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Out with the old, and In with the new!

Hold on, Your not really going to throw them away, Are you?

Sitting here at work and still being sick, makes for a long day. I have had this cold for a week now, and would very much like for it to be on it’s way now. I’m holding my box of Kleenex and reading some blogs has made me start thinking of the (not to far back) old days in EverQuest II.

Maybe it’s this time of year, where you look back at where you was, In hopes that you have moved forward some. That, or It’s just the fever getting to me.

What I have been remembering is the first month’s in eq2. The new experiences that I was having and all the new friends I was making. I never went to a summer camp as a kid, but I would have to think that the way I felt was a lot like a kid has the first time they go to a summer camp. All the new people, Mixed in with some old friends here and there. Every thing new and exciting with a fresh look to it. When I first started playing MMO’s it was with Everquest (1) and it had been out for all most two years. So there was no fanfair when I logged on the first time. Don’t get me wrong there was some magic there, But not the same type of magic as when the game goes live for the first time. With EQ2 I had Beta tested it, So I knew the low level quest, towns, and City’s very well. I was able to help a lot of people out. By being there from the start, With every one doing the start area’s together. A lot of us became friends. We had lot’s to talk about, and ton’s of planing to do. I must have help 20 or more guilds get started in that first few month of play.

I remember after a few weeks and we all knew a lot more about the game, We would test our self on harder mob’s. Back then, There was little solo and a lot of grouping content. When you saw a mob, You had to check things out first. It was not like in today’s MMO’s where you can solo Epic by yourself. Back then, If you was not watching what you was doing, Well you would be doing a lot of running back from the revive area’s to catch up with your mates. There was a lot of excitement soloing, As you had to see just how many mob’s there was that you would be fighting. The mob’s would not all way’s be right there with each other. Lot’s of times a 2nd or 3rd mob would be 50metters or more away. They could even be standing with other mob’s that was not in there chain gang. A many of times after you had killed what you thought was a solo mob and was going to head out to find your next mob. That’s whenthat one or two that that you didn’t  know about comes out of no where and takes you out.

Grouping was just as exciting when fighting in the wood’s. The dang mob’s would move around and as you was fighting one set of mob’s, A the new set of mob’s would come across you. Then would run in at you. You really never knew if you would win or not back then. And all this happening when at lest one person in your group was new to the game and still was trying to learn there role.

Money was rare, and chest was even more so. When you came across a chest sitting in the wood’s with no one around. We would send out OOC’s to see whose it belongs to. After ten minutes or so and no one comes for it, or sends a tell. I would see if I had luck on my side or not. Back in them day’s Unless you was a Scout with good skill’s a chest could be booby trapped and could kill you. They was all types of booby traps that you could die from. But you needed money to the point that you would take that chance. I remember the first time I had a my first gold’s worth of money. It seemed like it took month’s to make that first gold’s worth of money.

The great thing about EverQuest II was it had two of them first time played game for me. At some point they added PvP server’s to the game, and I was there on day one. I remember how the two severs filled up so fast they had to add another one with in an hour of it going live. Once again, even with me knowing the game so well at this point, When you made level 10 the PvP started. Even knowing that there was little chance that there would be any PvP this close to the start of the new PvP world. The excitement was there. Knowing that there was people that was all ready trying to make there way to our side of the world to kill us. So a lot of us became friends and fast. Thinking it was safer to be with many and not so safe standing off to the side to be picked off. We helped each other with forming guild’s. We made site’s so that the guilds could chat back and forth to make plan’s on how to stop the Freep’s and how to hunt them down. We had hunting parties and raiding parties, And you have never seen a raid till you see 48+ people level 20 and lower having a war, It was crazy cool.

Remembering the good times I had in three of the guilds I have played in EverQuest II. I was in a roleplaying guild for a year or so. I had never been into what most people call RP. But I was out soloing in the Thundering Stepps one day. When a man and woman came up to me and started talking a little funny. Well if you have read my blog for any real amount of time then you know my spelling sucks. And back then, Well let’s just say at one point I have had to ask some one how to spell “is”. My best guess was Ez. So, You may be thinking, How in the world did you RP. I don’t know. The people was great and no one ever talked down to me. But getting back to the man and woman. They had asked if I would be brave enough to face a monster for them. They was telling me how this beast had killed some of there friends and they wanted to destroy it before it could kill again. It was the coolest thing ever to be pulled into the game like that. I was Alik Steel the Barbarian Guardian (Tank). And this man and woman needed my help. So I typed back very fast for me(only took like two minutes, and hit enter as they was walking off) That I would be honored to help them. After that I was given a tell, letting me know that they was RPers. So I told them how cool that was, but I would not be able to play with them, because of my spelling, and the time it took me to spell that bad. I was told not to bug out about it. They was cool with it and would love for me to play with them. By that night I was in there guild and having a blast. I would get tells all the time, telling me how to spell this and that. The one thing you must know is that I was having more fun doing the RP, than I was being a shamed of my lack of spelling. Much in the same way that I do this blog. I have more fun doing it, than I have of the shame I feel some times when I read other blogs and it seems to come to them so naturally. but any way.

The next Guild I enjoyed a lot was on a pvp server. There was RP in this guild and as we had so many people from so many places around the world, We would set out guards for our home town of Willow Wood covering all most all 24 hours of each day. I know it does not sound that fun, But the hard core of the guild would take turn watching the town for one hour at a time. It was very cool to be a real guard for the town.  I don’t know about the other pvp servers, but on ours it was the one town that got hit by the freeps every day. The good and evil guilds would get together and set up war. So that every one would know when and where to be for it.  W e did one a month. On the day of the war, there would be no hunting parties. They were real fun, But the more exciting wars was the ones that just happened. The ones that some group or raid went to the other side and just stayed to damn long. Both sides calling for help would bring people running from all parts of the world. Be for you knew it, We had a war happening. So much fun planing things out and never knowing if this  guy or gal was a spie from the bad side or is this guy for real. Yes people would get another account just to see and hear what the other side was doing.

My 3rd guild that I will remember for a very long time. Was on a pvp server and I was listening to podcast for eq2 at this time. This one podcast was from some real life Brother’s called “The Pwnage Brothers” and they ended up killing off a many of guild’s that they would join. People started thinking of them as bad luck, till one day some one just handed them there very own guild. At that point they invite all there fan’s of the show to come out and play with them on Monday night’s. And that’s how it started. A few fan’s and me coming out on Monday night hunting Freep’s. Soon we started getting more and more people and the core of us started playing full time in the guild. We would go out every Monday night on hunting raid parties. We locked our toons off at level 18, I think it was 18. We would take on every thing from level 10 to level 30 somethings. This was the short of run for me in this guild. I loved being in it. But soon came a money thing and I lost the internet. By the time I got back on my feet it was close to being over with. But we did have a blast. Here is a video link of one of the nights we was out. This night we had Brent from Virginworlds with us. Here is the video here

I would think that most if not all MMO’s have some type of world/sever wide events, and EQ2 is the same. They have a lot of them, But one sticks out more than the rest. I think it was some time in between when the game went live and before the PvP severs came out. I logged into the game like I all ways do, and started talking with what ever friends that was on at the time. After some time of chatting and running my toon to what ever zone I was about to play in. I AFK and went to find me something to eat. Sitting back down and started eating in front of my PC. I see something that I had never seen before. My toon was sick, and not just a little, He was blowing chunks and by that I mean he was vomiting what ever you want to call it. This dude of mine was sick. I freaked out. I sent out tell’s asking if other’s have this glich or bug my guy does. That’s when I found out that all most every one was sick. A plague was running wild in Norrath. I remember think at the time that “You don’t see that every day” and the plague was around for a good long time. Or at lest it seemed like it did. I have never seen any thing like this again, Not even in EQ2. I wish I would see it again, But then, Maybe it’s best that things like this, Is left as memories.

Alik Steel


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