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Just sitting here at work this morning and not much is going on. And I have started thinking about my hobby of MMO’s. I caught myself thinking of things that I thought was going to be in my MMO, but ended up nothing like I thought. Like I remember thinking that the EQ2 homes was going to be somewhat like SWG’s was. As I waited to play EQ2 for the first time, I would think about how cool it was going to be, To be able to find a place just outside a big city, And set up a house. Well as you know that never happened like SWG in any way. But I remember how excited I would get just thinking about how it was going to look. And what all I was going to do with it. I was making plan’s on opening a shop, And make my fortune selling my stuff out of my house. Now don’t get me wrong, EQ2 did a great job on the housing. And from what I have seen out there, It’s one of the best. It just was not what I had pictured in my head.

Another one was about the scout class. I remember reading  something about 6mo’s to a year before I got into the EQ2 Beta that the scout’s was going to be the go to class for any group. The scout class was going to do two big things for you. One came true, and the other didn’t. The one that made it for a little bit, Was the fact you need a scout to open any chest. Remember All this was way back when. When the game first went live, You never knew when a loot chest would be booby trap, And if you didn’t have a scout class to take care of it, Well a loot chest could kill you. So when the game did go live, and when you went to put a group together, You always made sure to have a scout to take care of that.

The other thing that a scout was going to do was dealing with the heroic opportunity. Shame that people stopped using it, Lot’s of great thing could have been done with it. But any way, I read an article, blog, or something. That made it seem, At lest to me, Like they was going to make the scout classes the group tactician. And set up the tactics of the fight. It was going to be the scout setting up the heroic opportunity. Only the scout’s would be able to see what every one would need to do, and when to do it, For it to happen. I remember thinking how cool that was going to be, And if I would have the skill to play a class like that. Well as you know, I never got to see if I would have the skill or not. That never went into the game.

I think I would like a game that every one had a real role in the world.


February 28, 2010 - Posted by | General MMO stuff

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