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Where is the gray area?

Fanboy/Fangirl vs Hater

That’s the way I see other bloggers. There is very few people out there that seem to play with-in the gray areas. I can’t seem to find my way into that gray area myself. Every time I talk about games it seems I am talking from the fanboy side or haters side of things. And I just don’t see how I can change the way I see things. It’s like I either love it or hate it, Very few times do I ever find myself in that gray area where I see both sides as equal.

There is also something I see out their that a great number of you do.  There is gaming company’s out their that you hate or love, And no matter how great or terrible there actions are. You still see them the same way. All though it is easier to fall from grace, Than it is to climb out of the pits of hell. See SOE and the NGE deal, or Bioware and their world wide event. I use them as I hear more hate towards SOE and so much love for Bioware. It seems to me for a lot of bloggers it’s hard to let go of old ideas. I was a fanboy for SOE for a very long time, But they have lost a lot of there shine. But not because of NGE or Vanguard, But more from the way they run EQ2. And I have a dislike towards Bioware and Blizzard just because so many people seem to talk about them as if they can do no wrong.

I would love to learn how to turn off my feelings towards games and game company’s. It would help to see the real truth.


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  1. The first step to reducing your bias is to actively try and understand the other point of view. Understand that perception forms opinion, so you need to have the ability to *think* like the other person at least temporarily to reason out the arguments and perspective. Use empathy. It’s the proverbial “put yourselves in their shoes” concept.

    I do this all the time but not for altruistic reasons. I like to make myself objective in order to confirm my own opinions. Also, in a real twist of irony, my foray into being unbiased lends me both the credibility and the objectivity I need to make really compelling arguments in favor of my opinion.

    And every once and a while, maybe I realize I was wrong.

    Comment by sid67 | July 20, 2010 | Reply

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  3. I would like to reduce my bias sometimes, its hard to be subjective about things with the hangups like where I used to play some game, but changes really put me off etc.

    The problem with being detached too often seems to be that they don’t seem to say anything, a pet peeve I have is reading blogs/forums where the people there used to be rabidly into something but now are not really interested in anything in particular, and it does come across. Maybe emotion and feelings are an important part of computer games and especially MMO’s so ignoring them means we cannot really describe how we truly feel about XYZ game?

    I know that while I’m not a fan say of Eve or Darkfall (EQ2 here 🙂 ), when I read a blog about those games I do want to know what they really felt about it, as it either enthuses me to the subject, or at least gives me a better feel how that game really works since no one is perfect and our descriptions are never going to exactly describe a game.

    Comment by Lomax | October 1, 2010 | Reply

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