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The Battle of Scheduling Game Updates in MMO’s

I play EQ2 and from the start we have had our game updates every month. From the start of the year 2005 till the end of the year 2008 we have had a game update every month. Then at the start of this year (2009) we (EQ2) started getting our game updates quarterly, Every three months we get a very big update. They are loaded down with a ton of new content. Back when we had monthly update we get a lot less per update, and it seemed to come at us very fast and dirty.

This is where the battle starts, When you have monthly game updates and the content is on the small side, but you get more content in just a month. You don’t feel like you are missing any thing, Are at lest I never did. Also when things go bad in a update, you only have to deal with the crap on the forums for a month, As long as you make sure the next update is a great one. The down side to this is that you only get a big content game update a few times eack year, the only one that is a for sure big one is the one that came out at the same time that the new expansion went live. Also with fast game updates you get dirty content that has had very little time to be tested.

With the quarterly game update you get a ton of content, and the dev’s have a lot more time to work on it all. Some times it’s as if it’s a mini expansion. It’s like a party when they come out, Every one is running around looking for the new content, and checking out has been changed, Hoping the change is for the good. It’s good times all around. There is two down sides that I see for the longer wait, First it’s a longer wait, as in the people that live the game eat’s the content up in a little over a month and are sitting for all most two months for the next game update. Also if it turns out to be a bad game update every one has to deal with it for the next three months. The three months will seem like years if it’s real bad.

So you have fast and short on content vs slow and long in content. Both can and will make players happy, but it all ways comes down to the down side. What it comes to is what down side can you deal with best.

I think I would like to see a bi-monthly game update. This would be a little faster than quarterly and also would give the faster conten more time in test so it came out into live as good clean content.

Alik Steel


September 1, 2009 - Posted by | General MMO stuff

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