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Advancement beyond the fun

I remember back a few years ago, How so many of us talked about how we was so fortunate to be apart of a unique business like the MMO business. Where they really listen to us, As to what we want in our games. But that was then, This is now. MMO’s have advanced to the point that for a “company” wanting to start a MMO, It will take a few million dollars just to create the basics that we are all so use to having. Granted there are smaller mmo company’s that are making it with far less money, But for a MMO to achieve the benchmark that many would call AAA(or call it top shelf MMO are even a premium MMO), It takes a long time and many people to make this happen. Back before the AAA MMO standard, It seemed like the creators had as much fun making the game as we did playing them. Not so much now, With money being the only bottom line. Yes even “back in the day” their bottom line was still money, But they seemed to have a lot more wiggle room. That flexibility seemed to help them give us more of what we wanted. Now it seems that there is nothing but dead lines and needing to make a minimal amount of money by a certain date that has hurt the industry.

To me, It seems that we are responsible for the way things are turning out. We are the ones that said we wanted this and that. We are the ones that said you must have this in your new MMO for me to play it. And for them to give us what we want, It takes large backing an that takes the wiggle room out of their hands. We have forced them to advance beyond the point that they can give us what we want now, because they are to busy giving us what we wanted back then.

Alik Steel


September 26, 2010 - Posted by | General MMO stuff

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  1. I’m starting to do a series of MMOs about the old becoming new again.

    Oh… I am also subbed to Vanguard 😀 It is AMAZING!!! I love it!!! 😀

    Comment by Jeremy S. | September 26, 2010 | Reply

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