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Home Sick or Missing the Norm Effect

I can’t put my finger on it, Am I home sick for the way I use to play, Or am I missing the Norm effect?

Note: If you are too young to know what the Norm effect is, There was a show a long time ago called Cheers. Every time Norm walked into the bar where the show was centered. Every one would yell out Norm! in a way of greetings to him.

I have tried to get back into playing theme park MMO’s but I get so bored playing them now. I can’t find any joy in doing the same quest over and over, Nor can I find people I want to hang out with and play. It seemed so easy back then, I would be running out to do that same quest I had done 20, 30 ,40 times before (Note: I had a real bad case of altitis), And would run into other’s doing the same quest. We would group up and before you knew it we was having a blast and never even thought about how long we was taking to get the quest done. When I think back now, It seemed I played more for the fun of it, Than I did to make sure I did X amount of quest, or crafts.

Now days all I run into is people who just want to make sure they get X quest done, Or make X craft. Lord forbid if they don’t ding to the next level. I’m sure not everyone is like this but for me it seems that for the most part people don’t have time to talk or get to know you now days. They only have a few minutes in the game and they must do X amount of stuff to feel like they are getting there money’s worth.

Don’t get me wrong, It’s not lost on me that I to have changed a lot as a gamer as well. For one thing, I don’t sit in one place that long any more. This is do to how fast they make quest now, But If I really wanted to I could take a much longer time when doing the quest. I also don’t have the patience I had at one time. And the things some people use to do that I could over look back then, Is a big annoyance to me now. Meaning even when I do find that one person that wants to group up, There is a good 50/50 chance they will piss me off some how.

I also have had problems finding good guilds to join, Don’t get me wrong, I know there are some out there. But the ones I seem to join are dead for me. Not saying people are not playing. There is  a ton of people in them. They just don’t talk, They are doing their own thing. They log in do a quest or two and then log out without ever saying a thing. At the same time when people do log in no one ever says Hey to them. Back years a go, I remember logging in and having half the guild say hi or just say my name in a way to acknowledge they saw me log in. Then after logging in I would get people asking me to come out with them as they did X quest. I would do the same for other’s when they logged on. We all knew each other and enjoyed our times together. I just don’t get that feeling any more.

I don’t know if it’s because I have changed so much or if it’s the rest of you that have changed. I just know I miss the old days and hope for the best as I sit waiting for Xsyon to get better and people to start playing more.

~ Alik Steel


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My Xsyon Video’s (So far, As the game only has 10% turned on)

I only have a few hours in game so far, and have made a few video’s. Not much of the game has been turned on right now. So there is not much to see, But what there is, I tried to film a bit of.

This first one is just a shot of the night sky over the lake.

This one is me talking with a tribe mate as I craft some. You can’t hear her. So the conversation may seem to jump around.

I made this one for a tribe mate, Tribe is what they call guilds in this game.

This last one is four scenery shots from Xsyon.

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