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I’m Back (or At lest I hope I am)

So where did I go? No where really, I wish I coud tell you how I went on a trip and had all kinds of fun. But I didn’t, I ran out of money and had to drop some stuff so I could do fun things like eat. The internet was one of the things I had to drop for a while. Sorry for not letting every one know what was going on at the time, But when your back up against the wall like that. Well, I just didn’t want the “hope things get better for you” type of comments. This was not the first time I have found myself against that wall, And sad to say with the way things are. I will be there again. But what can you do, You have to take care of your family. And if dropping something like the internet will help. You do, What you can do, When you can do it.

So what does a gamer do when they can’t game, Are should I say what does a MMO gamer do when he can’t game. For me, I thought a lot about games. Sure at first it was all about just wanting to play, But after a few weeks that fades away and you start thinking more about the world you are not apart of any more. So as much as I wanted to read and comment on a lot of stuff I stayed away. I found out last that it just makes it harder when you’re in that world 100%. Like now, I am sitting at work writing this on some down time. And even with the net being down at my house I could read some things here, But even that is starting to hard to do. This old work PC has it where I can’t upgrade things and I only have IE6. Most sites don’t even work with IE6 any more, Are if they do, Only a little of the site can be read. So I would sneak in and lurk around on some sites I could read. I did play a little on some off-line games, But after a few hours of that, It’s like whats the point. I need other people to have fun with games. It’s not the same when you pull off something tricky and have no one to tell. I love telling my friends in the game how I did this, that, or what ever. because only your friend in that game can understand what it is you’re talking about. So as much as I tried to play the off-line games, It just didn’t last. So I found myself, When I had free time, Thinking about the gaming world.

I’m sorry, But I am still hung up on the Sub vs Cash Shop deal. I still can’t see how the cash shops are good. For me to play the same way I play with a sub (more on sub’s in a bit). It will cost me way more than my $15 a month. When I log into the game, I want to be able to do every thing that every one else can do. Just calling a game Free to Play and having cash shops in it that you have to buy race, class, armor, zones, or what ever is a slap to the face, As i see it. There is nothing free about it. And more to the point, With juggernauts like WOW and now EQ2 pricing things up as high as $25. It’s just going to go down hill from here. I know people like Beau Turkey will say, We have been paying that much for a long time with server changes and things like that. Yes we have, But it’s has never hit so close to home. I myself have never even thought of paying to change servers. The few times I did, I did like all good little boys and made me a new toon on that server. So no I don’t see paying for things like that as bad, and I don’t see server changes hurting me. I may think it was a bad thing if I still played EQ2 on the AB server. That’s where it seems every one is moving to and it’s killing the server. Any way, When you start adding things like $25 mounts, You start hitting close to home. I love the thought that every one playing the game should have the same chance at having every thing that is in the game. I can see faction based stuff being made that only this, Or that faction can have. But when you add mount’s that can only be had by paying $25 for. Well now you start adding a new layer to the game. Now you have the poor people not being able to have what other’s can. And only because they don’t make as much money as the next person. That’s what I like about Sub’s. I know all I have to pay each month(other than the internet bill) is that $15 a month. And every one can do and have every thing the other guy can have. I would not mind cash shop’s if they let the other people who don’t like, or Maybe don’t have the money for them to be able to still have the same thing in-game. But they pay the price of having to put the time in the game to have it.

I had a falling out with EQ2 one time about their cash shop selling furniture in-game, That my carpenter could not make in-game. I ask why they was trying to put my toon out of business. Why would some one want to pay in-game plat for something that did not look as good as something that could buy from the cash shop for just a few dollars. They first locked my post on the forums so no one could comment then they took it off the forums. I tried asking again, Just to find that post had been removed from the forums as well. Now I would not have minded as much about them selling furniture as much if I could have made the same furniture in-game and could sell it for some plat. From what I am told they still sell furniture that carpenters can’t make.

Here’s the bottom line, If they are selling things for $25 today, What do you think you will be paying in a year? The $25 price tag did not slow many people down from paying for a mount in WOW or EQ2. So why would they not go up another $5, $10, $25. If enough people is willing to pay the price, Why on earth would they lower the price. No the price will go up again, The real question is, When, and How much. Again sorry, I know this is old stuff to you all, But I had to get it out.


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  1. Nice to see you man!!!

    Comment by Jeremy S. | June 26, 2010 | Reply

  2. Well, cash shops are nice f.e. for situations just like the one you were in, actually. Low on money? Low on time? Or maybe just don’t feel like playing much this month? With F2P, it doesn’t matter. You don’t have to pay on a regular basis, you just play and pay if/when you feel like it. And if a game is starting to feel like a rip-off – quit it. Play Guild Wars 2 when it comes out (pay for boxes, but no fee, which is imo best) and soon you’ll love the idea of buy-and-forget.

    Other than that, I hope you’re doing well again ^^

    Comment by mrNo | August 19, 2010 | Reply

    • I get what your saying, And if I was to play MMO’s like that I would, But I have been on the look out for my next main game. And When I do find it, I would think I will be spending a ton of time in the game, Just like I did when EQ2 was my main. And when you don’t jump around and you play one, and only one game for a long time. Sub works out best. I get to do every thing I want to do for one price each month.

      Comment by Alik Steel | August 19, 2010 | Reply

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