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Alik Steel (Private Writings) 21.04.2010

NOTE: This is stuff I did at different times, And never thought about if I would ever post them. You will find that this is not about games, and they go all over the place. If you choose to read this, Good luck on following my train of thought.


Been thinking of the past, And how back when I was growing up the world was so large and there was endless possibilities to how great we would become. I come from a back ground that it seems most people think of as a barbaric way of life. I was spanked as a kid, When I did wrong. Let me make this clear, I do not think that this is a barbaric way to teach me right from wrong as I grew up. And trust me, Later when I was a preteen, I wished they would just spank me and get it over with. They would sit me down and would talk to me about what ever I did wrong, And yes I would have to answer for what I did. The thing is, I know now that I would never have got what they was trying to teach me at a younger age without the spanking. One last thing on the spanking, It was not like I was being hurt, Yes I cried, Yes it stung, No it was never a beating. And trust me when I say now, I understand way to clear what they mean by. This is going to hurt me more than it hurt’s you. I have one nephew and no kid’s of my own. I don’t know how I could love my nephew any more than I do if he was my own son. And I had to spank him once. And let me tell you, I only gave him 3 pop’s on his behind. He was done crying and wanting to play again in less than 15 minute, Granted that seems like a life time to some one so young, The hurt for me, lasted so much longer. I didn’t want to spank him, But when they are so young and what they keep trying to do will hurt them. And all they stop that’s, Get away from there, Just does not stop them, I felt that a fast spanking would stop him. It did, But the price was mine to bear.

So as I started to say when I was growing up, Things just looked like the future was endless with possibilities to what we could do. My parents taught me how to stand up for myself, They told me to never go looking for trouble, But if it found me, To look it in the eye and do what ever needed to be done. And still to this day, I live my life that way. I never go looking for trouble, But I will not shy away from it when it come my way.  They also told me to stand up for the people who could not stand up for themselves. That one took longer for me to learn, But my parents was right there by my side when I would stand up for people and it would get me in trouble for doing so. My parents also taught me that a man has to stand on his own to feet, Yes that also goes for women as well. They told me that it was not right to take what was not mine, And that I should work for any thing I wanted. They told me that as I went through life I would I would come across people who was less fortunate than myself, And when I come across such people I should help where I can. But they, Nor I have any pity for a lazy man who want do for himself.

Back in the year I was born we was going to the moon, And later as I was growing up things did not seem to be 100% about money. People cared for each other, And here in America stuff was still being invented that would make life easier and fun. Company seemed to take care of their workers. Like with my dad, He was in the sheet metal union, And a company man at the same time. His union membership ment that they had his back, But the company he worked for paid the bill’s. So he would stand up for the company and take care of them, Even if that ment working unpaid for an hour or two. And his company would take care of him. I remember one time my dad got down in the back, And was layed up in bed for a few weeks. The company paid still paid him as if was still there working. They worked and took care of each other. Because it was more than just money, It was family’s. Growing up in a world like that was magical. If we as a people wold have stayed that way, I believe That we could have been flying around to work and the store, and on vacation in our flying cars by now. My generation was the first generation that did not become greater than the last generation. I think that has a lot to do with the way people did there kid’s. At the same time I was coming up the way I did, There was so many other’s being taught that they could have anything they wanted, But with out also be told that they had to work for it them self.  So there are a lot of people out there that thinks that any one that has something, That they should have to share it with every one else. And that’s really a shame, To never know how it feels to work for something, And then to possess it because of your own hard work.


April 21, 2010 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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