained Spells window.
The Bangle of the Spiteful now slightly increases spell crit bonus.
Anashti Sul and Ykesha now have a chance to drop new items for Mages.
The descriptions on petamorph wands and their spells now declare that they will only affect combat pets and not cosmetic pets.

Going linkdead while accessing your mailbox will no longer cause your mail to be inaccessible if you log back in before your character leaves the world.
After sending a guild mail or ranks mail the “to” text box will no longer have a random guild member name in it.

The Priests of Discord have returned.  Reports state that they are currently teaching young adventurers the path of discord.
New Shattered Lands, Faydark, Kunark and Void Discord tokens have been created.  The Discord tokens will now replace all previously used currency.
Faction merchants have agreed to reduce their status and faction costs!  In return, their items have been enhanced to be more desirable to prospective buyers.
EoF, RoK and TSO Faction items have been enhanced to be more desirable by prospective buyers.  All previously purchased items have gained the attributes as well.
Writ givers are eager to see more adventurers in battle and are willing to ignore previous requirements for their job completion.
Spawn location near Dreg’s Landing and Teren’s Grasp have been moved to be favorable for all factions.
The Kylong Plains writ giver has moved to Teren’s Grasp from Dreg’s Landing.
The dirge epic triggered effect (Intrepid Strike) will no longer force an attack to inflict maximum damage while in PvP combat.
Hate will now age faster while you are on a server controlled mount.
You will no longer gain immunity while on balloon platforms.
Reactive should no longer trigger incorrectly.

Player houses have been given an extra room! Note to testers: Currently homes in Qeynos and Freeport will be unable to customize the new room. This will be updated shortly.
Players can now save and restore their house item layouts.  Use the commands save_layout <filename> and load_layout <filename>.
House layout files can only be loaded in houses of the same type.  This also works in guild halls!

Creature mastery quests now use a system of progressively increasing luck that eventually guarantees an update.
The third scout for “Connect the Dots” in Kylong Plains is now easier to find.
The quest “A Strange Gem” Has been re-introduced into Antonica.
The quest “The Final Report” from the Qeynos Claymore progression in Kingdom of Sky should now allow citizens of all evil and good aligned cities to obtain the quest.
The quest “Aelia and the Butcher” can now be completed properly in North Freeport.
The respawn time on a named needed for the Screaming Mace quest within Temple of Cazic Thule has been shortened.
The difficulty of the waves of orcs that spawn at the beginning of Bloodskull Valley has been lowered to be more in line with the difficulty intended for Return of the Light Heritage quest.

Cheap Shot will now last the full four seconds on single up arrow NPCs.  Higher difficulty NPCs will remain at two seconds since they are not typically used for solo encounters.
Group and self targeted buffs which do not expire will persist through death.  This does not apply to pet spells.
Deity Spells now have a two second casting time.
Ranges have been adjusted to many spells to more consistent.
Maintained spell descriptions from cast items will now look like if you examined the item directly.
Spells that are hostile and beneficial will now apply their beneficial effects to anyone in the group with an AOE avoidance spell on them.

The Earthen Avatar line will now break invisibility spells when cast.
Communion should inherit the proper names from Fiery Magician now and use the appropriate Hydromancer appearance.

Druid Portal spells have been consolidated into one spell and now work similar to the druid guild hall amenity.

Inquisition will now overwrite existing copies of the spell properly on a target.

Amends 3 has been removed from the Paladin Training choices like it was prior to GU51.

Miss your old skeleton pet?  Then visit your local Shadowknight trainer and get your new skeleton pet today!  Scrolls are going fast so hurry up and get yours today!

Sorcerer translocate spells have been consolidated into a single spell that works similar to the druid guild hall amenity.

Faerie Ally will no longer attempt to save dead people.

Tunare’s Watch will now scale by level since it is not upgraded at higher levels.

Rays of Disintegration will no longer interrupt the group and is now only cast by the wizard.  The casting time is slightly less while doing a bit more damage now.

The tradeskill society tutorial books now have an improved appearance.  If you do not have a copy and would like one, visit your local tradeskill society merchant.
The recipe for the Flame Tapestry found in Najena’s Forge is no longer limited in uses.
Carpenters can now provide a few essentials for those stabling their mounts in their homes.
Byproducts from tradeskilling will no longer have the crafter’s name on them.
Tradeskill level will now count for purchasing racial traditions.

The recipe window now auto adjusts to fit very long recipe names.
Title lists on the Details tab of the Persona window are now sorted.
A new user-interface has been wrapped around the mentoring system.
Type /mentor to display the mentoring window.
You can also use the /unmentor command to cancel mentoring.
The mentoring window will be displayed when you join a group if your level is too high to allow all players to earn XP.
The welcome screen now shows the number of unopened LoN booster packs you have.
The examine recipe window will now use multiple lines for very large recipe names.
The threat window now has an improved tooltip and will only show when it is relevant.
Timers on quests in the group quest window will now have correct times.
Double clicking an item in the marketplace section of the welcome window will now open the marketplace window with that item pre-selected.
You can now alter the hotkey for the zone reuse timer window in the options window.
The confirmation box for destroying a player written book with special characters in the title will no longer displayer gibberish.

Critical damage will once again be tracked properly

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EQ 2 AB sever down

Database issues and have had to take down AB and The Bazaar.

This is not the first time this has happen, and if they don’t really think of a way to really fix this, It will not be the last. AB is old and has been one of the biggest severs in eq2 for a very long time. When you think about how much stuff just one of your toons has in game, Then think about how much crap that is tied up for just the toons, the housing, and guilds. Well that is a lot. and then not long ago we had a flood of new players onto the AB sever, When they let players change severs right in the game and only for $25.00 per toon. We had guilds change over all at one time. Then on top of all of this you add a one day a month event that happen today. Well, you can see why we went down.

I am just like all of you and just want the dang thing up as fast as they can get it back up, But I also want it fixed, No, I have know idea how to do this. I hear people saying all the time we just need a new sever. If thats all, Then why have they not done this? I don’t think that that can be the only thing we need, are they would have done it. For all I know they have done it. I also hear people saying they need to lock the AB sever down so no new players can start on the AB sever. As a player of EQ2, I don’t want then to be able to tell me what sever I can or can not play on. That is just a bad idea, to tell people that they can’t play with there friends. You will have people leave the game with that line of thought.

I don’t know if we will be back up and playing in an hour or maybe some time tonight.

Before you go off on eq2, just take a bit to think what they are dealing with and that they did not want this to happen. They want us to be playing.

Alik Steel

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Nothing to see here, move along

There just realy nothing I want to talk about, It’s been two weeks and just nothing is comeing up to realy talk about yet. We the players of EQ2 have GU 52 coming up and there has been a little bit of stuff that has came out on it, But I don’t want to do what I did last time and have 15 post about a dang game update. I’ll at lest give it time to hit test before we go into that.


My guild is back down to only 4 members that play, and a bunch of members that will be gitting kicked out soon. I set up two rules at the start, I did not want to be guild full of members that did not play. So if you have not let us know that you are going to be back and you just stop playing, You have 30 days to come back. After the 30 days and still you are a no show, I put you as a inactive member. When you hit this area you can not use the bank any more. You have another 30 days left in the guild, If you do show back up and start playing again then you are set back up as a member and all is good. If you don’t make it back in time, You get kicked out of the guild. I feel that giving some one 60 days is more than enough time.

The only good news about the guild is that it’s about to be full of level 80’s. Full being 4 members that are lvl80. Any way othere than doing a lot of quest and guild groups, making Plat/PS to keep the guild hall open and buying the last of my spell, I’m not doing any thing to write home about.


One last thing, After reading a blog that was talking about “giving credit where credit is due” I started thinking about the way I have been talking only the bad side of EQ2. I want to put a stop to this, Not saying I want say “HEY, EQ2 STOP F’ing up” when I feel they are going the wrong way. I just want to start  looking at some of the things that they do well. The thing is, It’s hard for me to see the good, Maybe it’s that I trianed myself to see the bad and not the good. I don’t know, Any way I am going to be trying to come up with some things to say “Atta boy”


Take a few minutes out of your fun on Memorial day and remember our men and weman that are fighting, The ones that made it home, And of the fallen.

Thank you all for making/keeping us free


Alik Steel

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EQ2, Is this the begining of the end?

I’m sitting here looking around at all my EQ2 sites that i like to read and thinking, What am I going to post about tonight? When a thought came to me, Well maybe not to me, But to my brother. He walked into my room and asked me what I was reading. At that time it was about the spell renaming in EQ2. So as always we started talking about it, And at some point he told me that it felt like the game was on it’s way out the door. Then he pop’s open a beer and walks out to go play more EQ2. Leaving me sitting here thinking about what he just said. Is it true? Has EQ2 hit it’s high point and now it’s on it’s down turn. We all know that SOE want just drop the game no matter if EQ2 is on it’s way out the door. They just don’t do that, Thank god!!!

Anyway it made me start looking at some of the things that has been happening with the game in 2009. What have they done you ask? Not much, Yes we have the Lavastorm revamp in GU51, And how long did that take to go live, And better yet what from GU51 was dropped from it? The fighter change, Yes I am for the fighter change, But what does something as big as that tell you about the game? I’ll get to that last, First I want to show you one or two thing first.


Spell Naming Conventions


Currently, the mechanics team is taking a step back and trying to look at the broader scope of the game and what things make it more complex than is necessary. The idea here is to reduce some of the redundancy and fix some things that are complex but don’t really need to be that way. The first aspect which we have identified is the overall naming of spells. Some spells which you gain at lower levels have 5 or more versions each with different names. This makes communicating with players of the same class but at different points in the level progression difficult. A level 80 player typically only remembers the most current version of the spell while someone that is newer at say level 20 only knows their most recent version. This makes it difficult for good communication between players even though both are talking about the same spell lines they might appear to be different through casual communication.

What we are looking to do is move to a standard naming convention. So instead of say having Ice Comet, Ice Nova and Bolt of Ice there would be one spell line called Ice Comet. You would see in your spell book Ice Comet I, Ice Comet II, etc. Combat text on the other hand would just refer to Ice Comet without the version number.

For example your combat text would look like the following:

Your Ice Comet hits Aeralik for 12, 345 cold damage. ( All levels )

The tool tip and examine display would look like the following:

Ice Comet III ( Master I ) followed by the rest of the usual examination information. Your spellbook of course would just say Ice Comet III.

Instead of just picking a name arbitrarily for each of the spell lines, we would like to invite the community to

Overall, it’s a small change that for the most part has little impact on gameplay. Players might be temporarily confused due to a switch in naming. Overall though it should be a positive change in that the naming is always consistent but you just get a newer version of the spell. We are open to any comments and suggestions you might have on this so feel free to voice any opinions or concerns.

vote for their favorites. Early next week, we should have polls up for each class to vote on their favorite spell name of each spell line. It will run for the duration of the week. We will then set our gnomish tinkerers to work on setting the spells to the names the community has chosen for the next game update.



On the face of it, You got to ask why was this not done from the start? But as I reread this it starts making me ask why now? Why put so much work into to something like the renaming of spell’s? Well as many of us been saying that it’s so no one in the game has to think. They want to make this game into something that takes nothing to play. How hard is it to figure out what spells goes with what  spell line. It’s not hard at all, All you do is look at it, hell the pic of the spell will tell you if it’s a upgrad to a spell line. To me, This looks like away to pull younger players into the game, I say let them stay at WOW, Do we really want 10 year olds running around here in EQ2? Before you flame me, I know that there are good gamers that are young, But most are not and they live to piss people off. So no I am not for making any thing to bring in younger people. Now let’s look at the down side of this. Any site that has been set up for spell names and/or recipe they will have to redo every name on there sites. The people that have work for years adding all this info for us, Are looking at trying to rename every thing on there site or close up shop. The only site that I know that will come out of this well, Will be ZAM.com. Oh yes even EQ2wiki will take years to recover, If ever.

Now lets look at…



Leave your permanent mark on the world of Norrath!


One of the upcoming features for GU52 is a new system that will allow players to write and distribute their own books in the world of Norrath. These books look and act just like the current books in the game. You can hold them in your inventory or place them in your house or guild hall for other players to read.

These user-written books can be obtained from a crafter and will start out blank. Any player can write in a blank book, but as soon as you write the first word you become the author of that book. From that point forward, only the author may edit the contents of the book.

The book window will display an “Edit” button whenever you read a blank book or a book you have authored. Clicking the edit button will reveal controls that allow you to enter text and see the layout from page to page.

There is no limit to the number of pages, but books are limited by the amount of text. A progress bar will let you know how much more text your book can hold as you are typing. There is also an auto-save feature that will periodically write the contents of the book to your hard drive in case of a crash.

When you’ve completed the book and you’d like to distribute it, you can make as many copies as you like. All you need is the original book and a blank book. Right-click the original book and choose “Copy”. Your cursor will turn into an arrow allowing you to select the blank book in your inventory that you’d like to copy it to.

User-written books are tradable allowing you to give them to friends or place them on the broker. We’re really excited about this new feature and look forward to seeing your creativity!

Come join the discussion in the official EverQuest II Forums.


Ummm still don’t have a clue how this will make my gaming more fun, Yes as I said before I love to read a good book. There are some fan books out there that is as good as the real deal, And for some one like Troy this will be a lot of  fun, but why have this in the game. It feels as if they are reaching for something that will help pull them up out of the mud. I got to tell you I din’t even know we was in the mud in the first place. It just seems like something that will add nothing to the game, And they are looking for something to add to the game, Just to have something they can say they are adding thing to the game for us.

last thing


EverQuest II Producer’s Letter, March 2009

Recently we’ve been working on some changes to the fighter classes, particularly in the way that they manage hate. Our intent was to adjust these classes so that fighters would rely more on their taunts and abilities to gain and hold aggro and less on high DPS and hate buffs from DPS classes.

Why do we feel this is necessary?

Well, we’ve been talking since the last Fan Faire about how we’ve drifted away from the hate management and damage sink that tanks were originally intended to be. With this, there has also been an increase in the DPS that tanks have been doing while in combat. This begins to impinge on the role that we’ve envisioned for the Scout and Mage classes, and we feel that moving forward we need to make some adjustments, as it is increasingly difficult for us to do proper and cohesive game balancing as the lines get more blurred.

We introduced this to the test server in early January and the response from the community was strong. Recognizing that this is a very sensitive and delicate topic, we postponed the revamp for more testing and evaluation.

In the end, with all of your feedback, we’ve decided to re-examine the structure of the fighter revamp.

What does this mean?

For those of you on the Test servers, this means that there will be some changes coming. The changes made with the initial release of the fighter revamp need to be removed. However, rather than just roll back your characters to when we first introduced the changes on Test back in January; we’re going to need to split out the consolidated spells, which will reset them to Adept 1. We’re currently working on a plan to allow you to upgrade them to something higher than Adept 1, and as soon as we have the details of that plan worked out, we’ll be posting about it. For our Test Copy server, we’re going to need to wipe the entire character database, which will likely take several days. Once we’ve got that database cleaned, we’ll reopen that server and allow you to copy your characters back over as you wish.

For all of our players, this means that we’ll be reinitiating the adjustments to tank balance from a fresh point. The difference is going to be in how we go about planning and communicating the changes, because we want, and need, to know what you think.

Our plan is to start an open dialogue with you, our players, and to get your feedback every step of the way. This will mean more time in between updates, but we think that it’s worth it to get you more involved in the direction of the game. We hope that you agree. We realize we haven’t been stellar at consistent communication in the past, but consider this a big step towards this goal.

We are also looking at incentives to get more of you playing on the Test server, for further feedback. We truly believe that if we can get more of you testing and contributing your feedback, we will know more about what you all want, what you all believe is best for the game. We want to acknowledge here that this is your game, and many of you are the experts at various aspects of this game. We want this to be a collaborative effort between SOE and its players. When we get the details of the Test server incentives worked out, we’ll be announcing it on the forums and on EQ2players. We’ll also be announcing the plan for improving our communication and creating an open two-way dialogue with you as soon as we’ve worked out all of the details.

In the meantime, make notes! We’re looking forward to collaborating with you.

-Bruce Ferguson


They pulled this because some people on the forums said that they were killing the game. We all know SOE, When does SOE take something as big as this off the table? They had been working on this for months that I know of, And I’m sure they had been working on it for a good long time before we even heard of it. That is a lot of money just to trash. So why? By it’s self I could say, Look how much SOE loves us. That they are willing to take a hit like this, To make something that every one will like (Not that you could ever make every one happy). But looking at every thing like the fact that we went from from having our GU’s coming to us fast and furious, To only having one so far this year, and the things that have been added (not counting Lavastorm) is very little. It also seems that the ninja updates are happening a lot more. We are getting less info, less content, less fun for the game. Then to drop the fighter change, It feels like they are running for the hill’s. Every one knows that a games forums are shit and 99% of the things on it is trash. So why drop the fighter change? I’m getting the feeling the next time you will hear about the *New Fighter Changes, It will be to make it even more easy and more in the way of no thinking play style. Don’t get me wrong I don’t want to pull out my calculator before I start a fight. I just don’t want it to be dumd down to where a 2year old can bang on the key board and win every fight.


Alik Steel

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