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Why do you play a MMO

I don’t know about any of you, But I do know why I play.


The reason I started to playing Everquest was that I was told that thousands of people played it every day, And they was in the same game, At the same time as I would be. That was wild sounding to me, And I could not see how that could be. So I have told my story of how my younger brother picked up a copy and it just sat there for a month or so, Till I was bored to death one day and started to load it up. I was on dail up back then. The first thing about the game that made go, WTF was that after I had did the disk thing, It wanted to download more of the game. It seems like it took two days to do this. This did not make me want to trash it then in there. No it made me want to see what the hell could this game be that took so damn long to get in.

So then I get to log in for the first time. “What in the hell is this. Hey bro, Come check this out. It wants me to make my dude.”  My bother said ” That’s bull shit, they could not even make the damn dude for you.” and walked out of the room. A very long time after that I was done making my dude, and entered the game. Nothing made any sense to me. I didn’t know what I was to do, are where to even go. I ran around lost as hell, But SOB if this was not the coolest thing I had ever seen. I could see people talking together in the game. Come to find out only half of them was people, The othere half was the NPC’s in the game. Even the way you got your quest was a “holy hell, did you see that.”  moment for me.

Then as my brother watch me play and reminded me that it was his game, No lie it was his, and now he wanted it back. Before I could get my own copy of EQ it was three of us taking turns playing. This may sound like a horror story from hell to you, But I am telling you that it was this type of things that pulled me in deeper and deeper.

After the three of us had our on EQ’s we learn how to group, Man them was fun nights. Every Saturday Night we would jump into game and play till the sun came up the next day, and some times longer. Then the friends we started making in game, then came the time we found out about guilds and joining one. Man it was all so new and nothing like any thing that we had seen before.

Today I play, because it’s something that I have a lot of fun in. It has also became my hobby. that is to say, I do things like this blog, When I am not in game. I have many sites that I go read. I watch video’s about MMO’s. I chat online and offline with people about MMO’s. All of this is fun for me.


So if any dare to comment, What made you start, and what keeps you in?


Alik Steel


November 15, 2009 - Posted by | General MMO stuff


  1. For me, gaming with people is better than gaming without and MMOs are the perfect vehicle for that interaction. By their very nature, hosted and run securely for the most part, the interactions are fair and balanced. This beats out tons of other mediums where little control can be gained over the player to player interactions or the “honor system” has to be used.

    Some people may not like the control exerted over MMOs, but I do. I like knowing there are limits to the world.

    Comment by heartless_ | November 15, 2009 | Reply

    • You know, I don’t think I ever looked at them like that before. I think you may have hit on something that I like about them, Without even knowing I liked it.

      Comment by Alik Steel | November 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. Copied from MMOvoices.com-Right on. Terrific story. I had that same “How is this possible” feeling when hearing about a large 3-D world with thousands of people in it at the same time.

    I play for total fun. But I am a very imaginative(or unimaginative) person. I don’t roleplay, but I do like to pretend I am in this world(see Beau’s post on “immersion”). That’s all it takes. anything else is a side-effect of that. I have come to love crafting as my favorite part of a lot of MMORPGs. But I’ll do almost anything. As long as the time and place are right, I say “Heck yeah, sounds fun” and do it. That may be helping a person kill a boss, or trying to sneak into a zone that’s way too high level for me, raid the newest dungeon, go dance like an idiot in someones house for 2 hours(In-game), or whatever. There are a few subtle roads I have found that I prefer over others. My one friend wanted nothing but to quest. I am all for that, but not 10 days in a row, and without stopping or breaking for even the smallest diversion. I tend to sometimes choose laid back crafting over raids nowadays, but every once in awhile, I’m like “I’m in!”. If it’s anything involving lower levels, I’ll usually drop what I’m currently doing. to help(I guess it’s just the philanthropist in me).

    And I am still always learning about myself and my gaming habits. So nothing is written in stone.

    Comment by howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg | November 15, 2009 | Reply

  3. I was totally against MMOs (thought they take up too much time), until I started to mess around with my boyfriend’s EQ2 account. And now I play more than he does. 🙂

    My in-game friends are definitely the best part and they keep me coming back.

    Comment by Caladwen | November 17, 2009 | Reply

  4. Made the jump! Going to make a comment right here instead of our MMOV hub.

    This is just a great question that I don’t think enough people answer, but I’ll try to avoid being long winded.

    I first started with EQ:Planes of Power when I was amazingly young, and didn’t really grasp the concept of an MMO. Suffice to say, since this was one of the games where you desperately needed a manual to read it. My first death in the game was from drowning because I didn’t know how to swim correctly.

    Anyway, this happened again (Trying EQ, though I figured out how the controls worked that time) and I was always awe-inspired by the idea that so many people could all be playing the same game together, ever since I first saw my uncle play one. I got bored of EQ2, and eventually moved onto SWG, where I finally got it, and everything clicked in my head. I met some guys that I really jived with, and we essentially went on adventures together every day after that for near the entire summer. After there was a falling out between us, I left. But I stayed in contact with a couple of them, and I knew after that there was a sweet spot that could be had in those games. I had to find the sensation again, like a junkie needing his fix (How morbid…) Only, with virtual awesomeness. Thing…

    Comment by Riknas | November 17, 2009 | Reply

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