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Ever Raid, Will it allways be two games in one?

SOE is now sitting on two MMO’s that are endgame games. WOW is a endgame game. And I am sure other’s will follow as well. The thing is, As we all know by now, That most (I know, not all) are set up the same way. You have the first part (This is where I like to play) where it’s all adventure, explore, and crafting. With maybe some mini-games on the side. Till you hit the top end of the game. “Yes, yes, we know this all ready Alik, Whats the point?

My point is, Why does it have to be this way? Why can’t it be two games played in the same style world. So you could use the same lore and make it where each type of player could have his cake and eat it too. Take the name I have up top, Ever Raid (everaid, everraid {sp}) could be done as a raid only game played in the (EQ/EQ2) world Norrath. This could cut out a lot of BS for the raiders. No more power leveling to get to the part you want. Also by doing this you could make your non-raid game open at the end part till the next expantion comes out.

But even with them never doing the two game for both sides, They could make it a living world. and NO I do not see WOW or EQ/EQ2 as living worlds. At lest WOW seems to be trying it with there next expantion. But I think to keep players like me, and I know we are more than half the gamers out there. They need to make it where the world changes some. It does not have to be all of the world. Just change an area or so. When your games go for as long UO, EQ or even EQ2 and WOW. Seeing the same quest giver standing in the same place, Giving out the same quest for the past 5 to 10 years, Get’s old.

Going back to the all raid MMO idea, You can still put some solo stuff in the game, to give the new players something to do, When they are still learning the game and waiting to get into a guild. Crafting is a hard one to call, because I know a lot of hard core raiders that are just as hard core with there crafting, when they are not in a raid. So no idea. I do know that I wish one of them(SOE/Blizzard) would try, As they are the two main MMO co. That have the top end games.

Is WOW new expantion going to change all of the game? or just the first to mid level area’s? What ever it is, it will be good for he players, EQ2 has been changing one zone at a time, But only got two of them done that I know of.

 I  know this is out of left field, but how hard is it to make a MMO that has good grouping and solo content? I just don’t understand why it seems you can only have one are the other.

but any way …

I think that a game is dead in the water when they start doing all top end stuff for there game. At that point, They have put up there hands and said we give up.

In the end this post is BS, As in nothing will change for a long time, They have gotten set in there ways, and it will take something big to knock them out of there grove. I would say hooray for WOW, but I just don’t know how much they are doing, and when will be the next big change?

Alik Steel


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  1. I thought the argument about providing both good solo and group content is that players will always choose the path of least resistance. If soloing provides equivalent loot and rewards to grouping, the argument goes, then nobody will group because grouping is more difficult. If grouping provides better rewards, however, you still probably won’t win over most people who are dedicated to soloing, and they might just leave the game because the rewards are unattainable in their view.

    I don’t know how true this is, but that is what I’ve heard. In Guild Wars you can roll a max-level character and bypass the PvE content if you just want to PvP, so I don’t see why you couldn’t do that for raiding as well. But then there are folks who want to raid but also want to level, for the Achiever in them. I don’t know that any game could actually please everyone on that front.

    Comment by Randomessa | November 14, 2009 | Reply

    • I had forgot that about GW, That would fix things, to a point.

      As far as the people that said grouping is more difficult, They have never been in more than a few groups. There is nothing better than playing in a group of people that want to have fun. The big thing about people that don’t like groups is that they don’t want to share what may drop.

      The bad thing is there are a ton of them out there, What most people forget is that MMO’s are games that are meant to be fun.

      Comment by Alik Steel | November 15, 2009 | Reply

  2. Not related, but how do you do your Flickr pics in the sidebar? Is that automatic via code or manual?

    Comment by heartless_ | November 14, 2009 | Reply

  3. Erm, forgot to turn on email followups, so reply to this one!

    Comment by heartless_ | November 14, 2009 | Reply

    • It’s a Widget for Flicker on wordpress dot com. All I do is add a pic to flickr and it’s automatic.

      Comment by Alik Steel | November 14, 2009 | Reply

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