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Why is it, That the one thing I want to do, Is all ways the last thing I do?

All day yesterday I had STO on my mind and all I wanted to do was log in and play, But after getting home and doing all the little things that one person must do before jacking in (yea I said it, Jacking in. I think it sounds coller than it really is) to the internet. I still had a ton of playing time. Week day’s I don’t go in till 9am, So I have a ton of night gaming time I can deal with. So I started out as I all ways do and started going through my email’s, Trashing what needed to be. I get a lot of spam type mail. Then after replying to the one that need so, I went on to the sites that I check each night, Like this one. As I was doing so I had MMO Voices podcast on and Jmo was talking about his new guild in STO. Sounded good so I went and started to join them, By the end I felt like I was signing up to a dating services.

Any way by the time I was done with that and hit all my sites I like to read and some times comment on it was 4 hours later and right at 10pm, Giving me only about an hour to play the game I had been dreaming of all day.

So why is it, That the one thing I want to do, Is all ways the last thing I do? Is this just me? or does any of you deal with the same thing?


February 4, 2010 - Posted by | Alik Steel

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