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Group Crafting

In EQ2 you can do group crafting, But there is only a few quest for this, and they made it where you have to be a level 80 crafter.

I’m not sure if there is any othere MMO’s that lets groups of people to craft together, But if any of them do I would have to think that SWG would have to be one that does group crafting.

The group crafting in EQ2 is just a zone you go into with your group of level 80 crafters that has every thing you need to craft with. It gives every one a list of things that has to be made and that is all there is to it.

What I would love to see is real group crafting, Where you all craft on the same recipe at the same time. Every one in the group would have to be on the same work table and the group would see the same crafting window. Just as you would if you was out hunting mob’s as a group and all seeing what is happening to the mob.  In the crafting window you would see the progress of the recipe. As the problems show up every one would see them, But only the crafter that has the skill for that problem could use his/her skill to fix it. Just like in adventuring if your healer does not heal, You can wipe the group. In crafting it’s not death you are trying to avoid, It failing to create the recipe.  I really thought it was going to take a lot more to explain the group crafting idea, But it seems that I was able to sum it up way faster than I thought.

Just a few little things that I would like to add to this group crafting idea is that it should be able to be done at a lot lower crafting level, Say level 20 for EQ2. Also you could make it where when the group makes stuff it could pop up in a loot window, This could be tied into the grouping options. With it being a group thing you could make it where we get a lot harder recipes, Say (this will make the raiders mad) Master spells and fabled items. You could even come up with crafting raids.

With as many people that craft, and the only point for the MMO makers (other than money) is to keep us in the MMO’s far as long as they can. This would bring in another way to add to the time sink of MMO’s.

Alik Steel


May 25, 2009 - Posted by | EverQuest II


  1. You only need to be a level 50 crafter to get into the tradeskill instances. One of my guildies said he liked levelling up his toons in them because the mats and fuels are provided so it doesn’t cost you anything. Also, you can get adventure AA. I need to get back into the new crafting instance to get the rest of those points.

    The concept of the instances is kind of like you want. The next time you go through one of the instances, just turn in all of the items 3 at a time and you can watch the stages of the ship or the giant robot being built. I like the giant robot fight at the end of the mission in Klak’A’Non. Also the platoon of dwarves you help equip is pretty amusing to watch.

    Yes, there isn’t real group crafting like you described. But with all the complaints from the carebear crafters who were upset by dying at their crafting tables and hated the idea of grouping with anyone, I think this was the closest you were going to get.

    And in the instances, while masters don’t drop, I have had chromatic essences and other rare mats drop. Also, you can get the recipe books to make tier 1 & tier 2 shard armor, which is pretty cool. And the tokens you get for completing the mission can be used to buy cool stuff. I’ve gotten a set of crafting armor and an unicorn so far 🙂

    Comment by Noizy | May 25, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’ve read somewhere in patch notes that the limitations for the crafting quests you mentioned have been lowered to 40. But when a Guildie tried with a 42 crafter she could not get the quest. Perhaps you need to be 40 adventure level too. Not sure.

    Real group crafting would be fun. Before I played there supposedly where forced group crafting, in a way. Back then a crafter, say Sage, needed others to supply them with crafting material in order to produce a spell. The Alchemist supplied ink, for example. That got changed into everyone being able to do their own sub-components and that got changed to “put everything in a bucket and stir” crafting. Some say dumbing down, some say easier. /shrug

    Comment by Akely | May 28, 2009 | Reply

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