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EQ2: Harvesting with otheres

When you go harvesting ,You will never be the only one out there doing it.


It is true that some times you can git out there and make a round are two before you run across some one harvesting.  You just got to get over it and learn to harvest the best area’s with othere’s.

For the most part ,You find that most people out there know what the deal is ,and play nice. Then you have the one’s that would play nice if thay just knew what that was. The last of the people out there could not care less about the harvesting area or you.

The first thing to know is harvesting is like all othere parts of the game. You know that mob ,and loot stealing is bad. If you plan on staying on the sever and play with every one ,You would not do it. It’s the same when it comes to harvesting. If you see some one harvesting on a node ,You don’t run up to it and start harvesting off of it too. This is known as node stealing. So stay away from othere’s node’s and all will be well.

Now let me tell you about how the node’s work.  There are two of them. The old one’s ,and the new ones. In the old zones ,the ones that came out with the game are setup to work togethere. When you find a area in one of the old zones that has nodes ,You will find every thing there. Not just Bush ,and Tree. You will have everything root ,ore ,rock ,bush ,tree ,den’s. OK so no fish ,but that goes without saying. In the new area’s you will find that in the wood’s you find tree’s ,root’s and a bush or two. River beds you can find ore ,and rock ,Fish if there is water. Any place you find animals you can find Den’s. So why do I tell you of the two ,becouse knowing the old way will help you find more stuff that you need/want. In the old zones thing spawn all togethere as I was saying before. What this means to you is you need to pick up everything. If you are rare hunting. Say you are looking for steel in the TS ,If all you do is pick up the ore at some point you will run out. Say you know that root sell’s good so you pick up root as well as ore. The the same thing at some point you will run out. Why? It’s because thay are all part of the same spawn point. It kicks them out randomly. So if all you do is git one ,two ,or even three types of nodes all that will end up with after some time is the one’s you don’t need/want. Now if you still need to harvest for steel you must pick up a area full of trash. If you run off then you are leaving all that trash for some othere person to pick up just to git started looking for what thay need. To keep a area good ,and fresh pick it all up. You will find that what you are looking for will spawn more this way.

In the newer area’s what you see is what you git so do the same. don’t just pick up that one type of node. pick them all up to have a better chance to git what you want.


I am going to link to the site ( eq2.stratics.com ) I got this from ,but I know a lot of you don’t follow links so here is what I would want you to see.


Tier One (Skill required: 1)
Isle of Refuge, The Peat Bog, The Caves I, The Caves II, The Forest Ruins,
Oakmyst Forest, The Sprawl, The Sunken City, The Graveyard, The Ruins
Harvest Node Common Items Rare Items
Aggravation of Quickfin, Cluster of Fish, Collection of Fish, Group of Fish, Variety of Fish Coldwind flounder, Feeble quickfin, Frog leg, Sunfish  
Creature Den, Critter Den Deer meat, Rawhide leather pelt, Turtle meat Waxed leather pelt
Compound Ore, Curddy Ore, Dismal Ore, Dusty Ore, Dusky Ore, Rugged Ore, Unearthed Stone Leaded loam, Tin cluster Bronze, Salts*, Solidified Loam
Eroded Stone, Excavated Stone, Exhumed Stones, Misty Stone, Moss Encased Stone, Rigid Stone, Rustic Stone Lead cluster, Rough malachite Copper, Lapis Lazuli
Decomposed Arbor, Dense Felled Arbor, Felled Arbor, Fetid Arbor, Gangly Arbor, Grizzled Arbor, Withered Arbor Severed elm Severed Alder
Feeble Roots, Moldy Roots, Muddy Roots, Pale Roots, Stale Roots, Wilted Roots Roots Yarrow
Natural Garden Barley, Baubleshire cabbage, Jumjum, Raw basil, Raw black coffee, Raw pecan, Raw white tea leaf  
Piperacae   Pepper*

*Note: Salts and Pepper can only be found on the new player Isles

Tier Two (Skill required: 20)

Antonica, Blackburrow I, II, III, Firemyst Gully,The Commonlands,
The Wailing Caves A & B, Fallen Gate, The Vault of the Fallen
Harvest Node Common Items Rare Items
Band of Fish, Shoal of Fish Crab meat, Freewater grouper, Golden cichlid Glowing Scale
Critter Den Elephant meat, Tanned leather pelt, Vulrich meat Cured Leather Pelt, Glowing Tooth
Callous Ore, Cloven Ore Iron cluster, Salty Loam Alkaline Loam, Blackened Iron, Glowing Stone
Sandwashed Rock, Wind Swept Rock Electrum cluster, Rough turquoise Glowing Stone, Rough Coral, Silver Cluster,
Wind Felled Tree Severed maple Glowing Flower, Severed Bone
Desert Roots, Plains Roots Tuber strands Glowing Flower, Sisal
Oasis Shrubbery, Plains Shrubbery Antonican coffee bean, Murdunk orange, Raw black tea leaf, Raw carrot, Raw black walnut, Raw thyme, Raw vanilla, Raw wheat, Glowing Flower
Decrepit Bones   Severed Bone

Tier Three (Skill required: 90)

The Thundering Steppes, Nektulos Forest
Harvest Node Common Items Rare Items
Mob of Fish, Swarm of Fish Octopus tentackle, Seafury mackerel, Thicket crayfish Sparkling Scale
Beast Den Boiled leather pelt, Lion meat, Pig meat Cuirboilli Leather Pelt, Sparkling Tooth
Cloven Ore, Penumbra Ore, Stonecrest Ore Carbonite cluster, Pliant loam Malleable Loam, Sparkling Stone, Steel Cluster
Eventide Stone, Wind Swept Stones Gold cluster, Rough agate Palladium Cluster, Rough Jasper, Sparkling Stone
Felled High Plains Arbor, Putrescent Duskwood Arbor Severed Ash Severed Fir, Sparkling Flower
Mesquite Catch Weed, Rancid Roots Belladonna root Dandelion Fiber, Sparkling Flower
High Plains Shrubbery, Polluted Natural Garden Acorn, Almond, Blue succulent, Fayberry, Oolong tea leaf, Raw cinnamon, Raw marjoram, Rye, Sweet onion, Steppes mountain bean Sparkling Fower

Tier Four (Skill required: 140)

Enchanted Lands, Zek – the Orcish Wastes
Harvest Node Common Items Rare Items
Fury of Fish, Throng of Fish Blackwater snapper, Murkwater carp, Shark fin Glimmering Fish Scale
Animal Den Bear meat, Etched leather pelt, Griffin meat, Engraved Leather Pelt
Ferric Ore, Residual Ore Feyiron cluster, Supple loam Ductile Loam, Feysteel Cluster, Glimmering Stone
Mud Stone, Rhythmic Stone Rough opaline, Velium cluster Glimmering Stone, Rough Opal, Ruthenium Cluster
Marred Arbor, Wretched Arbor Severed briarwood Glimmering Flower, Severed Oak
Velvety Roots, Vestigial Roots Tussah roots Glimmering Flower, Oak Root
Flattened Bed of Thistle, Mystical Natural Garden Cashew, Cucumber, Everfrost ice bean, Green tea leaf, Raw honey, Raw shallots, Rolled oat, Wild apple Glimmering Flower

Tier Five (Skill required: 190)

The Feerrott, Everfrost, Lavastorm, Rivervale
Harvest Node Common Items Rare Items
Bedlam of Fish, Brood of Fish, Clamor of Fish, Hatch of Fish Cauldron blowfish, Nerius trout Luminous Fish Scale
Animal Den Manticore meat, Owlbear meat, Strengthened leather pelt, Wyrm meat Augmented Leather Pelt, Luminous Tooth
Alluvium Ore, Frigid Ore, Sedimentary Ore Fulginate cluster Luminous Stone, Ebon Cluster
Blizzard Stone, Flame Licked Ore, Hermetic Stone, Lithic Stone, Metamorphic Stone Bonded loam, Diamondine cluster, Rough bloodstone Fused Loam, Luminous Stone, Rhodium Cluster, Rough Ruby
Corroded Arbor, Corrupted Arbor, Decrepit Arbor, Putrid Arbor Severed Teak Luminous Flower, Severed Cedar
Insidious Roots, Musty Roots, Paltry Roots, Wintry Roots Ashen roots Figwart Root, Luminous Flower
Blackened Shrubbery, Glacial Shrubbery, Overgrown Bed of Greenslade, Tainted Natural Garden Browncap mushroom, Corn, Kiola nut, Lavastorm robusta bean, Pu-erh tea leaf, Raw cardamom, Raw saffron, White peach, Wormwood Luminous Flower

Tier Six (Skill required: 240)

The Sinking Sands, The Pillars of Flame
Harvest Node Common Items Rare Items
Clutch of Fish Conger eel, Red herring, Tiger shrimp  
Beast Den Caiman meat, Sabertooth meat, Stonehide leather pelt Excellent Quality Scaled Pelt
Eroded Ore, Red Rock Indium Cluster, Soluble loam Alkali Loam, Cobalt Cluster, Lambent Stone
Luminous Stone, Sand Scoured Stone Beryllium, Rough nacre Lambent Stone, Rough Pearl, Vanadium Cluster
Arid Timber, Fallen Branch Severed sandalwood Lambent Flower, Severed Ironwood
Sun Bleached Roots Succulent roots Lambent Flower, Saguaro Roots
Parched Shrubbery, Withered Shrubbery Artichoke, Cloves, Coriander, Darjeeling tea leaf, Macadamia nut, Maj’Dul coffee bean, Prickly pear Lambent Flower

Tier Seven (Skill required: 280)

Tenebrous Tangle, The Bonemire, The Barren Sky

Harvest Node Common Items Rare Items
School of Flying Fish Flying fish Scintillating Fish Scale
Burrow, Sand Crawler Den, Tangled Nest Aviak meat, Horned pelt, Ravasect meat, Strip of supple leather Dragonhide Pelt, Scintillating Tooth
Dustworn Ore, Eroded Ore, Sand Burrowed Ore Adamantine cluster, Porous loam Spongy Loam, Moonstone Cluster, Scintillating Stone
Barren Stone, Firmament Stone, Weathered Geode, Twilight Gem Azurite cluster, Blue-silver sheet, A perfectly cut purple geode, Rough topaz Acrylia Cluster, Scintillating Stone, Xegonite Cluster
Dustwood Arbor, Osseous Lumber, Twisted wood Rough lumbered rosewood Rough Lumbered Ebony, Scintillating Flower
Arid Roots, Dusk Roots, Trip Roots Hanging root Nimbus Root, Scintillating Flower
Breeze Leaf Foliage, Dryland Brush, Scrub Thistle Soaring coffee bean, Squash, Sweet chai tea leaf, Xegonberry Scintillating Flower
Unknown   Scintillating Dust



Alik Steel


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