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Pretty Colors, Fancy Moves, and Awesome Character Creator

Does any of the title maen any thing to you? Does it come into play for what games you play? I use to think it didn’t for me.  As all should know by now, I am not what you would call rich. Na, na, I am what you would call poor. It was not all ways so. A few years back, I played what ever I wanted, When ever I wanted. I saw a game, I would buy it, and sub right then and there. Just to see if I liked it.

Now days, I am one game at a time when I can afford it. So now I look more closely at what ever MMO/Game I am thinking about buying/Subing/Playing. Now none of the title means any thing to me. I play the MMO for only one reason, FUN. and this surprized me. I thought that what I had been doing all alone. But it was only about 50% of why I would play a game. Every thing in the title came in to play when I had the money for it. Pretty colors, Fancy moves, and Awesome character creator was a must.

If the world did not look good, and was full of colors, If the armor set, Weapons, and Spell effect was not pretty. I would not play the game.

If the Fighting, Walking/Running, Jumping, Riding, Flying did not have some fancy moves to it, Well time to move on to a new game.

If the character creator was not kick ass and give me a way to build the toon/character I wanted. If it would only let me play around with just the face, It was not the game for me.

I never knew this about myself, I allways thought that I played for the fun of it, and the friends I made alone the way. Now I play Wurm Online, Nothing in the title of this post has anything to do with this game, It’s just fun.

So, Do you truly just play for fun? or does a lot of the title have any thing to do with what you play?


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  1. The key thing is this:

    Do I connect with the character?

    Mrs Bhagpuss and I were discussing it the other day and we agreed that in the end that’s what it comes down to. And often, in a new game, it’s “Do I connect with this first character I’ve created?”. Because if the first character doesn’t grab you then, with all the choice there is around nowadays, there may never be a second character.

    Two things that will always make me stick with a game long enough to find out if the second or third character might be better than the first are art direction and prose style. Art direction is much more important than cutting-edge graphics. The art direction in Fallen Earth and Allods is top-notch, for example, even though both have relatively simple graphics by 2010 standards.

    Prose style, or musicality, is harder to come by and all the more valuable because of its rarity. Most MMO text reads like it was written by someone moonlighting from a job writing refigerator manuals. When quest text sings it’s worth putting up with a lot of other shortcomings.

    But in the end, it’s all about the characters.

    Comment by Bhagpuss | January 31, 2010 | Reply

  2. For me it is also a combination of things. Fun is definitely one of the most important aspects; I have to be having fun immediately, even if it’s just a tutorial I have had differing experiences and wanted to stick with some while wanting to uninstall the game with others. Graphics are very important and contribute to the amount I can “connect” with my character, as Bhagpuss said. There has to be versatility in the character designs, I have to like what I’m wearing and see that there are options to change things if I don’t.

    I have to feel like there is some overarching story that I’m a part of and I want to feel connected to it every step of the way. These are all the things I require in a game off the top of my head. Not very many fit the bill!

    Comment by Randomessa | February 5, 2010 | Reply

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