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Not understanding why they don’t understand (PvP)

The MMO that I am waiting for is called Xsyon and it’s going to be an open sandbox game. So this means PVP. I only have been into pvp for about a year over in EQ2. I was in two guilds that I really enjoyed. The first one was on day one that EQ2 pvp server’s went live. After the drama ripped that guild apart(I was apart of the drama). I found myself becoming apart of a podcast pvp guild. Both guilds was short-lived and after the 2nd guild dying I started thinking one of the things that took them down was the fact we was dealing with so much pvp, And people was taking things way too serious. So I went back to my carebear ways, And have enjoyed it very much. But as so many things do, My taste in what I like to do in MMO’s has changed. But it seems that the only way to play a game that has features that I like is to be apart of a MMO that is open sandbox and full of pvp.

So here is somethings that I read over at the Xsyons forums. He is talking about Darkfall.

But, yeah. That account was a beast, my bank was fuckin’ full of stuff too.

If only the core player base of that game weren’t chicken-shit pre-teens, I might have still played. Sucked spending 2 hours running around looking for PvP only to find nothing … or a group of 20+ people cause they’re scared to fight alone.

I read things like this all the time from player vs. players all the time from many sites. But this is what I don’t understand why they don’t understand. If all you like to do is pvp, And looting your victim is how you make your riches. The only way for you to make loot, Is that the victim has to make it first. And I know this may be tough to understand, But people don’t like having all their stuff taken every time they go out. And for people like me that suck at pvp(and yet I still like being in a pvp fight from time to time) will start going out with reinforcement in hopes that with numbers on our side we may be able to make our loot and make it back home without dying and having it ripped from our dead body.

Another thing that I don’t understand why they don’t understand is that when player vs players get what they want in the way that they run all people who is not into pvp as much as they are, out of the game. They get upset that there just no one left for them to kill. I really don’t understand this, So many of you tell us non-pvp players that we shouldn’t be playing if we want pvp. And when we do leave, You call us names for not staying, because now the game seems empty.

Now not all is bad when it comes to a PvP. The one thing that I love about PvP, Is that feeling that death is always right around corner. And that feeling you get when you go out to get something done and make it back home without dying. I think this maybe something that the some top end PvP players may never know. Because they win more times than not, And there is no real feeling of happiness on making it back alive. They never know the feeling of running away and winning the race for your life. There is a lot of great things that is in a pvp world, But if you never have them little wins of living, Not sure how long any non-pvp player will stick around a game like that you never find yourself with a win from time to time. And to be fair, I know there is a lot I don’t understand about what it means to be a real player vs player and the feeling that you get out of the kill, or maybe it’s the loot that gives you that warm feeling.  Is it more about showing off your skill? I just don’t know, But I would really like to know what PvP players get out of it. When I was into PvP, I was never a lone wolf, I ran in packs and was a apart of a few server wars. But that was EQ2 and it’s PvP was not like what most think of as PvP so I’m not sure if some of you will count that as PvP.

Alik Steel


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Notoroius Games: Xsyon, A unique MMO

I say Xsyon is being unique about the way they are making the MMOG. But there are other’s that are doing things similar to them., But not 100%. Ok first thing that seems to be more of a niche/independent way of doing things that the AAA market has not yet started doing. And that is letting people buy the game way before it is ready to go live. Just look at minecraft and how well he is doing. Xsyon did the same thing, Maybe not with as big of a splash. But who knows how, when, or why things happen. But I am thinking the man who came up with minecraft had the same thing in mind as the man who came up with Xsyon. And that is to have a small well-built game that will make them money without dealing with the headaches the big boys deal with. I have a feeling both will fail at keeping them small. But there are other’s, And I’m not going to name names, That tried the same thing and failed. Xsyon is filled with people who left the other games that promised the world and delivered nothing but a bill to be paid.


Don’t worry this is not another minecraft blog, But I did want to point to it and say there are other MMO company’s trying the new ways of making money and making a great game. But this is about Xsyon and how it is blazing its own trail. From the very first day that I went to the Xsyon website I found out that this was not going to be like other MMOG’s. Beyond the fact that a lot of the game features are ground breaking(IMO). The way he is going about building the game is nothing like any thing I have ever been apart of. After you per-order for the prelude(more on that later) you can help test the game. It’s not called beta, And I am finding that it’s really not. As we do test everything, But not just for bugs. When a player comes across something that needs fixing, Are even just changed into something better. Jordi and his team listen to us and within days it seems sometimes you can see the change in the game. Not that every idea a player has is a good idea and not everything makes it into the game. This is the only game that I have seen that sees a good idea as a good idea, And not something that we can look at later.


In Xsyon, Like so many other MMOG’s you have the good, neutral and evil factions in the game. Here’s the catch, In every MMOG I have played, It’s what you pick at first that makes you good, neutral or evil. Many times it’s when you pick your race, class, or city that you want to start from that make you one of the three factions. No matter how you really play your toon matters. It was just something you picked. Thats not the case in Xsyon, In Xsyon it’s your actions that decide if your good, neutral or evil. If you really like doing things that most would think of as evil. Killing for no other reason, Other than to kill, or killing for the loot and stealing from people and tribes(guilds) are the ways that I know that can send you down the road of being evil. There is a faction point system to watch what you do. Unlike other MMOG’s you’re not going to be able change your faction fast. Jordi has said that he is setting something up to keep people from commenting an evil act, And then doing something good a few time to counteract the evil deed. So if you play evil, Well your going to be evil. I will be trying to be a good boy, But I have a feeling playing good, Will be much harder than the other two factions will be for me. I will not be able just go do what ever I want and remain good. That is if what ever I want will be seen an evil deed.


One of the unique(at lest for me) things about this game is the fact that it will have a prelude. Not sure if Wurm had a prelude or not, But this game will have some of the same feel as wurm, But with better graphics. For the prelude players we will start in a game with nothing but what is on our backs. There is no towns are NPC’s to tell us what to do are how to do it. We will start off in the woods and we the player base will build every thing from hand. And the crafting is going old school in the fact that most crafts will need help from other crafters. Meaning that it is being built with community social interaction in mind. And for me that is a big one, I have been so afraid that the social aspects of MMOing was going away as so many people seem to play by themself as other people run around trying to do the same thing they are. And before any one starts. Talking to offline or online friends about the game is not what I am talking about. I am talking about people playing games together, And not just at the same time. What Xsyon is doing will help bring the player base together, At lest I hope it will.

Knowing I was going to do this blog, I asked Jordi how the official launch day was going to go. There is no dates but it is coming soon, Here is what he had to say.


Message from Xsyon

“Hello Alik,

Yes, the official launch day is when we wipe all characters and the Prelude begins.

We will still be adding and improving things during the Prelude. The Prelude phase is supposed to continue changing the game based on player’s input and adding features listed in our ‘evolution’ section.

We might have the official launch date 1 or 2 weeks after the Prelude begins (this is likely) while the pre-order players set up their tribes.

You can quote me on this. That’s fine. We are really down to the wire though to get things done and the game launched.

Thanks for your blogs. They are great!



From the main site.


Xsyon is constantly evolving. During the Prelude, characters start off as simple hunters, gatherers and scavengers. As societies will advance new features will become available to the larger, more civilized tribes and towns. These features will include:

Evolved cooking. Character created recipes.
Animal breeding and pets.
Trade with tribes beyond the impenetrable mist.
Armor decoration system which can indicate achievements and status.
New weapons, armor and tools.




Alik Steel

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