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Who really wants a persistent MMO world?

When you could have a dynamic MMO world!

I think I am getting done with the same ol same ol, yes expantions are great but they don’t come out but once a year, most times.

I don’t want a world that “THE PLAYER MAKES A DIFFERENCE” I want it to chang around me as I play. I want time to move in the game. Maybe quest are not the way MMO’s need to fill the time sinks. When you add quest, that tie’s a NPC down, or what ever you have set for people to get the quest from. So if you want a world that is all ways on the go, then we will have to come up with a way to stop the quest!

I want to return to that cave that I killed them 10 rats in, and find out the rats are gone and it’s nothing but a wild cat, or something in it. I want to see NPC’s having a life, and not just standing in that one spot, for the next 10 years of the game. I want him to have a life in the game, at night he goes home, after some time he my grow old, and even die.

I think this is why I have been having a hard time playing my games, it’s all ways the same. Same quest giver, Same ol mob to kill, Same ol loot. Just not that fun any more, and it’s not just EQ2. If I was to log into any MMO, It would be the same. Hoping 38 Studios is going to chang things, but I am not hold my breath.

Alik Steel


September 18, 2009 - Posted by | General MMO stuff


  1. I agree with you. I think in WoW, Blizzard has crossed over the line a bit and is pandering too much to people, telling them ‘You’re special! You’re so Important!’ every 5 minutes in quests. In raids, yeah, I can understand that, but why the Lich King makes cameos during solo quests going on about how he isn’t going to squish me like a bug because I’m ‘special’ or something just gets condescending.

    The main thing I like about WotLK is the zone phasing — that’s the best way to allow quests to permanently ‘change’ some things. I think a mix of phasing and ‘universal’ world cycles and events is something more games need more of.

    Comment by Pai | September 19, 2009 | Reply

  2. Awesome blog!

    I thought about starting my own blog too but I’m just too lazy so, I guess Ill just have to keep checking yours out.

    Comment by Savannah | October 16, 2009 | Reply

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