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What ever happen to the thought …..

of all MMO’s going to be Seamless World’s.

We told our selves that the world of MMO instances was over, and any new MMO was going to have to be a seamless world, And that any MMO co that wanted to be able to survive in the new MMO era, They would have to make there world seamless.

That has been 3 years ago now and we have had a lot of MMO’s come and go. Not very many of them was seamless worlds. Most of them was instance.

So does a MMO having a seamless world really make a difference to any one any more?


January 30, 2010 - Posted by | General MMO stuff |


  1. I feel cheated like you, in that worlds have been smaller and more instanced than ever before. There was tremendous frustration in Everquest when someone stole your mob, or worse trained you, but the feeling in being a world with others made the world feel more alive. Now it seems that everyone has their own little piece of the planet, with barricades and shields high, so one cannot interact with each other.

    Comment by Troy Christensen | January 30, 2010 | Reply

  2. I think a part of it is the resources that creating a seamless world *with* the increases in computing power that would require if you want a world that is graphically impressive to people who had hopes of seeing Everquest rendered in more realistic glory 10 years later.

    Back when Everquest came out, there was little to no competition for a 3D massive world, and people spent money to upgrade their computers to handle the demand. As Brad McQuaid pointed out in his Vanguard post mortem, people don’t do that anymore – if they’re already playing WoW on a 1995 Windows 95 machine (or whatever), why would they spend thousands of dollars to replace everything just so they can play something else? Vanguard was released too soon and it was buggy, yes, but it was the last great contender to that sort of world and the numbers show that enough people were not willing and able to pay up for the kind of horsepower that would give such a world justice.

    The average computer can’t handle that kind of world and those kinds of populations without being brought to its knees, and the cost of creating that technology hasn’t come down enough to not require hundreds of thousands of subs to cover development costs to create that kind of world. I think that’s the *real* tragedy for those who crave updated seamless world MMOs.

    (personally they don’t matter to me, but I come from a different place in gaming history. I feel for people like you, though!)

    Comment by Randomessa | January 30, 2010 | Reply

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