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Dusting off the old blog as I start playing Xsyon again.

Hey, Hi, and Hello again!

 It’s been a long time, Way to long, But there are reasons for that. non that I will get into here, Well maybe one. Burn out, And not just on games. I’m talking most of any thing to do online. It was as if I hit a wall, And I could not find fun in anything I tried to do. I have been gaming and online for a long time now, And I have taken small breaks from time to time. But this time I had to walk away from almost all of it for a few months. But I’m back now, And finding fun again.

Burn Out

After wanting to build a kick but gaming rig for years and years this year I did. Two years ago, I think it was, My old, Even for back then, Desk top died on me. It was never anything you would call a gaming rig, But it let me play most anything I wanted, Even if I did have to lower the setting way down in the game to play it. So this year I said to myself, You know there is a lot I could do with that TAX money I’m getting back, But dang it I’m going to do what I want and not what I should do. This may come back and bite me on the butt later. But I did it!  OK I didn’t build it myself, I had my younger brother pick it all out for me and build it. But it was my money, And this my blog so I’m going to say I built a gaming rig. And it’s nice, What few games I have put on it, I can run full-out high setting and still have high frame rates. This by it self maybe one of the reasons I’m having fun again.

After my desktop died two years ago, I ran out and got a laptop, My reasons for buying a laptop was two-fold. I want something now and didn’t want to wait a week or more, And I have been wanting a laptop for a long time. So I saw this as something I could do and be back online and playing, And also have a laptop for trips. Something that I really wanted. Funny thing is I have not went anywhere sence I had the laptop. And on top of that, Because I wanted something NOW!!! and could not wait a week or so to order and put together a gaming rig, Heck just an OK desk top. I went out and got a laptop that I had the money for. Not the best way to go shopping for a computer, Laptop or desk top, Bad move all together.

So for the next two years I have been stuck trying to play MMO’s on a laptop that was way under stect for really any game that was not browser-based. It even had a hard time with Wurm Online, And that’s bad, If you don’t know what I mean. Go check out the game on YouTube, And you will see what I mean. It has been like walking up to a wall and just standing there bashing my head into the wall over and over. This helped because after beating your head on a wall, Your eyes sight goes all blurry and you don’t see the game so framed this way. For real, It was hard trying to learn to play games this way, But MMO’s was what I did to relax. I don’t go clubbing, drinking, or anything really. So what do you do when your only outlet to relax is taken away from you. You find away around it some how. For me, It was learning to play games that almost looked like a slide show because the frame rates would get so bad.

Bad frame rates was not the only reason for burn out, It was a big part of it for sure, But not the only reason. Just before my desktop died on me I was told about a little MMO game called Xsyon. So I looked into it and fell in love with it before I could ever even play it. As things went on the members of Xsyon started make guilds, Tribe as they are called in Xsyon. So I hooked up with this one tribe called Hopi, It seemed like the best thing to do, As I had no wish to make my own tribe that would have sounded a lot like Hopi. Almost from the start of joining the tribe the creator of the tribe and I started butting heads. Stuff like he wanted a ten man tribe, And I saw a ten man tribe as a tribe that would only have one or two people playing at best. I have been in small and large based guilds and I understand the number games of what member count and active players mean. Other things came up two, But it was more or less always about the members count that we butted heads about. So as time went on the leader of our small tribe played less and less. Now this was for one reason only, There was not much to do in Xsyon. He found other games to play, Any way at one point I knew he was not coming back, So I started pushing the other’s in the guild to pick a new leader. I wanted to know some one was running this thing. But no one seemed to care so I left Hopi for the first time. Joining a very active tribe, At lest at that time they was. Mean time back at Hopi they went into Oh Crap mode. One of the most active in-game and on the forums people left the tribe(Me). They freaked out and almost over night started to get active. Mean time the very active tribe I was in had a full guild burn out and went to another game. And from what I understand, They are still there and having fun in that other game. So with hat in hand I went back to Hopi, Can I please rejoin Hopi. So they let me back in the tribe.

I think of this as Hopi part two of a three-part Hopi saga. As I rejoined my friends I find out that they did have a new leader, And plans was being made. Let me stop here and say that this was one of the reasons I left, Everything I did to try to get people active and make plans went without anyone even acting as if I had said anything. So now this was happening, Plan’s, Active players, People to talk to and play with. Good times, Till our new leader fell off the map. One day she was there and making plans and the next nothing. Dang it!!! I was starting to think there was some type of cures for us using the Hopi tribe name. So a month or two and no word, Then out of the blue she pops up on the Xsyon leadership forums telling us she had been sick and to give her a few days and she would be back again. Let mes top here again, And say that this was the last time I have seen anything from her. I have no idea what ever happen to her. Now we are without a leader again, So we start talking about it, Or should I say I started talking about it. Pushing and pushing for us to pick a new leader. Let me point out that I was not trying to become the leader, I was find letting other’s lead as long as they kelp us going and not just sitting around waiting for other stuff to happen in-game.

So they picked me to be leader, Wait that’s not right, They picked me to be the to lead to one of our other leaders returned. I told them that they need to think real hard on this. Because I knew what I wanted and if I had the power I would do it. And do it I did, We grew, and grew, To we was the biggest tribe in Xsyon. The game was going live, Or so we thought, Check out my blog to read that story. Any way tons of people and fun happening all around. Now remember that I’m playing on a laptop that hates Xsyon. Not that that mattered much at all. As most my time was spent dealing with guild drama. Hopi grew way to fast. I was spending hours just dealing with PM’s of what he said, what she said type of things. Other tribes wanting in on how many people we had active, And others’ that just wanted to troll us. I worked hard to keep things from getting out of hand, But they did. So I added new leaders to the mix to help on work load. The two guy’s I pick was not bad guy’s they just didn’t see the tribe the same way I did. And I didn’t know that when I gave them the power. As I backed off to take a small break they took over all parts of the tribe and by the time I knew what was going on the Hopi I knew and loved was no long there any more. In two weeks I went from the leader of the biggest tribe in Xsyon to walking away from it altogether.

This was also about the time that I was hitting that burn out wall, Because all this took about a year and a half to happen. So this was not an over night thing that happen. I tried taking small breaks and coming back, But with real life things happen and the thought of what had just happen in my MMO home. I just walked away.

So I don’t know if this is the start of me blogging once a week or still once ever so often. But this is a new start. I’m happy online and in-game again, I’m with a small tribe and having fun again. Xsyon Mercenaries is a great tribe and I have high hopes for it. So till the next we talk, Have a great weekend

~Alik Steel


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Dreamers wanted

Where I work, I have many regular customer that come in almost every day to ship out or to pick up freight. And we talk sometimes when they have to wait on a flight to come in with their freight. Today one of my regulars came in and had to wait for almost an hour. The flight her  freight was on was running way behide. As we talked, She moved the conversation to her family. She has a son that is 15 years old, And from the way it sounded she has had a lot of people filling her head with a load of crap. She was saying that she didn’t know what she needed to do with her son. All he is, Is a dreamer, And she has it in her head that the only way to make it in this world is to be a doer.

IMO When it comes to doers and dreamers, The doers have it a lot easier. For the most part, You are told what to do, And it’s your job to do it, And you get paid for it. But to be a dreamer, Your outside the box, You’re in your on little world, Dreaming of things that no one else has. The dreamer sees the world that has not happen yet. And does not get paid till his dreams come alive. Even when a dreamer comes up with a dream that could change the world, or maybe even just one person. The dreamer has to try to convince someone that his dreams can come true.

So to me a doer has it a lot easier, But the doer has nothing to do, Untill a dreamer gives them the dream. I would like to thank all the dreamers out there, For giving us doers something to do, And for making our world a fun place to live.

A special thanks to Thomas T. Goldsmith Jr. and Estle Ray Mann  for creating in 1947 the first video game to be played on some type of a cathode ray tube, and use some type of computer, It was a missile simulator type game that played on circular screen and looked a lot like the old radar screens used during World War II.

Also A.S.Douglas for creating in 1952 the first graphical game “OXO” a tic-tac-toe game.

And last but not at all the lest Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney for the first game released to the mass public in 1971, Pong.

Alik Steel

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Alik Steel (Private Writings) 21.04.2010

NOTE: This is stuff I did at different times, And never thought about if I would ever post them. You will find that this is not about games, and they go all over the place. If you choose to read this, Good luck on following my train of thought.


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Why is it, That the one thing I want to do, Is all ways the last thing I do?

All day yesterday I had STO on my mind and all I wanted to do was log in and play, But after getting home and doing all the little things that one person must do before jacking in (yea I said it, Jacking in. I think it sounds coller than it really is) to the internet. I still had a ton of playing time. Week day’s I don’t go in till 9am, So I have a ton of night gaming time I can deal with. So I started out as I all ways do and started going through my email’s, Trashing what needed to be. I get a lot of spam type mail. Then after replying to the one that need so, I went on to the sites that I check each night, Like this one. As I was doing so I had MMO Voices podcast on and Jmo was talking about his new guild in STO. Sounded good so I went and started to join them, By the end I felt like I was signing up to a dating services.

Any way by the time I was done with that and hit all my sites I like to read and some times comment on it was 4 hours later and right at 10pm, Giving me only about an hour to play the game I had been dreaming of all day.

So why is it, That the one thing I want to do, Is all ways the last thing I do? Is this just me? or does any of you deal with the same thing?

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The Alik Steel Update

If you read my stuff over at mmovoices.ning.com then you know I lost my internet yet again. and this is my new update on how things are going.

I was abe to get things started and was able to log in last night only for a few minutes, but I was online. Having all types of problems with the modem and/or router. The first DSL modem was bad, Then the next one worked, but now the router want see it. I have the handy dandy helpline phone number that the nice people from AT&T gave me. It was just to late for me to call last night, I had to be at work at 3:30am sunday morning. Also trying to move between the rain as I also try to get the internet working.

So lot’s going on and hope to have every thing up and going by tonight. Really want to get back in Wurm Online and get my little place done. I am hoping that this move will save me the money that it seems it will, and my life will settle on down and I can get on top of all of the bills that have started piling up on me.

my Schedule kinda !?!

Pay all bills off.

Rat hole enough money to pay all bill’s for 6 months. (for a just in case thing)

Buy a better automobile (Car, Truck or Motorcycle)

New Desktop (I know, I know, should be the last thing on the list, BUT I really want a new one.)

Find a better place to live. (So not liking where I am going to be living for the next 6 months to a year)

And the number one thing to do, Find the time and money to date in the middle of all that.

So as you can see I have a lot to do, and want to do it as fast as I can. I really do not like the idea of not being in my own place, But am thankful to have a place to fall back on. Got to love your family.

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Back before there was MMO’s

Back before I started playing MMO’s I would go off with my friends and ride around. This is some of what we did. I do want to let you all know that, When we filmed this. It was for us, There was no YouTube, or at lest we did not know about it. We, I was a offline type of person back then. So we would ride a lot and film a little for to watch later that week, When we all was back home and working.This was a blast to put together and I hope you enjoy this as much as we had doing it.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

more about “Back before there was MMO’s“, posted with vodpod


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LOL sorry could not help myself! Van Halen – Happy Trails

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Not looking good for Alik Steel

Last night I found out that the little bit of extra money that we (my brother and I) was using for bill’s is cut off. Maybe I should not call it a little bit of money, Because it was half of the money that was coming into the house. With all the money we had, We was just staying above the water line. Cutting that much money out, Will make us sink fast. Unless I can come up with something very fast, The power will be cut off this saturday, and soon after every thing else.

After I was out of work for 1.5 months, then my PC dieing and like a dumb ass going out and buying a laptop for $500 that I should have spent on bill’s. We have been going down slowly. With no money put up for something like this, Well, It don’t look good.

At lest I have this PC at work and can do things like this, But as far as gaming and things at the house. I will be in the dark, for real, with no power. This is going to suck, But I know I can deal with it, as this will not be the first time it has happened. Back before I got this shitty(Don’t get me wrong, I rather have this than nothing) little job, That pay’s very little. We was in the same boat, sitting at the bottom of the water. So this is not new to me. I think in it self the fact that this is happening again, Really sucks. Damn I really thought I was out of the woods.


So if the blog’s slow down, and you don’t see me on MMO Voices that much, Well you know I didn’t come up with nothing. In time I will be back in and playing and talking with you all.


Alik Steel

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(NSFW) The Gentle and more Sensitive side of me

You all know me as the Big Man, Who even after having his arm ripped off his body, Never made a sound. Yes I am a manly man. Most times I would crush who ever would dare to say otherwise.

But today, I feel as if I can share with you the gentle, and more sensitive side of me. And what better way than thru a song. I warn you, This can make even the most manly of men cry.




Alik Steel

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Downloading Video’s, and Extracting Audio from YouTube

Have you ever been watching a  YouTube video, and think,This is a great video. Or Damn I wish I had that song.

I know I was last night, so I went looking, and been playing around with Any Video Converter, and vidtomp3.com (BETA) and have found that they work great. I have not found anything wrong with them. But as allways when dealing with smaller sites there is a chance of getting something. I have a few hours in them so far and doing good. Any Video Converter is a download and it’s what I have been using to download video’s to my laptop, it even has a small editor built into it. Vid to MP3 is a site I have been using to extracting the music from video’s, and turn then into MP3’s for me. This site is in beta and does seem to have pop-up’s wanting to, well pop-up. Other than that it works great. I have got the one song that I have looked for off and on for years. The Benny Hill Theme song. Not that I have any reason to have it other than the fact it reminds me of when I was a very young boy. I would snick into the TV room late at night(or to me it was late) and watch the Benny Hill show on PBS that showed the BBC late at night.


Here is two video’s showing you how they are used.


Enjoy the new toy’s

Alik Steel

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