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Alik Steel (Private Writings) 21.04.2010

NOTE: This is stuff I did at different times, And never thought about if I would ever post them. You will find that this is not about games, and they go all over the place. If you choose to read this, Good luck on following my train of thought.


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Xsyon review (As the game is now 16 April 2010)

First, The game is more like beta than any thing right now, That is not to say it’s bad. There is just so few things in-game right now for us to do. I heard from a little bird that they are trying to get the terraforming done %100 before pushing more content onto the server. I have played around with the terraforming and it is very fun to play with. I have tried to see if there was a height limit to it, If there is I never hit it. Not to sure how high I got, but it took over a two seconds to fall all the way down to the ground. Not sure what all they are doing to it, But I would have to say they are working on the water part of terraforming. That is the one part that seems to have a little glitch.
From what I can remember you have 5 actions
1) Clear land
2) Make road (Have not did much of this, As I can’t seem to see the road under the snow.)
3) Flatten land (I think)
4) Raise the land (small mound of land)
5) Lower land (dig a small hole)

Have not done this but a few times, But cutting down trees, Is a blast. Just the fact that you see it fall’s and It also seems the tree’s fall in the direction that you cut it at. Umm what ever what ever way you are facing, Is the way it fall’s. That, Are I have been very lucky so far. Also After chopping down a tree you can jump up on it and run across it. This may come in handy when trying to get across a canyon or river. With Logging, I think that is what the skill is called, You have one action that will help with terraforming. You can grind the stump down, Making the land terraformable.
Let’s see you have like 4 actions for Logging
1) Grind stump
2) Cut down tree
3) Chop into small logs
4) Chop into large logs

Scavenging(sp) is not as fun as I thought it would be, But that may be because I have not found anything great yet. The skill for this seems to level up very slow, But I can see this being one of the big things that all Tribes will need members to do. You can not do this action more than once in the same area, I am sure there is a timer for this but I have not stay in one place testing the timer on it. After you look area the spot your standing on, You will need to move away from that spot before trying to find something again. I am sure I will love this skill and not want to do any other’s when I hit a big find, But for now, It’s something I try from time to time. One thing you need to know of this skill is that when the game is live, It’s the way the world will learn new things. Players can teach each other, But the knowledge comes from some one finding it first. This will also help Tribes(Thats what guilds are called in Xsyon) stay ahead of other tribes.

Have not tried much crafting yet, It seems simple for now, But with a lot of drag and drop to it. Like EVE, Fall Earth, and Wurm the players make all most every thing. It’s a little hard to tell ya how good are bad crafting will be as it’s not in-game. I think what we do have in-game was not ment to be there yet.  I think it was just easier to let it stay than to put man/woman hours into pulling it out.

I have tried for just a few minute on the hiding skill, I could see through myself, And I seem to be hunched over, And move slow. I can see this skill being slow to level as well. I think that because they know that there will be a lot of people who want to Pk will be using the hell out of that skill. So they will slow down how fast you can level that skill up. Any way as I was just standing there hunched over, In hide mode. Some one spawned in the game right by me and said I was stuck and he was going to hit me, So that I would not be stuck any more. I think he should have added a wink there. Any way that is how I had my first PVP fight. I went with the click fest on my mouse, Trying to use my defensive moves as much as I could. On my screen I did not get hurt at all, But some how I kill(or what ever you can do now) the other player. That was fun, But then I did win. I just found out that the PVP that is in the game now is not working really. And it is close to the top of (a very large) list of things to do.

Well, That’s about all I got right now, I have had a lot going on around the house and have been AFK in-game more than I have got to play. You can check out some of my video’s about Xsyon on my YouTube page. For what the game is, I am loving it. For what the game (I hope) will become, I am ecstatic.

There will be more to come.

Alik Steel

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Xsyon, And the the email

Any one that is following Xsyon knows that all the pre-orders have been waiting for emails, That will let them in-game. First thing I would like to say, Is that the game is like a beta game right now. A lot of it, Is still turned off.

But back to the email, It came last night for me. Right now the game is just under 4GB, So with only DSL internet speed, I was done downloading in less than an hour. I was planing ton’s of video’s, But I found out late last night that I can’t play Xsyon on my little laptop. Thank god for family, My Brother is going to let me use his laptop, His has a video card to where mine does not. So I should be able to play tonight. I have to download(did this last night as I was asleep) it on his laptop and add my Ventrilo for my tribe as well. I am going to push my luck and ask to be able to add fraps as well. I really want to make some video’s. If/When I have the fraps on my Brother’s laptop, I will only do raw footage of the game, Upload them to YouTube and then download them at a later date and do my thing to them. But till I have a few days to play with them I am just going to do raw footage.

OK so they say what we are doing is not called beta, But we are going to be test the heck out of this game. They are shooting for going live on May 15, But that is not to far off, And not many people are in-game yet, So I think that date will be pushed back some. Anyway, Give me a few days in-game and then I will start posting every thing that I can. There is no NDA for Xsyon, So it is a free for all with any info I can find.

Talk with ya soon.

Alik Steel

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