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EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection (08.29.2009)

Time for a long over due update.


The guild has made it to guild level 48 and has the plat ready to buy every thing we need at guild level 50, and also pay the upkeep for the next 3 months. The satus is another matter. We are lacking for every thing. I am the only level 80 crafter. By the way, As far as I can see, Doing level 80 rush orders is the fastest way to make satus for yourself and the guild. I am still making the guild level bar move up over 1% per rush order at guild level 48.

At this time it is only two of us playing any real time in the guild. Gulmuth and me as Natako.



Going up the hill,  Gulmuth has found his way in the making plat world, He is still slow at it, But with time he will find his way to making 20+ plat a day with out even trying hard.


As we top the hill, Gulmuth and I have been friends for over two years now and have seen a lot of shit go on in game and have come out as better friends for it. We can log in and still have fun even when it’s just the two of us.


On the way down, Gulmuth has let me know that he is starting to burn out on the game and maybe taking some time off. Trying to help him and myself not burnout (to late for me, that happen all most 3 months ago for me) I talked about us looking for a new guild. Now this will not be the end of Insurrection. My main crafter will all ways stay in it, Some one has to pay the bills. What I was telling him was that we need to take an alt or two out of the guild and go find guilds that has over two members. So that is what we did. He went looking for a RP guild and I went looking for a fun and very active guild. Gulmuth and I did not do great with our picks, He (Gulmuth) picked a RP guild that had three members, He said they was fun, but busting at the seems they were not. I myself did not do much better. Don’t get me wrong the guild I join was very fun and I like every one in it, I still talk to them every few days on there on voice chat. The thing was they was not much bigger them my guild is. Oh they had more than two members, But not many active members. I had six of them I got to play/voice chat with. But in time I had to move on. Feeling very sad I told them I was moving out the guild and headed over to some friends guild that had a ton of people in it that was all ways on. Most times there is at lest 15 to 20 people on playing. I moved to the great guild of Knights of the Eternal Tempest with Trikster my Ranger.


My Brother, You know the one that talked me into re~opening Insurrection doors. Well he just left the guild two weeks ago with his other level 80 toon. I asked if there was any other toons he wished to level up to 80 then leave us yet again, Ok that was not fair, I want him to have fun and I know that for some one like him my guild is not fun. My brother the hardcore raider. Well at lest till he starts working again. He is layedoff and has to wait for the union to call him back in.


We do have three othere members that come and go from time to time, but I di not call them active, So you don’t see me talking about them.


Well thats about it, As far as the guild goes.


Alik Steel


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Nothing to see here, move along

There just realy nothing I want to talk about, It’s been two weeks and just nothing is comeing up to realy talk about yet. We the players of EQ2 have GU 52 coming up and there has been a little bit of stuff that has came out on it, But I don’t want to do what I did last time and have 15 post about a dang game update. I’ll at lest give it time to hit test before we go into that.


My guild is back down to only 4 members that play, and a bunch of members that will be gitting kicked out soon. I set up two rules at the start, I did not want to be guild full of members that did not play. So if you have not let us know that you are going to be back and you just stop playing, You have 30 days to come back. After the 30 days and still you are a no show, I put you as a inactive member. When you hit this area you can not use the bank any more. You have another 30 days left in the guild, If you do show back up and start playing again then you are set back up as a member and all is good. If you don’t make it back in time, You get kicked out of the guild. I feel that giving some one 60 days is more than enough time.

The only good news about the guild is that it’s about to be full of level 80’s. Full being 4 members that are lvl80. Any way othere than doing a lot of quest and guild groups, making Plat/PS to keep the guild hall open and buying the last of my spell, I’m not doing any thing to write home about.


One last thing, After reading a blog that was talking about “giving credit where credit is due” I started thinking about the way I have been talking only the bad side of EQ2. I want to put a stop to this, Not saying I want say “HEY, EQ2 STOP F’ing up” when I feel they are going the wrong way. I just want to start  looking at some of the things that they do well. The thing is, It’s hard for me to see the good, Maybe it’s that I trianed myself to see the bad and not the good. I don’t know, Any way I am going to be trying to come up with some things to say “Atta boy”


Take a few minutes out of your fun on Memorial day and remember our men and weman that are fighting, The ones that made it home, And of the fallen.

Thank you all for making/keeping us free


Alik Steel

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EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection

Hail, and well met my fellow adventurers.


I have had a blast in EQ2 sence my last blog. If you din’t read my last post, I got to blow off some steam at my older brother. This was great, As it let me get every thing out, I had let stress build up on me till I was not having any fun, and for the most part trying to make every one feel as bad as I did. Now I am loose as a goose, and just chillin’ with EQ2, and have a good time with my guild mates.

Let’s start this one off with letting you know what we have been up to in the guild as of late. Well this past saturday we hit guild level 40, and the last I looked we have around 20 accounts in the guild, I don’t count the ALT’s as members, just the accounts. Any way all the members are moving very well up the level tree. Most are all ready in there 60’s and knocking on the door to 70. I have had to tell them that the XP geiser will fall hard and they will start having to do the XP grind.

We have added a few more things to the guild hall and now we can all do crafters writs in the guild. We got the rush order writ giver, and the harvesting box. We also added the trash vender to the hall so we can sell our trash and play on the broker with out having to leave the hall.

We have 10 or maybe 15 guild level’s to go befor we can move into a T2 guild hall. I think we need to be guild level 50 to get it, but it could be 55. We still have time to look at that.

I am the only Leader of the guild now, I think I told you about that before, Any way still a very small guild, and we realy don’t need any officers right now. As we keep growing I will see who I would like to be an officer, and which ones want to take on the role of an officer. Just for right now we all play around the same time and all I have to do ask them what ever I need done and want done. We do have a few that play from the othere side of the world, but on my off days I get to play with them a good bit. Also it help’s that I have 3 days off a week.


Now as for me in the game, You all know me as Alik Steel, but in game most know me as Nat. My main toon’s name is Natako as most you know, but every one just call me Nat. I have dinged a few times and he is up to level 76 and has 109AA’s as a Conjurer. As you know I hit level 80 as a Carpenter months ago. I have 2 alt’s in the 40’s and one in it’s 30’s. I try to do as much as I can for our little guild, And that means I don’t do to much for me. So must times if I am on Nat, I have him mentored, witch does not pay well in plat or XP. What it does pay well in, Is the fun I have hanging out with my guild mates every night.

Just a side note, I almost never do pick up group’s because I never get what I want done out of it, and most times there is all ways that one person that seems to feel the need to tell some one in the group, How they should play there game. It burn’s me up when people do that. Now after saying that, I found myself in a pick up group yesterday afternoon in Lavastorm doing the high level faction quest. I got to tell you, That was some very cool people, Maybe after all this time, Just maybe people don’t feel the need to piss me off any more in a pick up group. It was great, Yes we leveled, But thats not what made it great. It was the fact that even when it went to shit, and we wiped out. Every one still had a great time.


As far as me in real life goes, I don’t know if I have said it here in my blog, But we(the people I work for) are keeping Mobile, So I will have a job(I hope) for one more year, till this starts all over again. I am stress free and back in the mood to write. So you should start seeing a lot more out of me soon. I also would like to apologize for not keeping up with my blog, and letting it come all most to a stop. I hope this will not happen again.


In my next post I will get back into letting you know what coming up for EQ2, Like having  books players can write in and sell on the broker. Does that sound fun to you? Well some people seem to think it will be. I may also talk a little about a new amunitie that may be in game by the end of the year.


Till the next post, I hope you have a great sunday, and try not to bite off any one’s head on monday morning when they say “Good Morning” to you.


Alik Steel

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Happy Easter, or is it Mary Easter? / Insurrection

I never know which way to say say it, happy nor Mary Easter sounds right to me. Do you realy want to say happy or mary before easter? It just don’t seem like it should go with what easter means. Holly Easter maybe a better fit.

But then I allways thought that we should say something like black friday or something, Instead of good friday.

No matter what you want to call it I hope you have a good one, and maybe take minute to think about what this day is about.


Now to let you in on what has been happening with me and our guild.


First off, I am not doing so well on that not smoking thing. Oh I have backed off big time and feel good about that, But I am still far away from not smoking at all. And the big news work is that GAT is keeping Mobile ,AL Airport for Delta. That means I have a job for another year, or that’s what I am telling myself. Anyway I keep my job, but the work my brother does, Just seems to not be coming back any time soon. Out of hundreds of people that does the same job as him, only 30 or 40 of them are working in, and around  Mobile(butt kisser’s). We are still real tight when it comes to money.


EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection

So we have had a few thing go down in the last few weeks, First off, Gulmuth my co-leader has stepped down from his leadership role. He is now one of our recruiters for the guild.

I allmost want to LOL when I think how this guild has went. I started this thing years ago, Back in 2005 for just a few friends. After that I have been talked into opening it doors a few times. This last time was my brother wanting a new place to play in. Gulmuth, Being our running bud, and friend came on out with us. I think, If it was not with’in the first hour, It would have been before we logged out that day, I asked Gulmuth to be a co-leader with my brother and I. My Brother main toon and the one he had me open the doors of the guild hall for. Was gone and in a new guild in lass than 2 months. Every one who came with us that first week has left. Othere than my brothere’s ALT’s and Gulmuth we are all that is left of the few that wanted to make a great guild.

Now don’t take me wronge I understand why each and every one of them left, or in Gulmuth case, Stepping down out of the leadership role.


As far as the main guild goes, We are doing very well. We are growing, Slow but we are growing. We have yet another guild web site and I hope this one will stick for some time. We are allso playing around with Vintrilo for our voice chat, I hope that SOE can get Vivox to get there ingame voice chat working better than it has been. We have become a level 37 guild and with 20 people in the guild. Allmost half of them are on every day and the othere’s make it more than a few times a week. We have started adding about 2 members a week. I know that does not sound like a lot, but we want people that play and group with each othere. Not just be a number in the guild, And with a slow build up to the guild we all get to know each othere.


Alik Steel

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EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection

I know that I don’t post one or two post a day like othere’s, But I am slowing down on my post till things slow down in my life.

I got in an epic fight with a named mob that goes by the name smoke. Smoke kicked my ass, and I am having to chip away at it a little at a time. It will take me some time, but I will stop smoking. I am cutting it down a little each week.

I am allso going to find out once and for all, If I will keep my job by 04/01/2009. I ask my boss “you are joking? I get to find out if I have a job or not on april’s fools day?” Damn thats going to be a sucky day.

In the mean time I am trianing a new cargo agaent. At the same time I was doing my yearly cargo test. At lest the test are over.


Ok I would love to talk about the guild ( Insurrection ), But there is things going on that could be great. I just don’t know how it’s going to go. Ok I got to say it, I was not going to talking about what is going on. But we have a few people from another MMO that is checking out EQ2 and our guild as there new game and guild. The thing is I don’t know how it will turn out. Now as far as I see, Things are going good, But thats me. I liked grouping with them and they all seem to be good gamers. They are very friendly and seem to have fun with us as we have fun with them. The flip side of it is that as we check them out they are checking us, and the game out. As any one who reads my blog knows that I am not happy with the way EQ2 is running. So things could go south because of the game being off, and not running like it should at this point in it’s life.

Now if every thing goes well, We like them, They like us. There could be many more people from the othere MMO guild that could cross over and join us in our guild. It would be a ready made guild stepping into our small guild.

The down side to this, and yes even if all goes well, There could be a big down side. This ready made guild is just that, And at some point the leaders of that guild may want to do there own thing. So when/if that was to ever happen, It could be a big hit on the guild. Now with me knowing that this is something that very well may happen, I will still wecome all of them into the guild.


We have allso lost (no not dead) one of our core members, He was running our guild web site, and ran into some things that just could not be worked out. I will, and I’m sure the rest of the core of the guild will miss him. I hope you find what you are looking for. Good luck man.


I have not made a level in so long I could not tell you when I last dinged. I am working on many faction quest lines, and have helped make the guild ding to level 34. Think we are only about 80% away from hitting guild level 35 and get our guild banker, and fuel merchent. If our guild has been super sized (thats like more than 6 people for us) by the time we hit guild level 40. We will do a poll for the next two.


Alik Steel

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EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection 02/22/2009

Gulmuth is my co-leader of the guild and he recruited our first official member yesterday. Every one before had joined us at the start and we are all ingame or real life friends. We have allso picked up a few more real life friends,  after reopening the guild. As of last week we got our website up and running, and added our Rules and Creed to it. I am going to add a post to the eq2 AB server forums tonight and start recruiting first thing monday, after I have harvested and knocked out my 20 rush orders for the week.

I dinged level 80 as a Carpenter last night, so with that, all my alt’s will git a small boost of XP on crafting with them now.


After dinging a few of us headed over to fallen gate and did a run on it. I was surprised at how many groups that was in FG. As old as it is, I was thinking not many people played in it any more. But of course, Thats what they may have been thinking as well. Gulmuth was on his Guardian and Dried(my real life brother) was allso on an alt. Benyen(webmaster for our site) and I was on our main’s. I din’t have any thing that could go in the zone yet. Well yes I did, but it was allso a guardian, and he has all ready done a run on Fallen gate. Gulmuth’s alt started out at level 24 and by thie time we made it all the way down to the bottom he was level 28. I think it was level 28, it may have been 29. No wipes and and Gulmuth and Dreid(on his alt) got a lot of AA’s from all the names. We are going to start off on the lowwer zones like fallen gate and do one every week as we can fit them in so that as many members can do the run’s with us.


Oh dang allmost forgot to tell you. Dreid my brother, The one who pushed me to start the guild back up. Has left the guild. I felt that he would do that at some point. He is more of a raider than anything and needed to find a raid guild, so that he can get his raid on. Dreid was allso a co-leader, and I would say we would miss him, but despite him leaving the guild, He seems to allways be around( bro, you know I joke). He has all of his alt’s still in the guild. The only thing is that he steped down from being a leader, and we felt that he should go down to being a senior member. I have left guilds before, because there leader(s) and/or officer(s) was in othere guilds. So that they could do raids. The thing is, It allways seemed that the raid allways came first. So we din’t want any one getting upset with Dreid for being in another guild that did raids.


Well thats about it for the guild update. Wish us luck as we start to try to grow and I will let you know how things are going in a week or two.


Here is what I was thinking of posting on the eq2 ab sever forums

Open Recruitment for the guild Insurrection

 Insurrection is now starting an open recruitment for any and all who would like to join. At this time we are a very small group of people.
We know that we would not be a good fit for raid minded player right now, but we would be a good fit for the casual, or new player.

Check out our website at www[dot]eq2insurrection[dot]com

You can send a ingame tell to [ Natako ], or [ Gulmuth ] for a guild invite

Insurrection is a level 30 Guild, with guild hall


Alik Steel

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EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection

Well it’s been a few weeks, and we have got a lot of stuff done in the guild. First we hit guild level 30 and got our guild hall up and running. The one thing that I had forgotten was at guild level 30 all we got was 5 things that we could add to the guild. So we did the old bell, druid ring, the call call to the guild, that thing that will send you to your house/home, and the guild broker. At guild level 35 I think we said we was going to add the fuel man/woman and a banker.


We allso added one more person to the guild, It’s and old friend from way back. We allso got a real guild website up. We have started gitting all the things up and wording right for the rules and thing like that. I feel that with in the next week, we will start recruiting new members. I beleave we will start looking for new to the game and people that are starting over with new accounts. We will allso take any one that wants to join up, but I don’t see I will be looking for  med to high level player, or a raid players yet. I just don’t see them  staying with our very small guild.


We have been trying to not just feel up our guild hall, but make look good. This ahrd to do for me, because what I see in my mind and what it looks like is not all ways the same. Out of 6 rooms in our T1 guild hall we only have one room done 100%, and that is one of the small room. We did make a Crafting room, but we split up the room and added wall wall deviders and added a 2nd floor to it. We allso added wall deviders to the back room with the big window. We split that room up and made a nature room for the role player people.


I know we have a long way to go, but things seem to be coming along. I don’t want to rush this and take our time building the guild with friends. Every guild I have ever been in or was leader of, we started this way going slow and then for what ever reason we went and rushed it up. Adding ton’s of poeple and no one knowing any one. I hope we as a guild will hold our self back and keep it nice and slow. adding people slow and gitting to know them as we grow.


Alik Steel

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EQ2 (AB server) Guild name: Insurrection

A few thing have happen in the last two weeks for us at Insurrection. First off I want to give the bad news.

As you allready know we are a small guild, a very small guild. We had (yes I said had) 9 members in the guild. This last week we had three of our members go there own way. They wanted to try this guild thing out for them self. They started there own guild, No idea what there guild name is and I wish them the best of luck. So our very small guild got smaller.

Now for the better news.

We did pick up a new member and it’s there first time to play EQ2. I feel that this is where we will find the members that we need to grow. Now this new member is not just some one that we just pick up from the side of the road. They are RL friends with some of our other members. We still are staying away from starting to invite people into the guild, as we realy want to git the guild hall up and running before we start. Speaking of the guild hall, We was only 25% away for dinging guild level 30 as of last night when I logged out for the night. I feel like we should have lvl 30 done and over with by the time I get home from work. If not I will make sure it’s done not long after I log in. We are allso well above the 100 plat that I wanted to start with.

May weekend will be tied up making stuff for the guild hall, Oh that right I did not tell that yet. I hit Carp lvl 76 some time this past week. I allso made lvl 74 as a Conji as well. I have not played that much othere than writ’s and rush orders for the guild. All othere times have been playing with some new Alt’s.

any way, been having fun playing the game with my friends and can’t wait to git started on the guild hall.


Alik Steel

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The Sky is Falling

I am sure you all have talked about it, but I wanted to give a few links about it so you can read it for yourself.

So worlds.com has files suit against NCsoft for patent infringement. I found this at “virtual worlds news“.

Oh and if you have not heard the world will end in the year 2012, Don’t blame me!!! Blame the  Mayan calendar.


Now lets get on with this thing….

Guild news

Insurrection is doing well we are only a level away from guild level 30 and just a few plat away from hitting our mark of 100 plat to git started with. It’ still just 9 of us and we are finding that we all work well together.


EQ2 with-in the game news

Frostfall has come and went and it was a blast. I missed it the year before when I was out of game, but this year(or at lest for me) we had a new area(instance to play in. Icy Keep was the name, and not only was the XP great but it was fun and you was able to loot flags that you could turn in for new toys. New armor set’s and weapons. allso had some great new house toys.


Vanguard thing

I played some more of the new starter island and am still loving it.  My small little group I had for just a few weeks is gone and no more. One of them is playing VG as her main game and the other is playing EQ2 as his main. So for me till I can find me a new running mate in VG I will just do some hit and run’s on it from time to time.


As for me and my MMO’s time. . .

It’s been great, I started my new times at work so I can play later now and that works great for me. Before I was having to log out at 7 or 8 at night and now I can play till 12 or 1am now. Allso coming into work at the time I do now lets me log in to the game for a good hour before I have to start gitting ready for work. So yes I am loving it.

I’ve been playing EQ2 more than anything and I been hitting the harvesting fields hard.  I just hit lvl70 and now need to build up my raws before I hit the work bench. I like having more than I could ever use in one day before I start crafting. So it’s not uncommon for me to harvest any where from 800 to 1200 of the same raw harvestable. Yes some times that can take some time to git up. But when I start to craft and have that much stuff I never have to stop and head back out to harvest any more, or at lest for that one day.

Any ways that about it. the sky is falling and I’m out harvesting…


Alik Steel

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New Category: Insurrection

So I think that I need a new category for my blog here. this way if you don’t care to read anything about our guild then you don’t have to.


We hit gu lvl 22 last night and may be 23 by this morning. I’m not gitting to do much as to monday and tuseday I open and close my office. That is to say I open up at 4:30am and close up ar 4:30pm.  Add 30min to git to work and 45min or more to gitting home from work. and thats if I don’t have something I need to do before I git home. most times I can’t even log into the game till 7pm  and I start logging out around 8pm. two hours after that I’m in bed and back up at 3am.  I do better with 6hours of sleep, but can work off of 5. The great news is this should be the last week I will be doing this.

Any way I am gitting way off there. We allso got 20plat up and looking now at needing 200 plat to start the new guild hall.

Oh yes

I had to go and look up all the amenities you can add to guild hall’s.  Ouch it’s going to hurt with how much money and gsp thy want for everything. I din’t tell the guild about how much this will cost us. I did print it out and showed it to my brother. He din’t see it as being that bad. I think he is just looking at it as one little thing at a time and never added it all up. (I’m at work and will try to remember to copy the info. when I git home and put it here) The way I see it if we tryed to add the 15 things that I want( the guild will vote to see what we add) it’s going to be close to 10 plat a week and a crap load of  gsp (Guild Status Points). I din’t want to drop it on them then say  “Ok then, see ya laters people” without talking about how/what we needed to do about it.  So I will let that sit till I can git on for a few hours and be able talk to every one.


On the money side of things I have allways been the money maker, but my brother can make more money doing lvl 80 writ’s than I can doing my thing. selling rares and selling thing that I can make as a carpenter wakes my a few plat a night. The thing is my brother is kicking out about 8 to 10 plat a night just off the trash he sells from the loot that drops from the mob’s he kills for the writ’s.

I’ll try to post to let you know what is going on with this new guild.


Alik Steel

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