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Xsyon, And the the email

Any one that is following Xsyon knows that all the pre-orders have been waiting for emails, That will let them in-game. First thing I would like to say, Is that the game is like a beta game right now. A lot of it, Is still turned off.

But back to the email, It came last night for me. Right now the game is just under 4GB, So with only DSL internet speed, I was done downloading in less than an hour. I was planing ton’s of video’s, But I found out late last night that I can’t play Xsyon on my little laptop. Thank god for family, My Brother is going to let me use his laptop, His has a video card to where mine does not. So I should be able to play tonight. I have to download(did this last night as I was asleep) it on his laptop and add my Ventrilo for my tribe as well. I am going to push my luck and ask to be able to add fraps as well. I really want to make some video’s. If/When I have the fraps on my Brother’s laptop, I will only do raw footage of the game, Upload them to YouTube and then download them at a later date and do my thing to them. But till I have a few days to play with them I am just going to do raw footage.

OK so they say what we are doing is not called beta, But we are going to be test the heck out of this game. They are shooting for going live on May 15, But that is not to far off, And not many people are in-game yet, So I think that date will be pushed back some. Anyway, Give me a few days in-game and then I will start posting every thing that I can. There is no NDA for Xsyon, So it is a free for all with any info I can find.

Talk with ya soon.

Alik Steel


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  1. Get posting them screens and vids!!

    Comment by r0ss0 | April 11, 2010 | Reply

  2. Hi, I like your posting

    Comment by farmville millionaire | April 11, 2010 | Reply

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