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Does going mainstream, Make MMO’s go dumb?

As our MMO’s go more mainstream, I see the MMO’s change more and more. It seems to me that in order for games to make a stand in the mainstream.

1) They must be made for people to jump in and out of with out a thought.

2) They have to make it where you are not tied down to doing any thing for more than a few minutes at a time.

3) The player must be able to get to any area of the game in a moments time.

4) The mob’s or what ever you are dealing with, Must be something that is not to hard to deal with.

5) And new to the line up is, That you must be able to pay real money for in-game items.

Most of the stuff on the list you can find on any console games.

To me this a dumbing down of MMO’s.

Look at most of the new MMO’s coming out and I am sure you will find most of the things on the list, or look at some of the older games out there and see how they are working on making the MMO’s fit the list. Are they maybe done with the list and now looking for new ways to fit into the mainstream area.

I am not bitching, Well yes I am, But I understand why all the MMO’s are going to this. MONEY!!! Thats right, dirty, greedy, money, and don’t you dare get on your soap box, Every MMO is made to make money, and YOU know it. Knowing why they are doing it, and understanding, Does not mean I like it. I am a old school MMO player, So I want to have to use my brain, and think my way through something. If it takes hours, so be it.

Alik Steel


September 5, 2009 - Posted by | General MMO stuff |


  1. 1. I think its dumb that games
    2. I think its dumb that games, as entertainment, would deliberately make something that “ties” me down.
    3. I think its dumb that games arbitrarily force a player to travel.
    4. I think its dumb when challenges in game are made difficult simply to annoy/defeat the player.
    5. I think its dumb that games charge a monthly fee and give me nothing in return other than a login ID.

    Ok, maybe I’m going a bit overboard, but I think the majority of gamers are voting FOR the features you are calling lazy. Yes, those would be them crazy mainstreamers.

    The hardcore games are out there. Go play them and stop bitching that the majority of gamers don’t like them 🙂

    Comment by heartless_ | September 5, 2009 | Reply

    • And that is what I was talking about. I know that mainstream mean that most of the people want it like that. It’s just get’s harder to let go, when every year, and every new MMO goes more to the way you and the rest of them want it, and leaving me just standing here looking around for all the people I use to play with.

      Feeling like that kid, that knows it’s time to grow up, but just not ready to yet.

      Comment by Alik Steel | September 5, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’ve played through most of the development curve of MMOs, at least from EQ in 1999.

    I absolutely loved playing back then and I absolutely love playing now. For me, very little has changed. I don’t miss the few major annoyances, like the corpse runs with your gear rotting if you couldn’t get it back. I do like the new, more flexible UIs.

    Really, though, for my playstyle, very little has changed. My average gaming session in 2000 consisted mainly of me pottering aimlessly about for 5 hours and getting very little done, and that’s pretty much what I do now.

    Comment by Bhagpuss | September 5, 2009 | Reply

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