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I know you don’t think we need one, But ….

I am, And for months now. Been getting hit’s, Lot’s of hit’s on my blog for AAA MMO Rating System. And I have asked for help on what should and should not go into something like this. But no one seemed to like the idea. The few that did comment said there’s no way to do one, and other’s said there was no need. I like what I like, and don’t play the one’s I don’t. Well that’s great for the people that can pay and play any, and every game thay wish to try. But from my small little blog, and the stat’s I get from it. It tell’s me there is a lot of people out there that would love to go see what a MMO ratings are. So even knowing there is no way to make a rating system for MMO’s that every one will agree on, I am going to go on and make one.

By the way, Even if you don’t think we need one, I would love any feedback on this.

1.0.0 Profit,

1.1.0 Is the MMO company making a profit over all?

1.2.0 Also, Has the MMO company ever made a MMO,

1.2.1 or any game before?

1.2.2 If so, How well did it sell,

1.2.3 Did it make a profit?

(If a company is making a profit, It means that, That company has a good staying power.)

(Is there any thing more I should look at, Profit wise?)

2.0.0 Employee Power,

2.1.0How many Developer, Artists, Lore maker(no idea what to call them), Customer Service, Marketing (Advertising), I am sure I am missing a job

2.1.1 How many employee’s does the company have working on the game, 

2.2.0 How well are they marketing the game?

(Is there any thing more I need to look at, Employee wise?)

3.0.0 Hardware.

3.1.0 Servers in house?

3.1.1 If yes, Have they done so in the past?

3.1.2 If yes, How well did they do?

3.1.3 or are they paying a company to deal with the servers.

3.1.4 If yes, Rate server company using 1.0.0 to 1.2.3

3.2.0 What game engine are they using?

3.2.1 Built in house?

3.2.2 If in house, Has the company did so before?

3.2.3 If using prebuilt, Who’s and Has it ever been used on a MMO before?

3.2.4 If yes, How well did it do?

3.2.5 If no, What games have used it?

Thinking that any rating system should stay out of, If the game is fun or not. The gamer/player will decide if they like it or not. A aaa rating system should only tell them if any said MMO will be a high quality game, And if it stands a good chance to stick around.

This is my first draft at coming up with a rating system, If you saw where I may have missed something, and I know I have, Let me know.

I will be thinking what more I should add in the next few weeks, Feel free to comment any thing you think that should added or taken out.

Alik Steel


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