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Advancement beyond the fun

I remember back a few years ago, How so many of us talked about how we was so fortunate to be apart of a unique business like the MMO business. Where they really listen to us, As to what we want in our games. But that was then, This is now. MMO’s have advanced to the point that for a “company” wanting to start a MMO, It will take a few million dollars just to create the basics that we are all so use to having. Granted there are smaller mmo company’s that are making it with far less money, But for a MMO to achieve the benchmark that many would call AAA(or call it top shelf MMO are even a premium MMO), It takes a long time and many people to make this happen. Back before the AAA MMO standard, It seemed like the creators had as much fun making the game as we did playing them. Not so much now, With money being the only bottom line. Yes even “back in the day” their bottom line was still money, But they seemed to have a lot more wiggle room. That flexibility seemed to help them give us more of what we wanted. Now it seems that there is nothing but dead lines and needing to make a minimal amount of money by a certain date that has hurt the industry.

To me, It seems that we are responsible for the way things are turning out. We are the ones that said we wanted this and that. We are the ones that said you must have this in your new MMO for me to play it. And for them to give us what we want, It takes large backing an that takes the wiggle room out of their hands. We have forced them to advance beyond the point that they can give us what we want now, because they are to busy giving us what we wanted back then.

Alik Steel


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Xsyon, The World 12.09.2010

I wanted to do a fast little blog about the world of Xsyon. The first thing you have to know, Is that there has been a rift to another reality and the world we play in may not be the one we was born on. For prelude we start off in an area of the United States of America, Lake Tahoe area is where it will start. Later on, We will start see other areas pop up from all over the world. How we will be able to go from one place to the other is unanswered for now. Also our playing area is controlled a lot like Fallen Earth, If you have played FE you know what I am talking about. If not, Here is how they keep you in the playing area. It’s a fog, Unlike FE you can some what see this fog in Xsyon. I only see a greenish tint. But then as I have said a few times now, My little laptop does not have the specs for this game. But any way, If you go into this green fog, You will start dyeing. For me, It’s a lot better to deal with fog than to just run up to an invisible wall.

NOTE: Xsyon is not live yet, So we still don’t have every thing in-game or turned on yet.

Xsyon has four real seasons Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. With weather effects like Rain, Hail, Sleet, and Snow, That snow will accumulate. They say that the weather conditions will affect player actions and item durability. But if that’s in-game now, I have not seen it do too much to me. But then I have not had a toon stick around for more than a few weeks at a time.
The game has a realistic sun path with shadow casting .Also a realistic moon cycle with moonlight casting. This is cool, Because if your close to the lake. It’s a lot more bright from the moon light bouncing off the lake.  Reflective and refractive rivers, lakes and waterfalls. The night sky has an accurate star map and constellations, And the clouds is said to have a volumetric and dynamic layered cloud system. I just think it looks cool.  It’s also said that we will soon see creatures react to adverse and favorable weather. Bears going into caves to hibernate in winter type of thing. Along with a lot of other stuff the terrain surface affects your movement as well. Your not going to run up that hill at top speed. Hill will slow you down, So will snow, Remember me saying that little thing about accumulating snow. Yea, That slows you down. In this world players can build roads, clear, level, raise and lower terrain. Our starting off playing field is 120 sq km, gradually expanding to a 1200 sq km area and beyond as the game goes on. If you know any thing about them, Xsyon has Speed Tree 5.1 and Speed Grass 4. Which means it looks really really good. Trees and grass move with the wind and I have not seen it yet, But trees grow back if you leave the stumps.
I would say that creature are part of the world so here is a little about them when it comes to the world. There is no set creature spawns or re-spawns. Animals multiply based on the current creature population. Creatures can overrun areas or be depleted. they also gravitate towards different areas based on mood and weather. There is a lot more about creatures that I could talk about, But I am wanting to try to keep this more to just Xsyon world.
Here is whats not on the brochure, Xsyon is full of mountains, streams, woods, and wild life. Lake Tahoe is huge and beautiful to just look at. I think there will be a great need for boats of some type to cross it.
Being able to manipulate almost any thing you see is freaking awesome. With the terraforming tool and with skill you can create waterways, If you build it right and connect it to a water source the water will flow into your waterway.  You can move the land to make it look the way you want it to. This will be great for planing out towns, yes there will be tribe made camps, towns, and maybe even city’s. 
When going out to hunt, It’s not like, Lets go to Point A where there is a spawn point for Creature B the way you do in most MMOG. Here there will not be any set point for any of them. The creatures have their own life and they will do whatever they do. It’s up to you to go find them. So hunting may be more like hunting, Than let’s go kill X amount of Y for quest Z.
All this and the game is still in beta test, There is still a ton of stuff to go in-game.
Alik Steel

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Xsyon: The Lore (as I know it 04.09.2010)

Xsyon is an apocalyptic fable

I want to point out that this is not a post apocalyptic MMO. It has started, But we are playing in the time when it is happening now. So many sites have put it in the wrong era. We do not start off after every thing has happen.

Also this is unlike many MMO’s in the fact that it is a fable, And I think that in this case it may just mean story. As in this game will be changing as if we was reading a book.

So here is some of the highlights of what little lore is known.

“The Apocalypse is at hand!”

“You are a survivor. Your youth was spent lost in times of war.”

“Modern technology has consumed itself.”

“You know nothing. You’ve forgotten the past and have yet to learn the future. You are a lost soul in a strange barren world with little more than the shirt on your back”

“War has ravaged the planet, opening a rift to another reality.”

“With the disruption of the planet, ancient gods awake to once again exert their powers over the earth.”

“Benevolent gods and creatures.”

“Devils and angels vie for control of their earthly battlefield.”

“The Four Horsemen loom over the land awaiting their chance to spread destruction and chaos.”

“The survivors of the grisly destruction rise from the ashes of ruin to encounter a world that has changed, And face a primitive future.”

“The lords of nature have revived the wastelands, eradicating and subverting the remnants of modern technology.”

“The ways of swords and sorcery have replaced the path of science and progress.”

“A world that once existed only in the realm of mythology, legend and imagination has become concrete and very real.”

“The new world hangs in a moment of uncertainty.”

Our characters back ground is that we lived through the wars that caused the apocalypse, And the ancient gods of mythology, legend and imagination have come to life and have wiped our minds. So we remember nothing of the past that we just lived. Not only do we have to deal with the ancien gods of mythology, legend and imagination, But with the christian god. The gods have hidden and eradicated as much of modern technology as they could. There may be stuff to be found and learned, But it will be hard to find and learn.

As our characters rise from the ashes of ruin we find that all is not over yet. Some of the gods are angry at us, And bad things are still happening to us. We also find that we may not be where we thought we was and that this earth is not the same earth as our fathers world. We have fallen back to the old ways and find that some people can do things that was once just thought of as old fantasy story.

We the gamers of Xsyon know very little of what has happen and what will be. It has been said that as we play, Some people will come across knowledge of what was, and what may be, As we scavenge our way through the gaming world.

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The difference is all in the way we think.

As I sit back and try not to jump in and start yelling and screaming that you just don’t understand. I have come across something that I am sure most of you all ready know. But it hit me like a ton of bricks. It’s the way we think, Each of us sees the world in a different way.  The way I see it now, Most fall into two groups. Think about the MMO world as a wagon going down a trail. Now think about two groups of people on this same wagon. Half of them are yelling to go faster, And the other half is yelling to slow it down. But the wagon just keeps on going down that tail at the same speed it always did. Both groups is seeing the ride in a different way. The half that wants to speed up, Thinks there is some great right around the corner, The other half just thinks that they will never make it around that corner and the wagon will flip. So both groups are all ways not understanding why the other half is not wanting the same thing they do.

Finding it hard to get out what I am thinking, Let me try this.

Back when I was a kid, I had a lot of friends, And a few miles down the road was a bridge crossing a creek. One of the older boys jumped off the bridge. As he popped his head out of the water he let out a loud whoop, Making most of us want to do the same thing. We jumped off that bridge for hours till one of my friends jump off and hit a stump. It killed him instantly, He broke his neck when he hit the stump. I’ll never know how in the world we had been able to jump off the bridge and swim for so many hours and no one ever saw or felt that damn stump.

There was another time back when I was young when two men can around to my neighborhood selling stock to a company no one knew about. They had start making some type of computer chip that they thought people would want. They just didn’t have the money to start mass production. Don’t know if any of you will know the name, But it was QMS. And they was just wanting to sell each person $1,000 worth of stock. There was a lot of people in my neighborhood that could have spent that sum of money without even blinking. My dad was one of them. But with no one really knowing any thing about what it was they wanted to do. No one helped them out, And they guys moved on. A year or two later, The people who did put money into it, Became millionaires. A few years after that, QMS sold out and made even more money for all there investors.

So both groups are right and wrong. If we would have taken our time and checked that creek out, My friend may still be alive, But if my dad would have jump without looking. And went on and bought stock in QMS. My family would have never hurt for money.

I think the next time I see something that is so obviously stupid, I’ll just keep my mouth shut.

Alik Steel

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Xsyon, More information. (28.08.2010)[Picture Heavy]

The top five searches for Xsyon that pops up day after day. In no particular order.

Xsyon, How long do I have to wait for the email?

Xsyon, How long until I can download the game?

Xsyon, Where can I find the dowloader?

Xsyon, When does the game launch?

Xsyon, Review.

 I can answer all three at the same time,

How long do I have to wait for the email?

How long until I can download the game?

Where can I find the dowloader?

When you preorder the game, It is not automated, Some one will send the email out to you. Most times I don’t think it takes long for this, But if you preorder right when they go to bed are something like going out to diner. You may have to wait a few hours. I hope in time this will not be the case and things get automated and as soon as you preorder. The mail is sent.

Now when you get the mail, It will have the link to the game launcher, But just in case your junk mail eats your mail. You can find the link HERE. You must be a preorder to log into the area of the Xsyon site. From the link you start downloading the game. The last I looked it was just over 4 gigs. After that log in and start playing.

When does the game launch? No idea, Really, I have no idea what date it will. I don’t think the dev team even knows. I do feel like we are with in a month or two before Xsyon goes live. But The team has stopped putting a launch date up, And said they will let us know a week or so before it goes live. And for the most part, The preorders that are helping in testing the game feels the same as me. We want the feature list for the game to be 100% before it goes live.

For the review part, I’m going to try to point out some of the “Oh Shit” areas of the game. But knowing me, It will ended up as a fanboy post.

There is a few things still being worked on. There is still at times bad lag in the game, And some people are having problems even getting the game loaded up or logging in with runtime errors. I know we was having crashes, But I have not had that happen in a few weeks now, So maybe that’s over with. But just like with all MMOs when they do add in new features to the game, They seem to corrupt other areas of the game and just makes things buggy. But I must say in the most fanboyish way I can. That they are very smart in the way they add features. They only add a little at a time. This lets them find and de-bug very fast. Like in the next week or so, They will add Tribes feature to the game. I am sure this will bug the hell out of a lot of stuff. But instead of adding the whole tribe feature, I am sure they will just add the first basic parts of it. After debugging the game, They will add more and more till it is all the way in-game.

I must say that there are some parts that seemed to take a long time to fix, Not sure if it was low on the list of things to fix, Or was just a pain in the butt to fix. But it seems like the containers seem to work right now. It was not that the containers(think bag, chest, and other things that holds your stuff for you) didn’t work, It was when they added the permissions to the game. You could make a new bin(50 slot box) and could not even open it, Because you didn’t have permission to open your own bin. That was a pain to deal with, But that’s what testing is all about. Are at lest that’s what I’m told.

I  can’t show you how good things look as I’m playing the game on a laptop that has no business playing the game. But I did want to show you this. The game is unlike most MMOs out there. Unlike your WOW’s and EQ2’s that start you out with armor sets that looks a lot like some of the same armor you get from raiding. Xsyon is starting us off with grass, and leather. Xsyon is being made to grow later, Unlike most MMOs out there that fine themself in a top end lock down and trying to find new ways to spin old stuff back on to us. Xsyon is starting at a very low point, Giving it more room to grow later on.

There are areas where junk has piled up and if you take your time and look through them, You can find steel, cloth, leather, plastics. You can also take more time and scavenge your way across the lands and pick up stuff off the ground that has been lost for years. Using this stuff and working with crafts, You can make stuff like what you see up there.

But as you run around looking for stuff, Make sure to watch out for things like

Black Bear


Mule Deer


That run around the world right now. They are working on how the animals work. When it all is said and done. We should have animals working as they would in the RL. raccoons that run away from black bears. Or black bears hunting down a mule deer. Am also hoping that they will add a pack mentality for some animals, Like the deer. Now it is true that all we have right now is 4 animals in-game. But most of us feel like there will be a lot more in-game later like.

Now all of this was posted a few months ago, So no idea if or when they will go in-game, Also there looks may have changed as well.

But Ido want to add two vid’s as well.

(Less than a minute for each video) 

I am sure there will be wide variety animals, But not just wild animals, But things that we can use like cows, sheep, pigs, and horses. I have all ready showed you the pic of the chicken. So it looks like we will have a ton of things to play with in-game.

OK that’s it till after they add tribes into the game, I think, But you never know with me.

Till the next time, Be good.

Alik Steel

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Hardcore PvP gamers should thank carebear gamers!

Solely PvP MMOs does not work, If you wish a MMO to have staying power. You most have what pvp gamers call carebear features in the MMO.
As hard as some MMOs have tried to make it work. It just does not work. IMO There is not enough of you to go around. If you all was to only play in one MMO, Then it may have enough to be able to happen. But you all are just like the rest of us. Not every one will like the same things. Yes you all like PvP but that’s where it ends.

So instead of making a fuss about us carebears, You need to thank us for making it possible for you to have your features that you want in our MMOs.

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Xsyon Game Testing (As the game is now 05 AUG 2010)

WARNING: This game is not going to be for the person that wants to come home from work and plays for 30 minutes to an hour, Two to three times a week. This game will be very social, And I don’t see many tribes(Guild) keeping dead weight for long.

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Where is the gray area?

Fanboy/Fangirl vs Hater

That’s the way I see other bloggers. There is very few people out there that seem to play with-in the gray areas. I can’t seem to find my way into that gray area myself. Every time I talk about games it seems I am talking from the fanboy side or haters side of things. And I just don’t see how I can change the way I see things. It’s like I either love it or hate it, Very few times do I ever find myself in that gray area where I see both sides as equal.

There is also something I see out their that a great number of you do.  There is gaming company’s out their that you hate or love, And no matter how great or terrible there actions are. You still see them the same way. All though it is easier to fall from grace, Than it is to climb out of the pits of hell. See SOE and the NGE deal, or Bioware and their world wide event. I use them as I hear more hate towards SOE and so much love for Bioware. It seems to me for a lot of bloggers it’s hard to let go of old ideas. I was a fanboy for SOE for a very long time, But they have lost a lot of there shine. But not because of NGE or Vanguard, But more from the way they run EQ2. And I have a dislike towards Bioware and Blizzard just because so many people seem to talk about them as if they can do no wrong.

I would love to learn how to turn off my feelings towards games and game company’s. It would help to see the real truth.

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Rubs me the wrong way

Do I need a reason to dislike a game?
Can’t I just say, I don’t like that game? For most of the people on this site. I would think that most of you like, or at lest at one time liked WOW. I have tried time and time again to get into WOW, And every time I have walked way from the game thinking that I really dislike the game. I use to say it was because it looked to cartoony, But that can’t be it. I have played other games that was as much, or even more cartoony than WOW, And I liked them. So what is it that makes me not like WOW? No idea, It just rubs me the wrong way.

The same goes for Guild Wars, And I think that it looks great, Had no lag and the fighting was great. And yet, I just never liked the game, and I may have even tried harder to like GW than I did WOW.

So is this just me, Are does other’s feel the same way about some games?

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So you think your a gamer?

What makes a gamer, A gamer?
I know some people who only think that (Forgive me for saying this) hardcore players are gamers. I know, I know, What is the definition of hardcore. Well ask ten people and you will come up with ten different definitions for it. But like I found out yesterday at work, That at lest one person that plays Farmville thinks of herself as a gamer. We found out that we had went to high school together and so she found me on Facebook, We friends each other and bam, the Farmville spam started coming from her. So yesterday, I was picking with her about it, And she started telling me all about the game. At some point I let her know that I was a gamer. But that I played (here it comes) real games. When we was done(work stuff) and she was about to walk out the door, She said that it was real nice to find another gamer like herself. So as any good gamer does, As she walked out and the door was closing. I yell, We’ll have to hook up some night and game together. After the door closed, I set there laughing to myself thinking how weird it was that she thought she was a gamer. Later on, I started thinking, What makes a gamer a gamer?

So here is my thought, If you enjoy games in any way, You are a gamer. Take me, I enjoy playing mainly one game at a time. But I do have my times when I like to bounce around from game to game, Just to see what else is going on. I would call myself a gamer. Then look at some one like Beau Turnkey from MMO Voices. If the game is online and is multiplayer he plays it. Most people would not even blink if you called him a gamer. Now look at Karen from Shut Up We’re Talking podcast. From what I know of her, She plays only one game EQ2. Is she a gamer with only playing one game? Yea I think so. But then there are people out there that blog, and comment more than they play games. I still think that they are gamers. Because they are still playing some and they are talking about games. Here is the last state of being a gamer as I see it. The lurker, The people who don’t blog, They don’t comment, They don’t ever play games, But they still love to read the blogs, comments and listen to podcast about games. Why would I think they are gamers? Because they are in the gamer world. Plane and simple, If you spend any real amount of time in the gaming world, You are a gamer.

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