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AAA MMO Rating System

I’m asking for MMO Bloggers and Blog Readers to Unite in creating AAA MMO Rating System.

 Why wait on the next online site to come up with what they think the rating should be, When we could make one for ourselves. We the MMO gamers should know more about what we like and what we dislike in a MMO. So I am asking for help. Help in coming up with what’s important to the way a MMO is Rated.

May goal in this post is to try and get a united MMO rating system that we can all use to rate our MMO’s.

I am going to put a few things down, and would love to have you fill in some of the blanks and add as needed.

 AAA MMO needs to be defined into mathematical rating.

First thing before the first step, is to say how many Rankings there are. Without this AAA does not mean anything. Also MMO comany’s can see how there game is rated by ther players.
AAA, AA, A, B or something like that. I am going to go with a rating of 4 as the top and 1 as the lowwest. This way as you add up the point system up, The higher the number the better the MMO is.

(I am keeping it with a low number rating to help me, As there are some really good bloggers out there that can really build this up big time. I am just trying to get the ball rolling.)

First step, rating comany money/size of the MMO. As size and money does count as to how much money and time can go into working on the game. I know size does not matter every time, but it does count.
(4) Large sized multimillion dollar company.
(3) Medium sized million dollar company.
(2) Small sized company with a few people.
(1) One man show working out of his garage.

Second step, How fun is the game.
(1) Hard to find your way around the world and/or hard to find what the game wants you to do and/or is not fun to play.
(2) It’s hard to see what they want me to do and/or find where to go, But I am having fun being lost.
(3) The game play is smooth and fun.
(4) The game play is perfect, don’t chang anything.

Third step, What does the MMO look like?
(4) OMG it looks like I am looking out of my bedroom window. This can not be a game!
(3) Very pretty world, Lot’s to look at.
(2) Needs lot’s of help.
(1) One word Blocky.

fourth step, How much room does this MMO need?
(1) Thats more  gigabytes than my whole hard drive has!
(2) I’ll have to delete a game to get this one.
(3) That’s doable.
(4) It’s like I didn’t even add a game.


There are a few more that I would add, but I really want to go play my game now, And I would also like to see what you will add. Maybe we are thinking of the same thing.


Alik Steel


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  1. Hiya, this is related to my rmt rant:) I could’ve talked forever though.

    You may get a little unity but people have to decide on a set of rules or regulations. It’s what they decide to abide by at places like gamespot(so they can correctly judge the value gamespot put on say FE compared to the value(rating) they placed on say Dragon Age.

    And thanks for posting. Nice words to hear:)

    Comment by howtoloseyourlifetoanmmorpg | November 8, 2009 | Reply

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