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My first days in Fallen Earth

Model:  ASUS Notebook K40IJ Series

Processor: Pentium(R) Duel-Core CPU T4200 @ 2.00GHz  2.00GHz

Memory (RAM): 3.00GB

System type: 64-bit Operating System


So that is what I am playing on. I do have a G15 and G5 keyboard and mouse. I am only playing on my K50 notebook till I can get my big rig back up and running.


The game is laggy as hell for me in the starter towns, As this game is played only on one server, There are a lot of people in any one of the starter towns. I think there is like 6 starter towns you can start from. As I move away from the towns my fps(frames per sec) goes up, and if I am by myself fighting, My fps can be as high as 24fps. Now for some of you that may sound bad, but remember, I don’t have a video card, and my laptop takes over some of my ram to make the video for me. So for me to have 24fps while I fight, Granted I am by myself, I think it’s do very well. Also I want you to remember that this is a new MMO and it’s does not matter how big or small the MMO co is, It is allways is going to have to be worked on at the first. FE is working hard to make the game play even better, and even on my laptop I can see how my fps is going up, Yes it’s going up only a little each day as they work on it, But it is going up.

OK let me get past that little part and start telling you how I started playing Fallen Earth (also goes by FE). I had seen very little about the game, and even in the two days I was looking hard at what I wanted to play next, I had past over FE without even thinking about. Then after I did my last posting about how I had no idea what I wanted to do next, I had a few people tell me about some games they thought I may like, and this(FE) was on the list. I was at work, and about all I could do was read a little about the game on there home site, and there just was not really any blogs about the game at all. I had no idea that the game had just went live a week before. It was the you-tube video’s that got me. There was only a few, but when I found that I was watching them over and over, and not really looking up any of the other games, I started thinking that this has a good hook to it. So that night I went home and spent a little money and started downloading it, I think the download only took about 2 hours and some change.

I was not looking foward to a FPS(First person shooter) game, and I didn’t find that when I got in game. Sure I do fight in first person, but that is the way I found it to work best for me. You can fight in 3rd person view if you wish, and you can turn the view any way you want, even if you are fighting, you may not hit a dang thing, but you can do that if you want. I come from games that you click on the mob, and it does not matter if you are facing them are not, So with FE I am having to learn that I wish to fight something I better be watching, or I am going to get my ass handed to me. The aiming is a new thing to me, and I think I am making my way around the learning curve OK.

Fallen Earth does have PvP in it, but it’s not like most games. There is no zone to log into, Or a sever to make a toon on. It’s in the one and only sever. The thing is that it’s only in a few area’s of the game. You will get a pop up msg telling you that you about to enter the pvp area. So if you are like me, you don’t have to go there. Also if you do keep going and get killed, you don’t have all your stuff looted from you. You loose your life and thats about it. You don’t even have to worry about them re-spawning back and getting killed again. You will respawn out of the PvP area, and have to go back to it, If you wish to PvP more. I have not did any PvP in this game, but I hear that there are towns that you can fight for. and when you have the town, the NPC’s that work there, start giving the quest and things for your people(faction). So that very cool, I may have to look for a faction guild, That is when I know who I want to be when I grow up, and maybe do a little PvP. If nothing more, I could be bait.

Crafting, Is nothing like what I have been doing for years now. I hear it’s a lot like EvE’s crafting, Where you set it up to start crafting then you can log on off, or go start doing what ever. I have did very little crafting in the game, I have did a little and it’s cool, It seems I can load it up with a lot of things to craft, and as long as I have what it needs to make it on me, then it comes out OK. No more hoping that with the last of your mat’s you make what you need. Are if you can fail, I have not done it yet. Oh I all most forgot to say that 95% of every thing in the game is player made. That’s right, If you want the best of the best, you got to buy it, make it yourself, or have a friend make it for you. I can see how when I get to the upper level’s of the game, and the times get longer and longer, It will start to be a pain in the ass. For now I like it, As soon as I have what I need, I can start crafting it. I don’t even have to run back to a crafting area if I don’t want to.

I was not looking for this game when I came across it, and even as I hit the buy button, I was not sure I would like it. That night when I had it all downloaded, I went to log in and, the damn game had crashed just a little before I tried to log in. As this was one of the reasons I left EQ2 I had to LOL. It was just to funny that I left a game for crashing, and started a new MMO that had just went live a week before. It’s going to crash a few times till they get it all worked out. By the way that was the last time it has crashed as far as I know. When I start any new MMO, I solo it, I like to find my own way around. I find if I group with people that know the game better than I do, I just follow them around and in the end, I will have learned nothing. I need to get lost, and find my way home to learn the land. That is one thing I have been doing, I have also learned more about fighting, harvesting, and crafting alone the way. I have been having a lot of fun in the world, and I would have never thought I would be playing a game like FE. But I am and having a blast as I am doing it.

I am sure you will be reading more from me, when it comes to Fallen Earth. Till then, Watch your back side.

Alik Steel


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  1. I feel in love with the game at first, then the more I played it the more I realized it was just lust. I so badly wanted something different in the post apoc setting I fell head over heals.

    The crafting is great, the world is good, the skills are interesting, and the weapons are cool…but it’s the same old questing model in a different world. When the quests started being the same, and that being the best way to get AP, my excitement began to dwindle. Crafting was fun, but then I realized everyone can make the same everything with the same stuff and the same same same. Sure it’s awesome you have to create everything in game, but it’s not very interesting I guess. Sure there are dyes, but nothing like UO dyes.

    I made it to s2, and I just couldn’t do it anymore. It was so the same, and the pvp was just like a WoW twink BG to me. I was so disappointed. The game would be amazing if they made all “outside of town” pvp enabled, because then it wouldn’t feel like WoW.

    I hope you enjoy the game more than I did, because it’s such a refreshment to the genre (the world). I’ve been wanting post apoc since I quit Neocron 2.

    Comment by Scrung | October 6, 2009 | Reply

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