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EQ 2 AB sever down

Database issues and have had to take down AB and The Bazaar.

This is not the first time this has happen, and if they don’t really think of a way to really fix this, It will not be the last. AB is old and has been one of the biggest severs in eq2 for a very long time. When you think about how much stuff just one of your toons has in game, Then think about how much crap that is tied up for just the toons, the housing, and guilds. Well that is a lot. and then not long ago we had a flood of new players onto the AB sever, When they let players change severs right in the game and only for $25.00 per toon. We had guilds change over all at one time. Then on top of all of this you add a one day a month event that happen today. Well, you can see why we went down.

I am just like all of you and just want the dang thing up as fast as they can get it back up, But I also want it fixed, No, I have know idea how to do this. I hear people saying all the time we just need a new sever. If thats all, Then why have they not done this? I don’t think that that can be the only thing we need, are they would have done it. For all I know they have done it. I also hear people saying they need to lock the AB sever down so no new players can start on the AB sever. As a player of EQ2, I don’t want then to be able to tell me what sever I can or can not play on. That is just a bad idea, to tell people that they can’t play with there friends. You will have people leave the game with that line of thought.

I don’t know if we will be back up and playing in an hour or maybe some time tonight.

Before you go off on eq2, just take a bit to think what they are dealing with and that they did not want this to happen. They want us to be playing.

Alik Steel


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