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Fallen Earth and Me

I thought it may be time for me to do a new post on my main MMO game FE.  Just to let you know what was happening ingame with me.

First I am back on my Laptop playing, and that means lag fest in towns for me. Even with the lag I am still liking the game. I have been hanging out with some friends from MMO Voices, and luckily As a group we started a Clan in the game, My friend Gulmuth came over to Fallen Earth from Everquest II. As a group we started a Clan in game called “Voices of the wasteland”. 

If you play or start playing Fallen Earth and wish to be apart of the Clan, You can look for me as Alik, Alik Steel, Nati, and Brohan and let me know you want in.

So far I have mad 5 toons in a game that only lets you have 4 characters at a time. The first was my starter toon. It’s a character I make in any new game. It’s the one that I test all the new things that I don’t understand yet. I got him up to level5 before I trashed him, and start what I thought would be my main toon. Took this one up to level 9 before I started to think I had F’ed up his AP bad. I have not dug into a lot of the info. in the game, So I have no idea how many AP we get. I do know I was way over 100 AP and had them all over the place. So I started yet another Main toon. That has turned into my crafter. As of now I really don’t have a main toon in the game and have not even made it to the mid-level of the game. The other toons I have made have not went past level 5 and one that has never made it into the game. The great thing is that the game is new and I have lot’s of time to make my way up to the end game. I am not one of those to race to the end game so I can bitch that there is nothing to do.

The game gets better week after week. They seem to be working very fast on all of the fix it up’s and make it better’s. I do run better in the towns now, but know that may come from so many people are moving on to S2 and S3 and that helps me in the towns of S1.

As in most MMO’s the big thng to Crafting is the Harvesting, and it’s the same in FE. Harvest, harvest, harvest. And with you being able to craft anything, and not stuck with only being able to make one or two types of stuff, This is open skill and it only takes time and building of skills to make every thing. So if you can see it, kill it, or take it, You need it for crafting. And as I am becoming more of a crafter in MMO’s than I am at any thing else. I have a lot to do in this game. The fun parts for me here of late is when I go on what I have been calling walk-abouts. I point my dude North, South, or where ever, and start riding. I come across alot of stuff I may not have if I stayed on the beaten path of the Missions. I have found many places to harvest from, with out ever see any othere person out there. The down side of this, is they are never near any place. And when I die, and I will die at some point, It takes a very long time to run back out to it. I could pay to get my mount towed back to me, but why spend the money? When I can just run back.

The waypoints help out a lot for when I find new places to hunt or harvest. There is many ways to set waypoints, But I do the alt+P to pull them up and hit creat to name the area I just found.

As far as the fighting goes. I have started likeing the FPS way of fighting, and hunting. Just the fact that I can come from the back side and as long as I am not to loud. I can bash them in the head, and damn near one shot them is great. I also like that I can use a lawn mower blade or a frying pan as a weapon. Lots of cooll litle things that you can use a weapons in this game. Also the armor is crazy. I love to see things like some one running around in football shoulder pads as extra armor. Or a trash can led as a breastplate.


All and all I am having a blast in this game and meating a lot of cool people on the way. and if there is a few of you looking for a few places to go to find good info on Fallen Earth Globaltech ATLAS is one of the best website for FE, Also if you like podcast LifeNet: Fallen Earth Podcast is a great one to check out. They both give out a lot on info, that you may not be able to find at any other place.

Till next time


Alik Steel


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  1. Glad youre havin a blast in FE. I have heard a lot of great things about the game! Sorry you have to play on the laptop 😦 Suxxors. Hope your mom is doing well.

    Comment by Sinnir | November 7, 2009 | Reply

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