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Short Burnout

Hey Y’all, As you all know I have not been playing  much online at all in the last few weeks. This is not the first time this has happen and I am sure this will not be the last. I am in the mist of a short burnout. I call it a burnout because I really do not want to play much of any thing. Not even my new Sims3. As a side affect of this I have not kelp my blog up todate at all. It’s hard to post about things that you don’t feel like looking at. If this is like the othere’s then I will start playing around online in a week or so. It’s like I got to reset myself from time to time. I know what pushed me over the line this time. Quest, Yes quest is what done it. I know, I know, I play everQUEST2 as my main MMO, But I hate doing 100% quest to level. I know you don’t have to quest at all to level in eq2, but I got with’in three level’s of being level80. With my small guild/friends pushing for me to hit lvl80 I pushed myself to do nothing but quest. For only two day (my off days) I did nothing but play and quest. For me to put this much time into something I need lots of people around and keeping me LOL. Now my small guild did every thing they could, and help me hit lvl80 by the 2nd night. The thing is my brother who does get to play all day( he is layed off from work) had raids he had to do, and another guild mate lives on the othere side of the world (13 hours ahead of us), She stayed with me as much as she could, and my Bud Gulmuth works like so many of you on the week day. So he could not log in till late in the evening to help. Two days of nothing but quest in the ROK area’s kicked my ass. Now that I think back the last time I had my burnout with the game was from the ROK area.


I was about to say hope to see you all in game real soon, Shit! gu 52 80 NEW quest for the ROK area’s. Damn EQ2, you trying to kill me?


Alik Steel


June 14, 2009 - Posted by | EverQuest II

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