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Xsyon: The Lore (as I know it 04.09.2010)

Xsyon is an apocalyptic fable

I want to point out that this is not a post apocalyptic MMO. It has started, But we are playing in the time when it is happening now. So many sites have put it in the wrong era. We do not start off after every thing has happen.

Also this is unlike many MMO’s in the fact that it is a fable, And I think that in this case it may just mean story. As in this game will be changing as if we was reading a book.

So here is some of the highlights of what little lore is known.

“The Apocalypse is at hand!”

“You are a survivor. Your youth was spent lost in times of war.”

“Modern technology has consumed itself.”

“You know nothing. You’ve forgotten the past and have yet to learn the future. You are a lost soul in a strange barren world with little more than the shirt on your back”

“War has ravaged the planet, opening a rift to another reality.”

“With the disruption of the planet, ancient gods awake to once again exert their powers over the earth.”

“Benevolent gods and creatures.”

“Devils and angels vie for control of their earthly battlefield.”

“The Four Horsemen loom over the land awaiting their chance to spread destruction and chaos.”

“The survivors of the grisly destruction rise from the ashes of ruin to encounter a world that has changed, And face a primitive future.”

“The lords of nature have revived the wastelands, eradicating and subverting the remnants of modern technology.”

“The ways of swords and sorcery have replaced the path of science and progress.”

“A world that once existed only in the realm of mythology, legend and imagination has become concrete and very real.”

“The new world hangs in a moment of uncertainty.”

Our characters back ground is that we lived through the wars that caused the apocalypse, And the ancient gods of mythology, legend and imagination have come to life and have wiped our minds. So we remember nothing of the past that we just lived. Not only do we have to deal with the ancien gods of mythology, legend and imagination, But with the christian god. The gods have hidden and eradicated as much of modern technology as they could. There may be stuff to be found and learned, But it will be hard to find and learn.

As our characters rise from the ashes of ruin we find that all is not over yet. Some of the gods are angry at us, And bad things are still happening to us. We also find that we may not be where we thought we was and that this earth is not the same earth as our fathers world. We have fallen back to the old ways and find that some people can do things that was once just thought of as old fantasy story.

We the gamers of Xsyon know very little of what has happen and what will be. It has been said that as we play, Some people will come across knowledge of what was, and what may be, As we scavenge our way through the gaming world.


September 4, 2010 - Posted by | Xsyon

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