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Why don’t game sever tester’s get paid?

I don’t understand why the gamer that play’s on the test sever, Working out the bug’s and helping the Dev’s try to balance the game the best they can, Don’t get paid. Giving tester’s thing on the test sever will never help bring new tester’s into the test sever, What good is a new toy on a sever that get’s clear ever so often. So why not pay them? No, Not with money, But give them something for all there hard work on the test server by giving them something they can use on a LIVE sever. New toy’s on LIVE sever would be a nice reason to put some time on test.

I’ll use EQ2 or really any SOE MMO because they are the one’s I know the best, And they also have something that most of the others have or will have soon. and that’s MMO Game money for there game’s. For SOE it’s Station Cash. Why can’t you pay your game tester’s in station cash? So much station cash for so many hours played on the test sever. I know the Nan sayers will say, Well, What will keep people from just logging in and AFK over night. You can add to the test sever what most new MMO’s have now day’s. The kick your butt out after 15 minutes of nothing being done. You could allso have it where the time counter will role back 15 minutes if they are kicked for inactivity.

I think if you was to start hanging a carrot like that in front of your players, Then maybe you could get a lot more stuff being really tested by a lot of people. But I really do think that it should be some thing like hours of testing = XXX


February 21, 2010 - Posted by | General MMO stuff


  1. I just logged out of EQ2’s Test server where I have my main character. Mrs Bhagpuss and I have both played exclusively on Test since the Steamfont server merged with Oasis many years ago.

    Personally, I want fewer rewards for playing on Test than we already get. We get a 50% xp bonus that I don’t want, unlimited AA respecs, which I don’t want, and a few other things.

    I believe that a Test server should be identical to a Live server, except for the sole difference that it receives the patches first and there is NO guaranteed customer service. You play at your own risk, knowing that things could change with no warning, bugs could harm your character in many ways and you are entitled to no recompense for anything that goes wrong.

    I firmly believe that giving players incentives to test will result only in attracting players whose feedback will be unreliable. Game developers already have paid QA staff. They don’t need to bribe players. The only incentive you should need is the joy of seeing new content first.

    Comment by Bhagpuss | February 21, 2010 | Reply

    • But is there enough people testing? Things may have changed, But I remember EQ2 saying at some point in the past. That they had a very low level pop in the test sever, And it was taking much longer to test thing out for the live sever.

      Comment by Alik Steel | February 23, 2010 | Reply

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