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Invited to do a Recruit-A-Friend to …

WOW! Yep, I have a friend that I worked with a long time ago that sent it to me.

I work at the Delta cargo center here in Mobile, So I see a lot of people. Some of them, like the othere day, Are friends from times past. After we took care of his cargo, We sat and talked of the good ol’ days. At some point our gaming came up, I found out that way back when, He was playing EQ when it first came out and now he is playing WOW. After I poked at him for playing WOW, We started to really talk MMO’s and where we saw them going. As close as we could figger-it. WOW is starting to push there game play in the direction that EQ2 is at. I was also telling him how it looked to me, EQ2 seems (and this is just me talking here) to be pushing in the direction of WOW with there game play.

Note: I’m not going to get into what I think they are doing to EQ2, Trying to not to all ways talk ill of the MMO I call home.

By the end we had given each othere our Email’s. and have sent out the recruit a friend’s to each other.

Will WOW be my new main MMO, Never, But if I have fun with them in WOW and I have the money for the sub, sure I would pay to play with good friends. Will he change his main to EQ2, I would think never for him as well. But it will be something to see how I like WOW when I have people to go hunting with.

Oh and you may have seen that I made sure I did not put WOW or World of Warcraft in the name. I did not want people thinking I was trying for numbers. That is after my two post I did to see if having the name in the title would really work or not.

Now to find the time to play the dang thing.

Alik Steel


September 5, 2009 - Posted by | General MMO stuff

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