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Hopi Tribe of Xsyon, Recruitment Message

[EDIT: I’m no longer apart of the Tribe Hopi in the MMO Xsyon]


Disclaimer: The opinions expressed here are the views of the writer, That’s me Alik Steel, and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of the Hopi tribe of Xsyon.


The Hopi Tribe of the MMOG Xsyon is looking for a few good people, For our Family Friendly Tribe in the MMOG Xsyon.

Hopi Tribal banner

Forum Image


Hopi is always looking for new members that want to test this new game and have fun while we do it, Or join us for when the game goes live. And because I am doing this on my blog, I am going to make this as more than just a tribe recruitment post, But also maybe in a small way a game recruitment post. As I want to talk about few things that are in-game or will be soon.

The Hopi tribe is a group of people who want to play in an open sandbox game without having our number one goal being ganking other players. For lack of a better way of putting it, We are crafters. But in Xsyon, Being known as a crafter does not mean that all you do is run around looking for harvestable nodes of resource, And then sitting on one place crafting all day. First there is no harvestable nodes of resource in Xsyon like you find in other MMOG’s. Here you have to go looking in the areas that things belong in. Like you will not find hide or meat in a node. You have to go hunting for a coyote, or a bear are something. Nor can you just go out and find nodes for logs. Here you have to cut trees down then chop them up. But even with that, You are not going to be able to put all the logs in your bag and run on back to camp. Here weight means something, So if you are cutting the tree in to long logs you will only be able to carry one at a time and even with just one you will be moving slower and burn more energy as you move it back to camp. There is fishing, terraforming, And building, Yes building and not just prefab build plans. Check out this little post from Jordi(the game creator)

Originally the Prelude buildings were going to be just tents and huts, but I’ve expanded the system a bit already.

For now buildings will be both predesigned and buildings composed of simple components (wall, post, floor, roof).

Later we add stairs, ladders and furniture components like build in storage.

Woodworkers and masons will be required to craft components for the architect to use.

Coming soon…

So think of the way you would build in the sims as in you can lay it out the way you want, But much slower as we do have to have other people make things for us. We have to get the resource for it and then put it all together. It’s going to be big jobs that take time, But that’s part of the fun and bragging rights.

The Hopi will be a tribe that will be trying to live peacefully in a savage land. And to this end, We know that we will have to act just as savage at times ourself to keep the peace. I understand the irony of it. But we will be aggressive at protecting our camp and members.  Living in peace is a lot easier said then done, And some times smiling and turn the other cheek will not work.  This will be a hard land to tame, And it will not happen overnight. To facilitate this we are making tribal alliances with other tribes that are inline with our thinking. What this will mean is trading routes and in times of war, Allied tribes to help in the fight. You must remember that in this game there is no NPC cities and every thing will be player made. And not every tribe will have access to every resource. We are still in testing, And tar has already been found. But the catch here is that it seems to only be in two spots for now. And this means that this game will be heavy on the trading. Also with every thing being player made, There will be a lot of people thinking it would be a lot faster just to take from others, Than it would be to take the time and learn the skill and then craft themselves.

Have I talked of taming before? OK just incase I have not, Here is one thing that you can’t do in a lot of MMOs. You will be able to tame every type of animal in the game. Some types I have no idea why you would want to, Like the hamster. but then I don’t know what all we will be able to do with them yet. Oh and that does count the mutated animals, Epic or not. Oh yea, That another thing, Have I told you that the animals will level as well. Yes, As they win fights, They gain skill and if they do this long enough. They can become an epic, Even mutated and epic. Animals become mutated after entering into the green mist.

In this game you will not be given your quest from some NPC. All quest comes from tribes. The quest reward being made by Tribe members and is set by the tribe leadership. With Hopi our quest will not only be go get X amount of X resource for building and making things. there will be quest for guarding camps and trade routes, Maybe even an assassination are two. Quest will also be for crafting tribal stuff. We want to try to make sure that we have a good writer for our quest, So that we can have something more that just “Guard town for 30 minutes” or “Go get 25 long logs”. We are wanting at lest in part to tie some of the quest into our own in-game tribal lore.

The one thing that people need to realize is that this game will not be what you think, It is an apocalypse game, But it’s apocalypses meets fantasy. Think of it like a human technological and mysticism evolutionary game. Where we start off knowing next to nothing, And as the game goes on we start learning new ways of doing thing. This will be in science/engineering and magic. In this land the player has to take care of every thing, And be mindful not to piss off the gods.

With Hopi being a peaceful tribe we wish to give any new player close to our camp a survivalist pack. This is for new player who start the game in our area. It will be an advanced basic starter kit with stuff like a fishing poles so that they can help feed themselves, knife for killing and skinning, light armor set with a weapon, water/food as you don’t start with anything, two fifty slot bins and one can be put on your back with four pouches for your belt, and a full set of tools for what ever they plan to be as a crafter. This should help any one get started off on the right foot. We will not ask them to join us for this free gift, It will be just a gift for people who start off in our tribal area.


NOTE: Here is two bits of info from our website and from the recruiting page on the main Xsyon forums

Hopi Tribe – Gathering / Crafting

The following post is a small introductory about us, For more info visit


The hopi Means Hopi Hopi “peaceful person,” or “civilized person”

And that is our main goal! After the fallout We urge for peace and prosperity to rebuild our shattered land

Our focus will be :

A place of rest
Protecting mother nature and her vital resource’s
Maintaining our lands

We are open minded people that strive for equality and peace, We dont attack mindlessly, We live in peace and keep ourselves to our selves , We will offer help to those in need And provide a safe haven for other tribes and players.

Rules :

There will be no mindless killing of any tribe, Without consultation and a valid reason

All tribe members are here to have fun and expect each other to honor each others
beliefs and respect one another

No Racism

You will not kill other tribe members

You will not kill other Alliance members

You are expected to contribute , Big or small . Be it from Saying hello now and then . To hands on crafting and running of the tribe, There is something for everyone!

Heres the small print:

We are peaceful but in no means weak. We will protect our folks to the bitter end be it a member of tribe or mother nature.

We protect our surrondings with vigor, We will Warn and act upon those that threaten our trade, income and or supplies.!

But above all We will Work with others to develop , We Will not tolerate Being Controlled or Grief directed on us in game , We are a GOOD Tribe But no means Passive

If this is something you are instrested in , Reply HERE But please remember our goals , We dont actively seek violence , But protect prosper and develop!

We use Ventrilo as our VOIP
Along With The forums Which are bursting With Goodies!





Welcome to the Home of Hopi Tribe

We are called the Hopi, the Hopituh Shi-nu-mu, the peaceful people. We are the caretakers of the earth.

The world is at a crossroads. We saw prophecy fulfilled, we danced our dances, we performed our task of watching over the earth. We saw the end of the fourth world approaching. Our elders warned the world of the coming purification. We visited the great gathering of nations in the tower of Mica four times, but few opened their eyes and uncovered their ears to our words.

The fourth world has ended and the fifth is beginning. Pahana revealed himself and our dancers took off their masks. The time of dancing is over, our clans wonder again as we did in the beginning of the fourth world. We seek to guide the people away from the false paradise, which we know is the crooked road. We seek the straight path to enter the fifth world.

The gourd of ashes fell and the fourth world is now in ruin. The mist has formed, to cleanse the land, allowing the fifth world to begin. We Hopi of the Bear clan came upon this land of the Washoe, this Da-aw, this Lake Tahoe. Trapped here by the mist, we found people of all colors. We took in those who would listen to our stories, who agreed to become stewards of the fifth world, who agreed to shun the crooked road.

Even with the dawn of the fifth world, there are people who still seek the crooked path. We are the Hopi, we are peaceful, but we must defend this fragile land from those who do not see the crooked path only leads to oblivion. We hold back the mist from this place.

We take only what we need, offering thanks for what is given. We plant our sacred corn in the earth. We watch for the return of the land’s spirits, both old and new.

We are the Hopi, we are the caretakers of the earth. Soon we will begin our dances again.


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