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Xsyon: Game launch…*cough…Again

Game launch day finally was at hand, After waiting a year from when the game was to go live into Prelude. The day finally was here, And I was at work working doubles that week. Watching everything through the text of my tribe mates in our tribal website live chat. This was not reading good, Lot’s of words I don’t think I would like to type here. After hours and hours of reading that it kelp being pushed back later and later til it went live when I was driving home. Pacing back and forth as I waited for the game to download, And then the time came to log in. We was hammered with 30 minute lag, with lag spikes even higher. For hours we waged war in a horrific epic battle pitting man versus lag. We really had no chance, Lag was to strong, Lag seemed to be everywhere at once and no one could stand up to the lag. In the end we laid in a corner crying out to our mothers to console us and tell us all will be OK again. And the game came crashing down around us. We lost to many good gamers on that night. As the days and night roll on it almost felt like a bad dream. Until you walk past the field of honor and see all the grave makers of the lost loved ones that we’ll never see in-game again.

In the week we was morning our losses, That seemed to still be growing. The Dev Team worked hard to fix things as fast as the could. After a little more than a week we was going for another game launch. This time things much better. The lag was still their but no where like it was before. Yes it made thing mind numbing, Not sure frustrating covers how many of us felt. But we did what we had to do. In the middle of all this all the tribe kelp having to drop their totems for their tribal lands. Mean time you had the gaming troll’s doing everything they could to take your area before you could. Just because that’s the type of thing they do. Any way Hopi (The tribe I’m in) was able to grab our area time and time again. We are set now and building up our area. The lag is almost gone, And the real game is there to be played.

After two game launches and three totem drops, The game is now up and running as it should be, Yea there still a little lag from time to time but no more than you would expect from any game without a login queue.


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EQ2, What are you up to?

This came out on the 17th of this month, I just got around to reading it…



“Recently we’ve been working on some changes to the fighter classes, particularly in the way that they manage hate. Our intent was to adjust these classes so that fighters would rely more on their taunts and abilities to gain and hold aggro and less on high DPS and hate buffs from DPS classes.

Why do we feel this is necessary?

Well, we’ve been talking since the last Fan Faire about how we’ve drifted away from the hate management and damage sink that tanks were originally intended to be.  With this, there has also been an increase in the DPS that tanks have been doing while in combat. This begins to impinge on the role that we’ve envisioned for the Scout and Mage classes, and we feel that moving forward we need to make some adjustments, as it is increasingly difficult for us to do proper and cohesive game balancing as the lines get more blurred.

We introduced this to the test server in early January and the response from the community was strong.   Recognizing that this is a very sensitive and delicate topic, we postponed the revamp for more testing and evaluation.

In the end, with all of your feedback, we’ve decided to re-examine the structure of the fighter revamp. 

What does this mean? 

For those of you on the Test servers, this means that there will be some changes coming.  The changes made with the initial release of the fighter revamp need to be removed.  However, rather than just roll back your characters to when we first introduced the changes on Test back in January; we’re going to need to split out the consolidated spells, which will reset them to Adept 1. We’re currently working on a plan to allow you to upgrade them to something higher than Adept 1, and as soon as we have the details of that plan worked out, we’ll be posting about it. For our Test Copy server, we’re going to need to wipe the entire character database, which will likely take several days. Once we’ve got that database cleaned, we’ll reopen that server and allow you to copy your characters back over as you wish.

For all of our players, this means that we’ll be reinitiating the adjustments to tank balance from a fresh point.  The difference is going to be in how we go about planning and communicating the changes, because we want, and need, to know what you think.

Our plan is to start an open dialogue with you, our players, and to get your feedback every step of the way.  This will mean more time in between updates, but we think that it’s worth it to get you more involved in the direction of the game.  We hope that you agree.  We realize we haven’t been stellar at consistent communication in the past, but consider this a big step towards this goal.

We are also looking at incentives to get more of you playing on the Test server, for further feedback.  We truly believe that if we can get more of you testing and contributing your feedback, we will know more about what you all want, what you all believe is best for the game.  We want to acknowledge here that this is your game, and many of you are the experts at various aspects of this game.  We want this to be a collaborative effort between SOE and its players.   When we get the details of the Test server incentives worked out, we’ll be announcing it on the forums and on EQ2players.  We’ll also be announcing the plan for improving our communication and creating an open two-way dialogue with you as soon as we’ve worked out all of the details. 

In the meantime, make notes!  We’re looking forward to collaborating with you.” -Bruce Ferguson



This is supposed to make you and me feel good. I do not see this as a good thing, It does not mater if you thought that the fighter changes was a good thing or bad, What this is saying is that the few will tlk for the many. The people that play on the forums 24/7 and like bitching more than they like playing is going to be the people that tells EQ2 how they should go about there game changes. I do not see this as a good thing for the game at all. I see this as a way for the few to be able to yell even more about how the class is not as good as the next, Never mind that there class may be the uber class of the game and not one class can com close to there’s. This will go very bad if EQ2 goes on with this.

Why am I saying this?

It’s because the people that realy play the game, There in the game playing, When the few that may only play an hour are two in the game per week get to say what WE the true players of the game want. No mater what we may or may not want.


EQ2 if you truely want to find out what WE THE PLAYERS want, Make it where we can talk inside the game. I would like to point out that most of us true players of the game have guilds and friends in the game and have very little time to log into the test server to try out new changes. For the few people that realy do play on the test sever for the betterment of the game, I thank you. But very few of you are on it, So there is very little true testing.


The last thing that I see, Is something that I did not read at all. Not the first thing about GU51. Does this mean that the fighter chang is out of GU51, or does this mean that you(EQ2) will be pushing it back over and over till the next expansion. Ok that last part is a little over the top and it has only been 3months for this, But it just feels like a very long time. EQ2 take the damn fighter changes out of GU51 and send it on out for the live severs. And go on and play with this fighter change as long as you wish, Just don’t let the few change the game for the many.

I for one, Was happy that you was going to turn the hands of time and start trying to put the classes back to the way it was at the start. Tanks, being tanks and the othere three types doing what they was made for. I like the thought of a mage being the biggest blasters of the game, and tanks taking all the heat of the battle. Souts being sneaky, and Healers saving our ass. It’s not like that now. You have classes on all four type that can Heal, Tank, DPS. For the most part you(EQ2) have come close to killing off most of the mage classes and tanks (not the SK, that would be the uber class that can do it all) in the way that the game is. So yes I was realy happy over what I was reading on the forums about where you was going with the fighter changes.


This has been a knee-jerk response


Alik Steel

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EQ2 GU51 not looking for it any time soon

Heirlooms, and a nice chunk of the little stuff from GU51 is in live. This is not a good thing. Why is that? Well I’ll tell you, For them to go on and push this stuff on into the live servers means that they are not going to put the big stuff like Lavastorm Revamp, and the Fighter Revamp into live for a long time. Think about it. If you was going to put something that big into your game any time soon , as in 2 or 3 weeks from now. You would have kelp out this small stuff till then. So I don’t see GU51 going live for at lest a month from now. With luck it want come out just brfore GU52, And yes they have started on that Game Update allready, Or at lest its in the planing stage.

If you would like to try and keep up with when GU’s are going live. Go on and mark Feb as the month that GU51 came out even if it’s not. EQ2 has done a real good job about getting the GU’s out every 3 months. And I would count on GU52 coming out sometime in May.


Alik Steel

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EQ2 GU 51 Delayed ?

I did not see this coming, The GU 51 looks to be delayed.


In the EverQuest II Producer’s Letter (1/30/2009)

Bruce “Froech” Ferguson said “There are still some things we want to make sure that we address properly, and we recognize that there are some people who don’t quite understand what our goals are. With that in mind, we’re going to postpone releasing these changes to the live servers, while we continue to evaluate the feedback that you are giving us

Erollisi Day starts on February 10, and I bet that is when it would have went live.  Froech (looks like this is what he wants to be called) did not give any time frame to when this will go live now. It looks like we all need to start watching the test sever forums for what is going on, That is, If you can make it past all the crap that allways seems to pop up in any forums.

This info. is from the  EQ2 players page


Alik Steel

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