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With all the new and great new MMO’s coming out by large and small company’s will we ever get to the point of having in game familys? It has been talked about a few times, and if it’s in a MMO all ready I have not seen it, And NO I am not counting “The Sims Online”(Is that even still online?).

I know that the last time I talking about this a lot of people did not like the idea of having Familys in game, But I would like to bring it back up. As we have so many MMO Company’s out there now. And they are making a lot of unique MMO’s. I think it could be getting close to when someone could add this to a game, and it work.

I think the first thing that would have to be worked out is a way for people to be able to keep there main characters (Toon’s) alive. Maybe keep it just like it is, No one really die’s unles you want to delete that toon, But instead of deleting him, Retire the ol’man.

I can see how this could work for people like me and a lot of you, Who stick with a game for a long time. Think of the lineage that could be past down. You could start off on new toon’s with higher stat’s that was past down from Father to Son.

As more and more MMO’s add homes/housing into the game world, Your family could be in game and doing, Even if your not. Think EvE/FE crafting, Just with this, It would be your family.

With this there would not have to be any aging, But it would be cool, If your like me and seem to add more and more toons (Alt’s). Just go out and find you a nice NPC to hook up with, Then when you have moved her in to your house. Have it where you can add children to family. This way, When you want to add an Alt you pick what child you wish to grow up. Yes, yes, Keep it where after you pick, You still get to go have fun, and dress the toon up the way you want in the character creator.

This would be able to do two things very well,

First for a want-a-be Roleplayer like me, It would add ton’s for us to play with.

Second it would add a way for people that do play a game for years, To get a boost on any new toons that they make. The longer your family’s lineage has been in a game, The more generation has past, The better your family passes down the hereditary skill’s.

SoO …. What ya think?

Alik Steel


December 6, 2009 - Posted by | General MMO stuff

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  1. I think this is a great idea. In fact, I liked it so much, I went out and created my own Browser-Based MMORPG with a real family system! It’s called Faery Tale Online.

    Of course, in FTO there are no “graphics”, but so far that hasn’t stopped thousands of people from signing up and having fun. Hopefully someday we’ll see this idea implemented in a triple-A title. To those who say it can’t work, I say they’re wrong. I’ve proven it can.

    See my website link for more information.

    Comment by Lumin | December 7, 2009 | Reply

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