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So you think your a gamer?

What makes a gamer, A gamer?
I know some people who only think that (Forgive me for saying this) hardcore players are gamers. I know, I know, What is the definition of hardcore. Well ask ten people and you will come up with ten different definitions for it. But like I found out yesterday at work, That at lest one person that plays Farmville thinks of herself as a gamer. We found out that we had went to high school together and so she found me on Facebook, We friends each other and bam, the Farmville spam started coming from her. So yesterday, I was picking with her about it, And she started telling me all about the game. At some point I let her know that I was a gamer. But that I played (here it comes) real games. When we was done(work stuff) and she was about to walk out the door, She said that it was real nice to find another gamer like herself. So as any good gamer does, As she walked out and the door was closing. I yell, We’ll have to hook up some night and game together. After the door closed, I set there laughing to myself thinking how weird it was that she thought she was a gamer. Later on, I started thinking, What makes a gamer a gamer?

So here is my thought, If you enjoy games in any way, You are a gamer. Take me, I enjoy playing mainly one game at a time. But I do have my times when I like to bounce around from game to game, Just to see what else is going on. I would call myself a gamer. Then look at some one like Beau Turnkey from MMO Voices. If the game is online and is multiplayer he plays it. Most people would not even blink if you called him a gamer. Now look at Karen from Shut Up We’re Talking podcast. From what I know of her, She plays only one game EQ2. Is she a gamer with only playing one game? Yea I think so. But then there are people out there that blog, and comment more than they play games. I still think that they are gamers. Because they are still playing some and they are talking about games. Here is the last state of being a gamer as I see it. The lurker, The people who don’t blog, They don’t comment, They don’t ever play games, But they still love to read the blogs, comments and listen to podcast about games. Why would I think they are gamers? Because they are in the gamer world. Plane and simple, If you spend any real amount of time in the gaming world, You are a gamer.


June 27, 2010 - Posted by | General MMO stuff |

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  1. Too many categories of gamers out there!

    Comment by Caladwen | June 29, 2010 | Reply

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