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EQ2 (AB) Guild name: Insurrection (08.29.2009)

Time for a long over due update.


The guild has made it to guild level 48 and has the plat ready to buy every thing we need at guild level 50, and also pay the upkeep for the next 3 months. The satus is another matter. We are lacking for every thing. I am the only level 80 crafter. By the way, As far as I can see, Doing level 80 rush orders is the fastest way to make satus for yourself and the guild. I am still making the guild level bar move up over 1% per rush order at guild level 48.

At this time it is only two of us playing any real time in the guild. Gulmuth and me as Natako.



Going up the hill,  Gulmuth has found his way in the making plat world, He is still slow at it, But with time he will find his way to making 20+ plat a day with out even trying hard.


As we top the hill, Gulmuth and I have been friends for over two years now and have seen a lot of shit go on in game and have come out as better friends for it. We can log in and still have fun even when it’s just the two of us.


On the way down, Gulmuth has let me know that he is starting to burn out on the game and maybe taking some time off. Trying to help him and myself not burnout (to late for me, that happen all most 3 months ago for me) I talked about us looking for a new guild. Now this will not be the end of Insurrection. My main crafter will all ways stay in it, Some one has to pay the bills. What I was telling him was that we need to take an alt or two out of the guild and go find guilds that has over two members. So that is what we did. He went looking for a RP guild and I went looking for a fun and very active guild. Gulmuth and I did not do great with our picks, He (Gulmuth) picked a RP guild that had three members, He said they was fun, but busting at the seems they were not. I myself did not do much better. Don’t get me wrong the guild I join was very fun and I like every one in it, I still talk to them every few days on there on voice chat. The thing was they was not much bigger them my guild is. Oh they had more than two members, But not many active members. I had six of them I got to play/voice chat with. But in time I had to move on. Feeling very sad I told them I was moving out the guild and headed over to some friends guild that had a ton of people in it that was all ways on. Most times there is at lest 15 to 20 people on playing. I moved to the great guild of Knights of the Eternal Tempest with Trikster my Ranger.


My Brother, You know the one that talked me into re~opening Insurrection doors. Well he just left the guild two weeks ago with his other level 80 toon. I asked if there was any other toons he wished to level up to 80 then leave us yet again, Ok that was not fair, I want him to have fun and I know that for some one like him my guild is not fun. My brother the hardcore raider. Well at lest till he starts working again. He is layedoff and has to wait for the union to call him back in.


We do have three othere members that come and go from time to time, but I di not call them active, So you don’t see me talking about them.


Well thats about it, As far as the guild goes.


Alik Steel


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By the way…

It was a tie, I did two post yesterday. One of them was a test. To see if having WOW in your posting will give you more readers. The othere posting was on my main MMO (EQ2) and where my few reads come from, Well most of them are from there. 

The findings was odd.

I would say yes, Putting WOW in the title did bring new readers, I got as many readers for the WOW test as I did from my EQ2 GU test updating posting. For one day each had 86 hits. When I do a posting about a GU for EQ2 I run around 100 hit’s a day for about a week. If it’s a hot GU then the numbers go up a lot.


Having a WOW posting here is rare and no one knows me from that area of the world, So by having as many hit’s on one posting that as far as I know, did not even get with in the top ten pages on google for WOW yesterday. Think Bot.

 I did get a lot of spam from the WOW post, so maybe most of the hit’s for it may have been bot’s running around. Don’t know how that works, but have heard people talk about them and from what I got out of it, They(Bot’s) run around the internet looking for key words, Maybe they can spam too?



Alik Steel

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