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Blizzard Entertainment will not sell WOW at this time! John Smith was saying this morning at the board meating at Activision HQ. WOW just makes way to much money for this to happen right now, But maybe some time after the new MMO has come out we will rethink the selling of WOW.


SORRY for that, It’s all BS if for what ever reason you even thought for a second that this was a real posting. Well it is a real blog post, but not about WOW. I was reading Hardcore Casual blog the othere day, and he was talking about words to use to bring your numbers up on your blog. One of the things he said was that you could use the name WOW to pull people to your blog.


Me being a very casual blogger, and I only see very high numbers when I post on game update stuff for my MMO, I wanted to see if by doing a blog with a title only saying WOW on it then saying something way off the wall, like “Blizzard Entertainment will not sell WOW” really bring in high numbers of people.  Any one who plays WOW should know that it’s not being sold. And with that being said in the first line of the blog. With most search engines the first line is all ways there to see. So by saying something that every one all ready knows to be true. Will this be a hit?

I will not add any tags to this post.


The day is about half way over for me at lest, So I will be dealing with about 11 or 12 hours for the day. I will post the number count for this posting in the morning. Showing only that for a half day on a blog that runs with only about 10 to 12 people that veiw this blog every day. So if I get hit two or three hundred time before my day counter is done for the day Hardcore Casual will be right in saying just the name WOW will bring people to your site. If this is so, you may want to think before you just run over to a site with your game name in it, It just may be trash, trying to get numbers, So they can get paid.



Alik Steel


August 27, 2009 - Posted by | Alik Steel


  1. You should have written World of Warcraft instead of WOW, since wow is a short word and Google won’t pick up on it if that’s all you have.

    Other than that, your little experiment should yield some interesting results 🙂

    Comment by syncaine | August 27, 2009 | Reply

    • I did not know that, Hmmm but I think I will keep it as just WOW. With it being as you say, That should make the results even more interesting if I still pull big numbers.

      Comment by Alik Steel | August 27, 2009 | Reply

  2. Darn, and I was pulled in because I saw you post again 🙂 But a very interesting experiment.

    Comment by Noizy | August 27, 2009 | Reply

    • I am back,I was just waiting on the GU to hit the test sever before I started talking about it. As far as my little experiment, It looks like I got no more hit’s than what I would get on any other post. Syncaine was right, I should have made my title longer.

      Comment by Alik Steel | August 28, 2009 | Reply

      • And even the longer title might not help that much if your page ranking in Google is low and your page does not get picked up by sites like VirginWorlds or Massively.

        Comment by syncaine | August 28, 2009

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