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Xsyon Game Testing (As the game is now 05 AUG 2010)

WARNING: This game is not going to be for the person that wants to come home from work and plays for 30 minutes to an hour, Two to three times a week. This game will be very social, And I don’t see many tribes(Guild) keeping dead weight for long.

Some people call it Beta, other’s call it Testing. What ever you wish to call it, It’s not like any Beta Testing I have even been apart of before. Unlike most games, Jooky(Lead Dev/Game Owner) is not adding a ton of content in with every game update. He is adding things in slow and a few things at a time. This seems to be working great, In the way that when the Oh Crap happens. The dev team are not having to go over a month amount of content to see what went wrong. Adding on two or three things at a time helps them find, Then fix what ever the oh crap that happened fast. The game is set(at the time I write this) to go live on 15th of Aug in 2010. I am thinking, It will be at lest two more months before it goes live. I hope I am wrong and it come out this month, But …

OK so what going on, A lot really, There is a ton more crafting now. there is six crafting skills to pick from


Bone crafting

Leather crafting


Tool crafting

Weapon crafting

But you also get to pick two starter skills like







Firebuilding (Not sure if this will be something we all will have or have to pick at the start)

Note: All skills and crafts will be able to  be learned in-game later on even if you did not pick them at the start.

Note: All skills will decay if not used.

and not sure where this will be a Craft, Skill, or even Action for Cooking. Just don’t remember where I saw it at. All skills/craft go up to and over 100 points. You are a master at 100 points, But there will be a decay system in-game when it goes live. So if you don’t use it, You lose it. I remember reading a few months ago about how your level(yes, I said level) will stop it at some point. Level is not in-game yet and have not read any thing on it, Other than that it will stop you from forgetting every thing and have to start over again. But every skill and/or craft leans on stats that you pick at the start of making your toon.

When picking your stats you start(at lest for now) with a base stat of 50 for every thing. You can move the stats down to 10 or add to them all the way up to 90.









You get 100 points to add to any stat you wish. This game you the player will have to find what works best with what. You will not see any stats on Weapons, Armor, Tools, Food, are what ever you find in-game. I have found a few things to eat that with one bite I am back up to where I need to be, And about eating and food and things. You toon can and will become skinny or fat in the game. And this will affect how you work. Get fat, and you move real slow, Skinny, Well that log you wanted to move, Ant going to happen now. So keeping feed but not over doing it is something to watch for. Also if you go without eating, Your energy will build back up very slow and you will burn it away a lot faster. So eat well. Drink at this time is simple. Just run to the water and drink from it. As far as I can tell, Over drinking does not hurt you at this point.

You can make your toon tall or short, Thin or fat.

min/max Height



min/max Weight (Depending on height)



When you create a new character you get to set his/her birth date and age from 16 to 30. It not in-game right now but there will be aging when the game goes live. This will be very slow aging and it has been said that you will be able to live up to if not over 90 years old.

OK went off track there, Let’s get back to crafting for a second. I am all most sure that intelligence has a lot to do with what your toon will come up with to make. Hmm I lost you,  OK say you start off with basketry as your craft. You will start off with a random recipe set. Something very low that you can do. This craft needs grass, But unlike Bone crafting where you have to kill stuff, You don’t gain skill points from picking grass. As you start to craft you will start to gain points in basketry, At some point you will learn a new recipes. This is not given to you. This is your toon saying, OH, OK so if I take this and that, I can make this. If you pump a lot of stat points into intelligence, This will give your toon more things to come up with on his own. I have just started testing this, But it seems if you put a lot into perception, It will help you learn more, And at a faster rate. But this is not the only way to learn. Later on they will add into the game a way for player to teach their skill to others. Also in the game right now. You can, or A friend, Are who ever. Can scavenge new recipes for you. As there is no money in-game at this time, It’s this type of stuff that will be paid out like gold. Remember your great grand pappy talking about the good old days and the bartering system that went on back then. I need that so I will give you this and that for it, Deal or no deal, Is the way of the land today.

The first bit’s of social is in-game now with the last update. At this time you can add people to the friends or foes list. Not sure what is going to happen with the foes list. But right now with the friends list working. We can share stuff now. As long as you are all ready friends and you have your bin’s set to friends. Any friend can open and take what ever they wish, And from what I just read from a tribe mate. They can also take the storage bin as well. It was just added to the game and still needs work, But so far, It’s a good add. From them adding the social into the game we can see whats to come. Right now we have friends and foes on, But you can also see tribes, whats the name they give guilds. And we also see pets. The pets will be sweet, If it’s an animal in the world and your skill is great enough, You can tame it. After tame things get gray, I know they said that you can tame and ride any animal in-game, But not sure how it will work. But still cool to think about.

Random thoughts before I go,

There is Hiding, Jumping, Running, Swimming skills that you have to build up, And unlike most games they just don’t make you faster. In some cases they look different. Also there will be later on after they add Tribes a Construction skill set.

I am sure I skipped over 90% of what is in the game, But that’s off the top of my head. There is still a ton of stuff to be added and I am still ecstatic over what is and what will be.

More to come

Alik Steel


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