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The Sky is Falling

I am sure you all have talked about it, but I wanted to give a few links about it so you can read it for yourself.

So worlds.com has files suit against NCsoft for patent infringement. I found this at “virtual worlds news“.

Oh and if you have not heard the world will end in the year 2012, Don’t blame me!!! Blame the  Mayan calendar.


Now lets get on with this thing….

Guild news

Insurrection is doing well we are only a level away from guild level 30 and just a few plat away from hitting our mark of 100 plat to git started with. It’ still just 9 of us and we are finding that we all work well together.


EQ2 with-in the game news

Frostfall has come and went and it was a blast. I missed it the year before when I was out of game, but this year(or at lest for me) we had a new area(instance to play in. Icy Keep was the name, and not only was the XP great but it was fun and you was able to loot flags that you could turn in for new toys. New armor set’s and weapons. allso had some great new house toys.


Vanguard thing

I played some more of the new starter island and am still loving it.  My small little group I had for just a few weeks is gone and no more. One of them is playing VG as her main game and the other is playing EQ2 as his main. So for me till I can find me a new running mate in VG I will just do some hit and run’s on it from time to time.


As for me and my MMO’s time. . .

It’s been great, I started my new times at work so I can play later now and that works great for me. Before I was having to log out at 7 or 8 at night and now I can play till 12 or 1am now. Allso coming into work at the time I do now lets me log in to the game for a good hour before I have to start gitting ready for work. So yes I am loving it.

I’ve been playing EQ2 more than anything and I been hitting the harvesting fields hard.  I just hit lvl70 and now need to build up my raws before I hit the work bench. I like having more than I could ever use in one day before I start crafting. So it’s not uncommon for me to harvest any where from 800 to 1200 of the same raw harvestable. Yes some times that can take some time to git up. But when I start to craft and have that much stuff I never have to stop and head back out to harvest any more, or at lest for that one day.

Any ways that about it. the sky is falling and I’m out harvesting…


Alik Steel


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MMO/Guild Hello/Goodbye

Have a nice day, see you laters. Is a nice way to say goodbye to a guild mate. Hey man/girl is allso a good way to say hello to a guild mate.

Why? You have no idea what some ones day has been like.  Your hello or saying goodbye to some one may be the best part of there day.

Have you ever just had a bad day and all you wanted to do is log into your guild and play with your friends? Well not every one in the guild has close friends in the guild or game and just having one or two people talking to them or even just having some one saying hiya to them could be the high light of there day. Every one wants to feel like thay belong to something, and to have some one that is glad to see them in the game. If not that why be in a guild.


Or am I way off on this? is it just a place to log into just to do the raid and no one cares if some one talks to you?



Alik Steel

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Voice Chat in MMO’s

I have for a very long time used voive chat’s(VOIP) in my MMO’s that I play. I have all ways found them to be a nice way to get to know my guild/group mates that I play with day in ,and day out.

Not to long ago EQ2 added a very nice voice chat to the game. It’s one the the best sounding that I have used. The thing is now that I have used a ingame voice I want to use one in all the othere MMO’s I play. I am trying as hard as I can to use VOIP in Vanguard ,but it’s making the game lag on me. Or at lest I hope it’s the VOIP. I have not tryed playing the game with out it now that I have been back. The thing is now I got to ask why is this not part of every MMO out there? I here from friends that WoW has had one for years. I allso heard that SWG and VG was gitting them at the same time EQ2 got it’s voice. I have not tryed SWG but as of yet I have not found any one that can tell me if voice was or is in the game.


I find that trying to play with otheres that don’t use voice just ticks me off. But there is all was that one that makes you feel shameful for even bitching about it. Not to long ago I was hunding this player to log into voice on eq2. He/She said No mic. so I told them that fine just log in so you can hear us when we are in battle. This got nothing at first thin after the 2nd or 3rd time thay tell me something that shuts me up and shuts me down. “I am def” Oh man there I go again forgeting that every one in the world is not just like me. what do I say to that. I shot back “Kk” and sat there. not sure if I should send a tell saying sorry or drop it and go on about the things we where doing. I said nothing…..where was I going with this? No idea!

Oh yes I was trying to say I don’t know if I can play anothere MMO without having some type of VOIP even if it’s not a ingame thing. I do think that any new MMO will have voice built in to the game. It’s like the world ,Things just don’t work with out it.


Alik Steel

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EQ2 + Guild = Vanguard?

Not to sure how this happen but I am starting back into Vanguard. I have a few running friends I play with in EQ2 and we just a few days ago left the guild we was in to start up one of our own. The name of the newly reopened guild is Insurrection. It was first opened in 2005 by me as something I wanted to toy around with. To find out more you can check my blog on Guildport as Alik Steel.

So as we start doing the things that you do when you open a new guild up or in our case reopening a guild. We start talking a little of VG. Two of us had played VG before and before long the one that had never played before started downloading the new island freebee thing. We end up breaking out our skype’s because we can not find the voice chat in VG. Even after two of us said that we read it some where that VG has voice in it now. I thought that SWG and VG got it at the same time as EQ2. Any way with in just hours of starting a guild in EQ2 we are playing in VG.  I don’t think VG is in any shape to be my main MMO ,but I can see me playing it one or two nights a week as long as my friends are on. That was what killed it for me last time. I was never able to find any one to play with. Every one in the game all ready has a very high level toon and on the norm does not help out nonguilded players. Are maybe thay will but never to the point that could find a running mate. or maybe it was me. who knows. Any way I have running mates now and would like to try VG out once again. This time I am hoping for the best but will keep my eyes open.


So it looks for at lest right now I will be spliting my time between EQ2 and VG. and trying to run a guild in EQ2. Wish me luck )


Alik Steel

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What happen to me and Vanguard?

9 months ago all I could do was think about Vanguard. Now all I do is play Everquest II. So what happen? Well when I first got back online I did start playing only vanguard. I played Vanguard only ,and din’t even start back with everquest ii for a good month after going back online. Well the simple thing is that for me everquest ii is flat out more fun. The reason maybe is that I never could find a good group of people to play with. I got in a few group’s all pick up group. Never found a running partner. For me it’s allways about people. Even in everquest ii I am allways in chat. It is true that I solo a lot ,but only about half of my game time. In them times on everquest ii it’s allways when I am harvesting or crafting.

EQ2 I knew ,where in Vg I was having to learn every thing. While learning new stuff in a new MMO is fun it can only hold you for so long. At first I was not even looking for a group. I allways go after the money and level when starting out on a new account. Soon after I had a little of both I started loooking for a group. any group would work at this point ,but even thue there was many people around no one seemed to want to group. Solo was what I ended up doing most of the time. A good 95% of the time. The few people I did git to group with never seemed to want to group again. I need to say right now that I don’t think I am the best person to ever play Vg That would be Luper from the VoV podcast ,nor am I a bad player. As you allready know most MMO’s play the same. Oh there is a little things you need to learn ,but for the most part play one and you can play them all. So I don’t think that I just played to bad for any one to want to play with me. I still don’t know what it was or is that made me so ungroupable in vanguard.

 I did look into maybe finding me a small guild that I could find my way in. No such luck. Every day I logged into Vg I looked. There was many who was taking people in ,but none that looked like thay was at all for me. So I never even asked. Most times the guild I find myself having the best times in are ones that I have group with some of the members before hand. In Vg I never got to group with any one person more than once. Hard to find people you want to guild with when you never can find any one you can group with more than once.

Then Vg is a more of a  grind than EQ2 ,and I do like that thangs don’t come as fast as it does in othere MMO’s. It’s just not what I want to do by myself day in and day out.

I do plan on logging in at lest once a week to keep trying ,and if I do find a even one person that want’s to group with me again then I will log back on the next day. Till then it will be a once a week game.

Mean time I am having a blast in eq2 and have a nice group of people that I like to group with all the time. Then there is allso the guild I am in and it allso has a lot of good people in it.


Alik Steel

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I am playing Vanguard this week and having a lot of fun. I got past that hard  low level 13. Now it should go a bit better for me in game. Quest are becoming more fun and gitting into more lore of the game. But I’m still having a bad time at finding any one to group with.

I have looked at some of the guild in the guild list.  I don’t know why ,but I just don’t want to start trying out guilds that I have not got into group with any of it’s guild mates. I would love to git in a group with some people from a guild and see how we git along with each othere.

Any way I made me a new toon. Made what I would call a wizard. Sorcerer in Vg is as close as I can git to a wizard. I am having fun learning this new class and area. I went with a half elf( I think) Not sure what the name of the area is ,but it’s the one with all the islands. Well I had not been playing long when I got a random group invite. I am one to not go for some one who just invites any one thay see ,But as I was saying I have been wanting to group with any one for a long time now. Let me back up for a sec. The only groups I have been in while playing Vg is that first week I started. I was never leader and never asking any one how it work. Now that I think about it.  I don’t know if I got any loot from them few grouping I was in. That being said I still was not leader. Din’t care if I was or not. Soon after we grouped up we went a killing. This new person was gitting every drop. I never had a chance I am a nuker ,so I stand off. After about 10 loot drops went to my new friend. I asked if thay could put loot on loto or something like a random loot. I wanted some loot. I am a poor man in game. Hell I am still playing off the money that Beau sent me on my main and thats been over a month ago. My new friend tells me that thay did not know how to do that ,because thay was new. Me being the chatty type in game I start talking about that by the time I remembered that I wanted some damn loot it had been a good hour. So I say let me try being leader so I can try and git some loot. Thats when the group ended. Time to call it a night thing. OK good night and gone with what little loot there was at such a low level.

Even with not gitting any loot I had more fun playing in that group than I have had in the last 2 months of playing. I don’t mean that I have not had any fun soloing all over the place. Just grouping is allwas more fun. Well ok sure there can be times when grouping sucks. Most of the time group picks up the fun level. At lest it does for me. I am starting to think the reason I never got in any groups on my main is because of what race or area he is in. My main is one of them wolfy man things. Not sure what lands thay come from. Up into last night I realy had not made any alt’s. I have the one I made that night I got my brother to join Vg ,and that was allso the last time I think we played. When I first started I made a few but trashed them after I saw I was not going to play them any more.

I would love to find a guild that was just starting up. As a new player(Yes I still think of myself as a new player) I think it would be better to be in a small guild that is just srating off. Every one is happy and big plans are being made. Every one is trying to help each other and the guild at the same time. To where a older large guild is set in there ways Thay have every thing. Oh there is a few people that try and help ,but it feels like thay are just doing it because thay feel sorry for you or something. If thay was to role a new toon and realy play with you would be cool ,but that most all ways never happens. Any way thats why I want to have grouped with some people from a guild before I join them.

I have had a lot of fun in Vg this week and I am sure I will be back on here soon to talk about it.


Alik Steel

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Live from Vanguard

Thanks to Beau from the VoV show you can now watch him play VG live

That is when he is on…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Live from Vanguard“, posted with vodpod




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