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Xsyon (Zion)

Hey guy’s, Long time no see. As a few of you who read my post from here and over at MMO Voices know. Out of nowhere one day I just stopped posting. As you all know I have been back looking for a new MMO to play. Fallen Earth was great, But this little laptop of mine just had a hard time playing it. The few people I did play with moved on to other games or moved on up in the game. So when I did play I was by myself. As a lot of you will note from past post. I am a group type of person. Even if you don’t have any thing to group for. I love it for the fun of playing with other people. That’s one of the reasons I play MMO’s. That is also the reason why I left Star Trek Online.  So what have I been doing? I’ll tell ya.

Twenty two days ago I was listening to the MMOVoices#23 Podcast and heard Cindy talking about a MMO that I had never heard of before.  Xsyon, Before you hurt yourself, The way you say it is Zion, Like that city in the Matrix. Any way, I went right then and checked out the About Page and the Features Page, I was floored by what I was reading. It was as if some one had been reading all the times I would say what I wanted out of a MMO.  I Pre-Ordered that very same night, And started digging in the forums for the game. There was very little to see as I had jump on the forum only after it had opened to every one a week before. As the community grew, So did our info. Not much is still known about the game, And most of the community thought that us pre-orders would be in-game by now. That didn’t happen, As with all things with MMO’s the time frames will side around. Unlike most MMO’s this man who is making Xsyon for us, Does not have a bunch of white-collar, Suit wearing men breathing down his neck, Yelling at him to release the damn game. Jooky, the man who is running the show for Xsyon has said a few times now, That he does not want to hype the game, and that he will not release the game till it all works and every thing on the features list is in-game and working the way it should. So to me that’s good new and bad news. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want to jump into a new MMO and it be broke, Oops, Been there done that, Time and time again. But I am so freaking excited at what we have been told that I want in the game NOW!!! I am glad that he will make us wait till it is ready, and upset that I’m not in-game all ready.

From day one I had started thinking as I always do here lately with in any new MMO game. What type of guild I would want to be in. And yes, I had started to think about making my own guild, But it’s called Tribes in this game, And the tribe is more like a town. So as I was thinking about this I came across some one that had an idea for a tribe that sounded a lot like what I wanted.  So I would not be fighting with this new tribe for members, I joined. Hopi Tribe is the name of it, It was said that it meant “peaceful person,” or “civilized person”. In a world of ganking PVP ass wipes I was thinking this would be a good place for every one who likes to play like me to join.

As soon as I can get in-game and see what is what, I will start posting again.

Alik Steel


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