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Downloading Video’s, and Extracting Audio from YouTube

Have you ever been watching a  YouTube video, and think,This is a great video. Or Damn I wish I had that song.

I know I was last night, so I went looking, and been playing around with Any Video Converter, and vidtomp3.com (BETA) and have found that they work great. I have not found anything wrong with them. But as allways when dealing with smaller sites there is a chance of getting something. I have a few hours in them so far and doing good. Any Video Converter is a download and it’s what I have been using to download video’s to my laptop, it even has a small editor built into it. Vid to MP3 is a site I have been using to extracting the music from video’s, and turn then into MP3’s for me. This site is in beta and does seem to have pop-up’s wanting to, well pop-up. Other than that it works great. I have got the one song that I have looked for off and on for years. The Benny Hill Theme song. Not that I have any reason to have it other than the fact it reminds me of when I was a very young boy. I would snick into the TV room late at night(or to me it was late) and watch the Benny Hill show on PBS that showed the BBC late at night.


Here is two video’s showing you how they are used.


Enjoy the new toy’s

Alik Steel


November 2, 2009 - Posted by | Alik Steel | ,

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  1. I’m not that savvy lol but looks pretty cool. i may give it a try. if i wipe the hard drive youre in big trouble mister ROFLMAO. j/k! i still wanna figure out fraps. the new action in aion is looks awesome on the husbands toon and im die’n to post it on my blog.

    Comment by Sinnir | November 7, 2009 | Reply

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