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My Own Personal MMO Tug-a-War

I have all ways just played one MMO at a time, Even a few years ago when I wanted to play Vanguard and EverQest II at the same time, I could not do it.  I started out my MMO life with Everquest so maybe thats why I stayed with everquest2 and let vanguard drop away.


I have aways enjoyed the way I have played, Logging into the same game day after day, Playing with the same people night after night. It’s a blast to know who and what you are going to be doing every week.


Till this last week, I have picked up two new games, Giving me three games to play. The surprisingly thing about it is, I am having fun just doning a little in each game. I didn’t know I could have fun with only putting an hour or so into a game. When it has come to EQ2, I have allways put hours into it each day.


I blame Beau Turkey for this, Who is this Beau? He and his wife Leala run a little site called MMOvoices, they allso do many podcast shows. Now why do I blame Beau for this, because I have all ways been happy with the way I play, and then he has to come along and talk about how great these othere games are. So I have to try them, No big deal there, I do that all the time. Down load something, log in, and play for an hour or less. Then trash the game and head back to my main MMO. But NO, not now, Now I am getting into the little mmo browser games, Not even sure if they are mmo’s, but tons of people play them all at the same time, So yea, It’s a MMO, I think? Any way at this website MMOvoices there are othere people, And they are starting to be as bad as Beau is. And that does not help me at all. Every one talking about this game and that. They even went as far as putting in a real time chat on this site, So now you see it in real time when some one finds a new game that they want every one to know about. So yea, I blame Beau for this!!!


So now I am in a tug-a-war with my gaming style. I do not plan of making up my mind, I want to see how this will play out. Will I play like this for a week or two and then find myself back in EQ2 full time again, Or will I find myself doing hit and runs on all the games out there.



Alik Steel


September 12, 2009 - Posted by | Alik Steel


  1. tough call man! There are some really decent FTP mmo’s. My personal tug o war is between runes of magic, perfect world, and mabinagi. It’s easy to stick with a single subscription game, but choosing a single FTP not so much. But for me anyways I just choose one each and focus one month at a time. It’s just too hard to enjoy any one mmo if your constantly thinking of the 4 others your actively playing

    Comment by Coppertopper | September 12, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’m at the same crossroad. I have always loved Eq and that rolled over into Eq2. Now that Aion is fixing to release and I’ve spent several weekends in beta and I have several friends that are either going to play Aion full time or juggle both I’m finding myself in a similar position. Move on or juggle?!?!

    At first I thought about juggling them, then I began to realize I’m going to get behind the curve on aa’s/gear etc in one or the other. Not to mention RL , O THE INSANITY LOL. I finally decided I’m just going to take it day by day, not make too many plans. Log into what I feel like playing and just roll with it.

    Comment by Sinnir | September 12, 2009 | Reply

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