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Fear from what MMO’s may become.

So we all know there is no turning back now, The big boy’s on the playground has started use RMT and some say Micro Transactions, But as  most things don’t seem like such a micro transaction any more.

So, I wanted to make sure I understand what they are and I looked them up.

micro-transactions refer to a system of small payments within a Game Economy

RMT. Definition: Real Money Trade; when a player exchanges real money for ingame items or ingame currency.

So it looks like what we have here is really only RMT. There still maybe some micro here and there, but for the most part it’s RMT.

So what about all of this am I fearing? Still all most all of it. First of all, If your going to really get into a game, and it does not have a Sub to it, Well that means, For you to play like we still enjoy playing right now, You will be paying out a lot of money. Things are not so much micro any more, and what you would have spent 50cents for, Now will cost you $5 or more for. Now if you have the money to spend, That’s great. As most people will tell you that 80% of the MMO’ers out there are 35 years old men. So most have that money to spend. Most, But not all.

Also, Right now we enjoy buying the fluff stuff. Armor with no stat’s. Just for looks. Pet for the road or house also with no stat’s. Very few things that will break the game as they say. BUT at some point, One of them will start selling the food and drinks, Something small but also something that we will need to play the game. This is what I am fearing most of all. When will they cross the line? and Yes, I think they will cross that line, and maybe some one all ready has. It may not be one of the big boy’s out there but some one will do it. and That’s when it will start. It only takes one to do it, and make it work for a little bit, Then the rest will start to poking at the idea of it. We in the U.S. are still watching the birth of this.

So why do I fear the chang so much? I fear it, Because I see the money that it will take to play a game like I do now. $15.00 a month is great for me. $30.00 a month was great when I had the money to do it with, As for me, I was all up in all the SOE MMO’s and I could play them all for only $30.00, But not now, And as bad as things have got for me, I know there are many gamers that has even less.

When the MMO company’s start to charge for the little things that you got to have to play there games, You will be paying much more than $15.00 a month. Heck if your big into the game you may be paying $15.00 or more a week, Playing the game the same way you do now.

I know there is a lot of you out there that bounce and jump from one MMO to anothere MMO. This type of paying system will work for you great, But for the rest of the MMO players out ther, and I believe that most stick with one game for a long time. Granted I come from EQ, and then EQ2 and played the game for years with the same people. We will pay at the very lest x2 times what we pay now for the same content.

But as I said at the start, There is no turning back now. Pandora’s box has been opened, and there is no closing it back.

Alik Steel


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