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We have hit a new low and Set yet another new precedent in MMO’s

On The Multiverse – Episode #7: “MMO Divorce” They talk for just a few minutes on a new MMO that is in beta. I found it funny at first, But now I am starting to think this is really not that funny any more. Mortal Online looks like it could be a great MMO. It looks to have a lot in it that we all like. But then they take what Age Of Conan did to the next level. AOC had partial nudity, By means of bare breast for women. MO has taken it to the next step, Full nudity for all.

Why? Really why? If it’s for mature audience, Then what’s the point? Any mature audience has Been there, Done that! I know I want be sport’n a woody, If I see a cartoon running by me in the nude. So I must ask yet again, What’s the damn point in nudity in a MMO, or any game for that point?

Let me make it clear, If any woman want’s to run around me nude, Be her Short, Tall, Fat, or Skinny. I want run her off, I don’t want to see any dude, no matter how tall, short, skinny, or fat. But I want go running away thinking I may turn gay, because I saw a penus.

But in a game, What is the point, What does this bring to the game that we was missing? Other than being nude in game. Out of all the RPing that I have done, And talked about. Not one time did I or any one that I have talked to, read on a blog, forum post are any comment on any of them, Has any one said, What we need is for our toon’s to be nude.

What it will do, No matter how good are bad the game is, It will bring the absolute worst type of gamer. I know money is money, but, Really? Does MO think there game sucks so bad that they are shotting for the type of gamer that get’s into looking at nude cartoons?

If this comes out in a live MO, Then we will see more of this from other MMO’s, and whats the next step, SEX in game?


February 21, 2010 - Posted by | General MMO stuff


  1. Hey Mate, write your post in MS Word first so you can get help with the spelling and grammer.

    I get your point, but could it be that your missing theirs? It doesn’t have to do with nudity, it has to so with granting the players freedom.


    Comment by gooney | February 22, 2010 | Reply

    • Glad you got my point, And your right. I knew I was taking a hard stance, But one thing I wanted to see, Here and over at mmov was what other’s thought about it.

      Freedom is great, As long as it does not kill your game. And some one told me that more than likely that people will get board of it after a bit, and it will become just a good MMO game. If so, That will be great, But what if it don’t? What if it turn’s into something like second life?

      Comment by Alik Steel | February 22, 2010 | Reply

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