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If your like me, You bouce around here and there and read blogs, comments, forums and articles. And one thing I have seen a few times is something about wow is coming up with a new way to do raid’s. I have not seen any real info. on it yet. But it does make me start thinking about raids.

I’m not a raider at all for many reasons. I have never been that hard core in to having to have the top armor, weapons, and spells. I don’t do well with any one ever yelling at me. matter a fact, It pisses me off when any one is yelled in text or voice, at any one, But voice is worse for me. You can hear just how vicious they really are. At lest with text, Thay have a chance of rethinking what they say before hitting enter. I also hate, I mean I really hate doing the same dang thing over, and over, and over, and over some more. Makes my eye’s water. That’s the man way of say cry, Just in case you didn’t know. Static grouping is one thing I love and hate, But not at the same time. A static group is allways great, and it seems to me, From looking from the outside to the inside of a static raid group. Thay seem to all ways get better, and better. Just from learning how each other plays. It also tend’s to add fun to the raid. You all learn what you can, and can’t say to each other. What I hate about static groups is that when you are not in one. You see it more as a click(A group of people that only associate with each other). And no one want’s to be out side loking in.

But how raids work right now, You take a large numer of people and try and to work your way through a ton of mob’s till you get to the one mob you want(Boss Mob). Most are instanced and you end up having to do X raid instance X amount of times, So every one has all the armor, and wealpons they need from it. So you can go do X raid instance, Just to do what you did in the last raid instance. And on and on it goes. If your lucky your doing that in a game like EQ, EQ2 and have new raid area’s added every year.

But how do you break away from that? I know most of us say it’s all about the loot, But I have a feeling it’s a lot more than that. It’s that group of friends that you play with every night, or how ever you have the raid nights set up. It’s the feeling you get when you and your friends take down the boss mob that you all have been working on for weeks. And it’s the loot.

But what can you take away from that, That want make the raiders in your game go ape sh!t over it. Now it’s OK if you add thing’s, But take something away, and POW, right in the kisser.

So will it be like RMT? Where they add new stuff in a little at a time. So they don’t make people run away scared? And if so, What will it be. I have siad it a many of time, and been wrong every time. I just don’t see how they can change the way it is. You have over 10 years of doing it this way.

But like I said at the start, I’m no raider, So to the raiders, Who are out there doing it night in and night out(yea, night, Thats when they raid). What can they do? or What should they do to the raid? That seems to be stuck in a rut.

In the next few years, Will the way we raid change to the point that we will not even see it as raiding?


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