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MMO/Guild Hello/Goodbye

Have a nice day, see you laters. Is a nice way to say goodbye to a guild mate. Hey man/girl is allso a good way to say hello to a guild mate.

Why? You have no idea what some ones day has been like.  Your hello or saying goodbye to some one may be the best part of there day.

Have you ever just had a bad day and all you wanted to do is log into your guild and play with your friends? Well not every one in the guild has close friends in the guild or game and just having one or two people talking to them or even just having some one saying hiya to them could be the high light of there day. Every one wants to feel like thay belong to something, and to have some one that is glad to see them in the game. If not that why be in a guild.


Or am I way off on this? is it just a place to log into just to do the raid and no one cares if some one talks to you?



Alik Steel


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Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning ,but for how long?

Ok so I am trying to not fall for this warhammer thing…..I got to say it is looking very good and has a lot of things that I would love to see in a MMO.

 Here is the rub for me. How long will it last? I mean I can see having a ton of fun for maybe a month. Hell I’ll give it two months. Just to be clear this is me talking. For you it may be the game of your life. I can see how much fun it would be fighting for your side. looting a city then jumping on the forums to rub there faces in the mud. BUT after that then what? It looks like just a sever wide pvp…oops RvR raid. Now raids are fun ,but how fun will it be on the 10th time doing it? I know that there is going to be othere things in the game ,but RvR is what this game is all about and after thay took out so many othere citys and races or was it classes out of the game. Just how many times can you do the same thing over and over. I know this looks bad and it sounds as if I am bashing. maybe I am ,but I don’t mean to. I am just trying to see what would keep me in the game for any real amount of time.


If you can ,tell me what is it that will keep me in the game?



Alik Steel

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