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Last week’s LifeNet: Fallen Earth Podcast #7 they told us of the “LIFENET’S DUNEBUGGY GIVEAWAY!” and all we had to do was “leave us a review on iTunes (positive, duh!) then email us at show@lagwar.com to let us know which review you left and your iTunes username so we can verify it.” Well that did not sound to hard to do, as I use iTunes for the show anyway. In LifeNet: Fallen Earth Podcast #8 they gave it away. I was floored to find out it was me. I won the Dunebuggy.
Look at the screenshot! On the left hand side you can see the stats. At the bottom side of it you can see a word writen in red “Dexterity“. Now look at the window on the right hand side, see what my dexterity is? Yep, you read it right. LOL I can’t even open it up yet. AND NO, I AM NOT SENDING IT BACK!!! LOL
So NO stat or skill will feel any love from the AP till I get my dexterity to 35, I’m not even sure what level I have to get to for me to have 35 dexterity. At level 10 my max is only 30.

But when I do get there

thanks to LifeNet: Fallen Earth Podcast and to the Lagwar Clan for this great ride.

I think I need to get me fraps are something, so when I do get to start driving the Dune Buggy I can show y’all how cool it is.

Happy hunting till next time.

Alik Steel


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